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Posted by BillyBobBaggyBottom

Obviously I don't actually mean that but it would be nice if gaming companies spent less time cock tease trailers and actually showed substance to their games.

So Bethesda has once again come out with a trailer for their upcoming game The Elder Scrolls Onilne... which considering no one has ever called an Elder Scrolls game by their full titles makes me think people will just call this game "Online", but I digress. So what can we say about this trailer? Not much. and why is that? Have a look

Once again we have been greeted with a teaser trailer for a game we know little about, even the website itself is a little vague only showing four very unimpressive screenshots and telling us it is set before every game in the series and takes place as 3 kingdoms battle for the Throne. So far everything sounds vague and generic, nothing really substantial is being said or shown, and everything is being kept hush-hush.

Which brings me to the title of this blog post, "Bring back the 56k" I remember the first time I played Morrowind was on an xbox and I was amazed by the graphics and quality, I later played the game on PC and the mods made the game even better. When Oblivion was announced we were shown screenshots of a game most people would think would be impossible to see on current tech, but sure enough when released people were amazed at the beauty the game had in its graphics (which for TES games adds to the immersion factor). All people had for the longest time were screenshots and info on what the game would feature, and it was always promising. So what happened?

Youtube happened and suddenly every game needed a high teaser type trailer before any development was even critically done, to generate hype for the masses long before even an alpha was made... and Peter Molyneux ruined it for everyone also. All this superfluous padding to hype a game of our current generation is in it self a product of our environment, they cater to us consumers because we search for exactly this, only to be unsatisfied after we have eaten half the meal and can't issue a refund. The studio pays the trailer to be made, they trailer is shown to the consumers, the consumers complain to the studio, which makes the dragon eating dragon eating dragon symbol of "Online" ironically relevant.