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I can't wait for SpeedPage to make it to market. That will mark the return of Kentia Hall.

Posted by Splodge

Excellent video, I love the editing on this stuff

Posted by viking

@Robaota said:

Vincent's cameos killed me.

EEEEEEEY, are you guys talking about sports? Damn funny!

Posted by fr0y0

Grade A editing right there, great job Vinny! <3

Posted by abdo

That's some real slick, great editing, good job Vinny and/or Drew

Posted by VelourMustache

Subliminal marine corps recruitment video.

Posted by Meowshi

@Zoop said:

Aisha Tylor clearly into games? I would have thought the giantbomb crew would be experienced enough not to fall for the feeble gamer gurl act. And she was just a horrible and unfunny as Tobuscus.

Hey dude. You're being stupid.

Aisha Tyler isn't a corporate "gamer girl". She's an actress and comedian. She doesn't need to attract nerds to get attention.

The thing is, she is actually into gaming. Because she's a huge nerd.

I'll agree that she and Tobuscus were pretty bad at the UbiSoft conference, but they were also the most enjoyable conference. I love watching UbiSoft fuck up every year. :D

Posted by sub_o

That intro is amazing.

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Posted by edeo

Seriously KILLING IT with their coverage.

Nobody else has done it this well.

Posted by primebacon

wow I totally thought it sounded like Ironside doing sam again :O

Posted by Brian_P

Gawd I love Vinny's editing skills.

Posted by biggiedubs

@pornstorestiffi said:

Jup worst E3 in a while.

Of course. Because if it's not the best E3 in a while, it's automatically the worst.

This show was average. Boring but average. Hardly anything was announced, how can it be the 'worst'?

OT: If I was that woman demoing Wonderbook I think I would have run off the stage shouting 'FUCK THIS'.

Posted by Humanity

@masterpaperlink: When I was playing through Reach it was just point and shoot. He has a shield, oh I guess I should throw a sticky grenade on it. It's not necessarily deep - I'm actually surprised that despite being so jaded on a lot of games lately the Bomb crew is all hyped for a new Halo that looks exactly the same - well your rifle now has an orange scope. Shane Satterfield from GameTrailers kept going on how it doesn't look like a Halo game which was baffling. Then Splinter Cell comes up and they give you back the cool sneaking suit, you're back to dealing with terrorists and hallmark situations from the franchise - but they don't think it looks like Splinter Cell and Ryan outright was disappointed by it. The only thing that was NOT like Splinter Cell in that presentation was that it took place during the daytime - they had goggle action, silent takedowns, sneaking a camera under the door, gadgets - mark and execute from previous title, military mambo-jambo..

I'm usually totally with the guys on what they say but this e3 I couldn't disagree more. I thought Halo looked like more of the same, Sim City was yawn inducing and looked like more of the same, Assassins Creed short gameplay segments they showed on GT looked exactly like what we've been doing for years right down to diving into a cart of hay (except as the guy pointed out now it's a MOVING cart of hay!) well my thoughts really, don't expect everyone to share my opinions but I felt like I was in the Twilight zone listening to them.

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Whoever edited this video, I am assuming Vinny, was feeling "Spicy."

Which means I enjoyed it thoroughly and want more of it...

Posted by DJJoeJoe

I Love Giantbomb.

Posted by tiara

HEEEEY you guys talkin' about my wang?

Posted by BlatantNinja23

you know... I understand how IE has been the joke of the internet ever since the issues with 6, but IE actually has been a good browser since version 8. With 10 being pretty great. Now i'd never drop chrome for it, but I'd go to IE before id ever go back to firefox. Apparently a console browser is a thing. so I guess it's nice the 360 now has one for those crazy people.

Posted by Jamsque

Bass for the bass god, wubs for the wub throne!

Posted by Ronald

Next year Ubi should either try the team of Joel McHale and Aisha Tyler, or go all the way and stick Toby with Mr. Caffeine. I think that second choice could lead to some great moments.

Posted by TheCableKid

Unstoppable Dubstep.

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So Jeff Gerstmann thinks Harry Potter is bullshit.

My admiration cannot grow any more.

Posted by reelife

"Halo 4 looks amazing, omg new enemies new weapons it looks great"

"God of war 4 looks like god of war, sure new enemies new weapons sure, but it's god of war"

Something is wrong here...

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Brad and Patrick, despite all their talk about strategic haircuts for E3, both managed to fuck it up.

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@edeo said:

So Jeff Gerstmann thinks Harry Potter is bullshit.

My admiration cannot grow any more.

Is being critical of a series of children's books really all it takes to impress you?

To be honest with you; Jeff's thoughts regarding anything but food, games, and music tend to be terrible.

Posted by DefAde

WOW... superb editing and great chat... only Giant Bomb can do this

Posted by algertman

Halo 4 campaign footage was all fake.

Posted by Eeptog


In GoW it doesnt really matter since you are just slashing through them anyway. With halo you have to employ new tactics.

They both looked mediocre though.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Fucking awesome coverage as always guys. Vinny and Drew are killing it with their editing! great job you guys.

Posted by PJ

Microsoft was standard. Nothing really special. I liked the Halo 4 and Splinter Cell Blacklist demos. And I agree with the guys that the Black Ops 2 demo seemed kinda crappy. It just wasn't as exciting as the previous COD demos on a E3 Stage. But the game looks great. And you don't need to demo DC3 so having Usher come in and do a song is a better way to go about it at this point. And yes, they need a new hype man. All the app talkt was shit. Mostly because 90% of that shit won't make it's way to Sweden. We will probebly get IE and Xbox Music here. I have a iPad and Spotify and my PC is hooked up to my TV so not interested in any of that. Make an app for the English Premier League and I'll be interested.

Smart Glass has potential. Having it hook up to games like the Halo 4 concept is kinda cool and EA has already done it in a way with the Mass Effect Codex. Using your phone or tablet to manage invites, Achievements, codex entries, unlockable art or videos is a great way to do that because when your in the game you don't want to read on your TV and have those annoying pop-ups. Having all that come up on your phone or tablet would be awesome. But we'll see how well they do the Smart Glass thing.

Sony was... strange. It wasn't a press conference really. It was more of a stage show and the beginning where Tretton licked Kaz Hirais ass in the beginning was just... strange. The Last Of Us looked great, I mean really great. And I'm really interested in Beyond but don't know what it will be like. It might have some kind of possesion mechanic ala Geist or something like that. I don't know. They have to make the gameplay somewhat different from Heavy Rain to have me really excited for the game. Assassins Creed 3 looks great too.

It grind to a fucking halt with that book stuff. Boring as hell. Battle Royal is Smash Bros., and i don't care about Smash Bros. Though it was pretty funny that the Big Daddy from Bioshock is a Sony All-Stare when the series started on the Xbox 360 and PC.

I'm just over God of War at this point, I just hate Kratos as a character. He was awesome in the first game but it has gone down hill from there. He's just an asshole now.

Where's the Last Guardian? It's never coming out is it.

Nintendo was.... meh. Lego City was the only game in the whole pc that looked interesting. The Mario game for Wii U is another 2D Mario game. It will be good but I'm not excited. Nintendo seem to be hell bent on not making anything traditional with their console. They have to put some kind of uniqe spin on everything, and that kinda turns me off. And I was really hoping that Zombi U was going to be some kind of funny Zombie University game but no. And seriously, don't make a big deal about you getting old current gen games on your next gen system. It seems like Nintendo is just not for me anymore. Their games don't interest me anymore and if it will be anything like the Wii, you won't be getting any third party games worth a damn on the Wii U.

Ow I forgot, Pikmin 3 looked kinda neat though.

Game of the show so far: The Last Of US

Runners up: Halo 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Beyond.

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Dead Space 3 = Lost Planet

Posted by Paindamnation

Woah. So much Vinny.

Posted by masterpaperlink

@Humanity: eh, i pretty much agree with you. I only disagree with the sentiment that nothing about halo is like a puzzle, i guess i was referring mainly to multiplayer (the constant match up of grenade, meele and guns), though the same principles are somewhat present in single player, regardless of if you choose to think about anything but point and shoot. Yeah though, i think Patricks statements a rarely the result of any deep analysis, more a mish mash of concepts hes gathered from hearing other people talk about games, which is why he attributes a strong multiplayer concept to singleplayer.

people didnt like splintercell cuz its more brown game set in brown looking country shooting more brown people, visually and thematically it wasn't super inspiring.

Posted by Marokai
@edeo said:

So Jeff Gerstmann thinks Harry Potter is bullshit.

My admiration cannot grow any more.

Take that, generation of kids who decided to read!
Posted by AllanIceman

This is great!

Posted by Balex1908

@reelife said:

"Halo 4 looks amazing, omg new enemies new weapons it looks great"

"God of war 4 looks like god of war, sure new enemies new weapons sure, but it's god of war"

Something is wrong here...

This, every year...

Posted by dropabombonit

Great stuff, I agree with your guys opinion on most of the conferences. Although you guys seem a little too down on Beyond and The Last of Us, they are my 2 game of the show games

Posted by YoungBuck

LOL at the intro.

Posted by ares0926

Seeing Ryan skip around in the opening hilarious! Thank you green screen. Oh and thanks to the dubstep.

Posted by Slow_pC

Wonderful day one edits !!!!! Love it!

Posted by 49th

Patrick's ear is so weird.

Posted by shep9toes

Would you like some sports with that sports?

Posted by DerBonk

@Cyrisaurus: I think what he meant was that this sequence made it look like just some third-person shooter. Personally I also felt that the violence and relentless killing did not fit the mood of the game before that AT ALL! It felt like a break in character for both the guy and the girl. The question is: is this kind of violent sociopath behavior necessary for a good game? You're comment makes me think that you would answer that with yes (though the question sounds a bit biased, I know). I would disagree. I would love to play a serious exploration game with lots of story and just a few fights, but those would then have much more impact. The first half of the demo made the guy appear human, the latter made him look like super soldier no. 0815. Just not interesting.

Posted by Pop

great stuff you guys, that microsoft montage was fucking amazing!

Posted by bombedyermom

@TruthTellah said:

@bombedyermom said:

@Cramsy said:

@bombedyermom said:

Thank god someone mentioned the fact that Michael Ironside isn't voicing Sam Fisher any more. I actually wanna play the game less now. Pleased that it was Navarro who brought that up.

The fuck. That's bullshit

The thing that bugs me most is that Ironside does some really shitty movies, for really shitty pay. So that couldn't have been the issue. I'm guessing someone at Ubisoft was all like "get someone younger!"

To reiterate: Bull shit.

A big issue is Ironside himself. His voice is fine, but now that they are using motion-capture technology for the animations and cutscenes, Ironside just doesn't make sense. He simply can't be the voice, face, and body presence of a much younger, skinnier character. And he knows it. Unless they want to make Fisher into an overweight agent in his sixties, Ironside just can't do what Eric Johnson can do for the role now.

He has already given Johnson his blessing on it, and he has praised Johnson in the past while preparing him to take over as Fisher. Let's believe in his judgment and see what Johnson can bring to the table. Ironside believes in him, and that's enough for me to at least give him a chance.

Touche, sir. Your knowledge exceeds mine. I humbly bow to you and will as such, give this game a chance.

Posted by Paindamnation

@algertman said:

Dead Space 3 = Lost Planet

I couldn't agree with you any more.

Posted by Humanity

@masterpaperlink: Yah I agree it looked like more of the same middle eastern military special operations we've seen oh so many times before - but for me just seeing Fisher back in his "sneaking suit" was a step in the right direction. While I thought Conviction was interesting, ultimately I felt it strayed too far from the original formula. I mean you didn't even get the goggles for a long time in the game and the fact that they didn't have heat, infrared and electric modes, while isntead opting out for the finicky "sonar" mode just didn't sit that great with me. Overall lack of gadgets in that game.

Posted by Abendlaender

Kick ass intro

Posted by sempiternal

Fuck Baird? Fuck you.

I mean that in a nice, "oh, you guys" kind of way.

Eh, kinda.