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Posted by phil44

Once day I'll be able to stream a Giantbomb video without excessive buffering every few seconds :( . Do other people in my side of the world (Australia) have this problem?

Intro was awesome in any case.

Posted by damswedon

@Humanity said:

Oh Patrick, you and your darling over analyzing.. I don't think anything about Halo is a puzzle.

The Halo Combat Puzzle is actually a term that has been used for years now. It might of even come out of the original Halo.

Posted by magnet

That intro is just magical.

Posted by Ninja_Welshman

Made me laugh the way the music stopped every time Wonder Books came on.

Posted by Curufinwe

@Balex1908 said:

@reelife said:

"Halo 4 looks amazing, omg new enemies new weapons it looks great"

"God of war 4 looks like god of war, sure new enemies new weapons sure, but it's god of war"

Something is wrong here...

This, every year...

Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy never changes.

Posted by Curufinwe

@BlatantNinja23 said:

you know... I understand how IE has been the joke of the internet ever since the issues with 6, but IE actually has been a good browser since version 8. With 10 being pretty great. Now i'd never drop chrome for it, but I'd go to IE before id ever go back to firefox. Apparently a console browser is a thing. so I guess it's nice the 360 now has one for those crazy people.

It boggles my mind that people can use IE or Chrome as their main browser given the appalling lack of customization options.

Posted by Berserker976

Did I stumble into an alternate universe where that Last of Us demo wasn't fucking incredible?

I'm honestly completely baffled at their reaction to it, and I know it's not just me because I was in chat when it ended and people were seemingly going crazy for it, as they should have.

Really, really confused.

Posted by Dylabaloo

@reelife said:

"Halo 4 looks amazing, omg new enemies new weapons it looks great"

"God of war 4 looks like god of war, sure new enemies new weapons sure, but it's god of war"

Something is wrong here...

God of War is mechanically the same, sure new enemies but all that adds is a new skin and kill animation, at least in Halo the new enemies vary the gameplay puzzle, which is central to peoples interest in Halo. Also Halo 4 is run natively at 720p, which you can tell, everything looks super high res. Unlike God of War, which looks the same if not worse than God of War 3. Now on the multiplayer side God of War will be getting it's own mode but who wants it? Halo multiplayer is already proven to be one the most played console multiplayer games and they will be adding Spartan Ops which sounds like an awesome way to keep up the longevity of the game after release, while I could see people playing God of Wars multiplayer maybe once to check it out and then never touch it again. Similar to other games which shouldn't have a multiplayer element. (Dead Space 2)

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The bumper is a work of art.

Edit: And so's the whole fucking video.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Outstanding intro and certainly every bit as great as I hoped it would be. The editing and production here is really excellent and very enjoyable to watch. I'm actually sort of interested in checking out some of the silly and painful moments of the conferences now. They never fail to emberass themselves while trying so fucking hard to be 'with it' as well as pandering to every paranoia of the PR department (really these silly shows seem to be masturbatory material for them first and foremost). That shit just never works out. And I'm a bad person and love it.

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The Last Of Us demo was too action heavy !?! What kind of demo were you expecting to see Patrick ? A demo of the two characters just walking around and talking. Oh wait, you probably did, as that was the sort of demo shown to the press behind closed doors. This is E3, they want spectacle and excitement. The quieter, more character interaction type demos will more than likely be part of the next set of trailers. Plus there's also the fact that many gamers haven't actually seen much in terms of gameplay for the game, so guess what, they're gonna show off some action. You need to take a step back guys and realise that trailers, demos, etc are not always made for you.

And then Brad's comments about the game. Jesus. You do know that E3 shows video games right guys !?!

Posted by Drebin_893

Every year these prove to be my favourite videos on the site.

Posted by Ramone

That intro was worth every second

Posted by Milkman

Vinny is a video god. So good.

Posted by Eaxis

Great coverage and Awesome editing,

Posted by Cramsy

@Milkman said:

Vinny is a video god. So good.

Also Drew! Both of them are super stars

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Intro is soooo good. Great work Vinny and co.

EDIT: Actually this whole video is incredible, especially the montage editing. Good job, guys.

Posted by Veiasma

what is this intro i don't even...

Posted by ptys

That was a great vid, love the twinkle!

Posted by hxcaleb

I was going to complain about this video being late, but man! I can tell you put a boatload of work into this. Put your E3 videos up in august for all I care. Great job guys!

Posted by Sammo21

So seriously...why does Halo look so good? I like Halo enough but you would have thought it actually was some new revolutionary game based on how people are talking...it looks like prettier Halo and nothing else.

Posted by EriMus

Great editing you guys, wholly enjoyed this whole video.

Posted by Silverbrand

I have been watching the Tobuscus videos of him playing Terraria and really loving it, but I have never seen anything else he did. I wasn't aware that he was well known enough to be doing something on stage at Ubi's thing. Sounds like the bomb crew didn't like him though.

Posted by Cazamalos

i wish that giant bomb montages were used on the press conferences for real

Posted by Silverbrand

Man, Sony's new book-burning simulator is top notch!

Posted by therealminime

No one video should have all this WUB. Love it.

Posted by s10129107

Man i could just watch the intro over and over.

Posted by mlarrabee


The perfect kind of stupid.

Posted by forkboy

This video is tremendous. THANK YOU GUYS

Posted by re4ctor

"Are you guys talking about sports?!"

god damn it vinny, i just spilled coffee on myself.

Posted by MeatSim

Vinny showcasing another masterclass is editing in this video. Greats conference wrap-ups too guys.

Posted by fox01313

Great intro of FMV madness, wondering if they didn't see the Vita Assassin's Creed game set in New Orleans. Too bad they didn't bring that to the big consoles as it looks interesting.

Posted by Dany

omg I love vinny

Posted by Sarkhan

Haha, Oh Giantbomb. You sure know how to dress up a E3 video. Amazing intro!
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that chorus thing in the control room part of the intro sounded like something out of Pink Floyd's A Saucerful of Secrets (especially the movement "Celestial Voices" I think, though the version in the link doesn't have the actual chorus part).

Posted by DharmaBum

Best E3 coverage as always.

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

That was the best first two minutes! Seriously, it was very well put together. Great work, guys.

Posted by Grilledcheez


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Jeff's right, creature resembles something out of lost planet, also. Hmmmmmmmmmm Intro was funny!!!!!! How else can you do such a near flat zilch/nothing.

BTW,..this is what I have been waiting for from GB, very good. My props to the excellent editing and getting this done and out.

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Great editing once again, as always! But damn the cynicism across the map this year is bumming me out.

Posted by sublime90

i love these videos. they highlight everything perfectly

Posted by SomeJerk

Hahahaha oh god Alex's happyface

Posted by i8246i

@Humanity said:

Oh Patrick, you and your darling over analyzing.. I don't think anything about Halo is a puzzle.

I believe *you* are the one over-analyzing. Had you paid ANY attention to ANY of the times the GB crew has talked about Halo, is that they classify it as a "shooter puzzle"....in that you CAN complete a good chunk of the game by running and gunning, but the preferred way of fighting a group of enemies requires a combination of using your weapons/grenades/melee, killing certain enemies first, and using the environment and any powerups around in certain sequences.

In the end, "shut up, videogames".

Posted by KevSlider

That intro blew my fucking mind.

Posted by murisan

i love Jeff's blank face

Posted by Mdk5631

Anyone who thinks Giantbomb hasn't changed for the worse since the CBS move needs to only watch this video.

The dubstep intro video and the flying camera in the first 5 mins were all it took for me to lose interest

If I wanted a wildly swinging camera and soundbited opinions I would watch MTV or ESPN.

Giant Bomb was where u went if u wanted to hear regular guys who are highly knowledge about videogames talk about videogames

PS anyone lucky enough to have caught a random PC live with chart room feel like Giant bomb had created a actual online community that is sliding away? :(

Posted by Rapid

@KevSlider said:

That intro blew my fucking mind.

Posted by mrpandaman

This intro has just wrinkled my brain.

Posted by StriderNo9

Need for Speed did look great.

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:O dat bumper, it's awesome. the fact that usher was at the conference is weird because i've been watching the deadly premonition that has it's own version of him lol.