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Posted by MeatSim

Carmack never lacks anything fascinating to talk bout.

Posted by LauriPoika

Best E3 video so far.

Posted by RobotHamster

The amount of time Brad got to speak Carmack did in about 30 seconds.

Posted by Bollard

G35! I have one of those!

Posted by murisan

i can't stop focusing on the Futurama intro-ish song in the background

Posted by McGhee

I'm going through the book "Ready Player One" right now and I'm dying for some truly awesome Virtual Reality. I hope it happens one day.

Posted by RAStemen

@MordeaniisChaos: I thought the same thing about the music. It was pretty distracting every time I heard those bells.

Posted by RedRocketWestie

As an electrical engineer, I could listen to this man talk forever.

Posted by anal_diarrhea

So awesome that Carmack keeps fighting the good fight for high framerates and low latency.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

John Carmack is a nerd in every loving sense of the word. Not just the way his voice sounds, but everything coming out of is mouth and the brilliant things he create. He is so super smart!

Posted by JJOR64

Great video. The music in the background was too loud though.

Posted by RAStemen

@c0d3m45t3r: check out: http://www.bethblog.com/2011/07/29/the-bethesda-podcast-episode-11-quakecon-special-edition-podcast/




Posted by pyide

My brain is leaking out of my ears

Posted by Ninja_Welshman

Man, I wish I was half as smart as this dude!!

Posted by Sarkhan

What i want.  Carmack + Molyneux = INSANE AMAZING SHIT!
Posted by jt1080

That was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Love this man!

Posted by Siked

I don't even... What did I just listen to for the last 17 minutes?

Posted by Dunchad

Really interesting stuff, like you can always expect from Carmack.

Posted by PolygonSlayer

I could listen to Carmack all day long! Man.. his new pet project is VR, that is awesome! Something good is bound to come out of this!

Posted by CakeBomb

I could listen to this stuff all day. I don't know about such high resolutions on small displays, 720p seems like a good one, 1080p is kind of overkill and would only put unnecessary stress on the GPU, diminishing returns in my opinion.

Plasma and CRT displays have very low latency and sub 1ms response time (0.000001 for plasma) but those are impractical: CRTs are too big, Plasmas are hard to do in high resolutions below 37".

OLED displays may be the answer, or Sony's own Crystal LED technology.

Carmack has a great mind.

Posted by MyaSharona

Wow. Great 'interview'. John Carmack is contagiously enthusiastic.

Posted by GraveyardPolka

@SargeGulp said:

@Jugglerman said:

@SockemJetpack said:

EDIT: ...it's like listening to a mad scientist describe his doomsday device.

All the same this is pretty damn interesting.

Indeed, it sounds awesome!

I could listen to Carmac and Jaffe talk forever.

Totally. They both ooze passion.

Posted by Firrae

I love John Carmak for this exact reason! Fucking genius!

Posted by sub_o

It's always amazing to listen to John Carmack.

Recently he did a 25 minutes commentary video while playing Wolfenstein to commemorate the game's 20th anniversary.

You should watch it.

Posted by Skullomania

What is the name of that not quite Futurama song playing?

Posted by Mystyr_E

I don't know what I heard but I feel like I can boost my GPA tenfold

Posted by leebmx

A couple of things:

A great interview is one where the interviewer hardly ever needs to speak

After playing Rage I can see why it was such a technical marvel but also maybe why it was such a mess in other aspects

Edited by MachoFantastico

John C makes my head explode. He's not human... he's super human.  
He doesn't just see the Matrix, he is the matrix. 

Posted by Vandical

I no longer wish for super powers, I wish to have even 1/4th of Carmack's brain power and knowledge. Jesus that was crazy almost Star Trek esque techno babble, love it!

Posted by SCHULTZ

Wish there wasn't music playing during the interview.

All the same, great interview, thanks for this GiantBomb.

Long live Carmack.

Posted by SupberUber

It's a true pleasure to hear this guy talk. I don't get the small details, but Carmack is good at painting a picture of what he's on about. I could listen to this guy for hours.

Posted by obonicus

What's with the music getting louder and louder as he speaks, near the end?

Posted by Alphazero

Knock knock Neo.

I want one of those head sets. It would be awesome just on something like Minecraft. Imagine Modern Warfare or Battlefield 3. I get frustrated in first person games when I get hit because I wasn't aware of something that in real life I would totally be aware of because real world vision is better. This could help address that.

John Carmack is the Futurama, as the music implies.

Posted by Brad078

John please just keep on talking!

Posted by EndrzGame

SOOO much better than the douche canoe Kotaku video. Brad was actually ASKING QUESTIONS. I love listening to Carmack talk. Even if you don't understand everything he's referencing he has a gift to bring it all around full circle and sum up what it means in laymans terms. Love that guy.

Posted by Nefhril

You lucky Brad you!! :D

Carmack talked in an other interview that Bethesda where considering the idea of making a bundle edition with the VR-HMD and the BFG edition. If that happens it would be so super awesome!

Posted by SCHULTZ

@EndrzGame: Yea, this interview was was much better. Carmack pretty much enthusiastically goes on and on, which is great. The only thing I remember the Kotaku interviewer asking was essentially "Hurr I'd love to see a room of these things playing multiplayer durrr."

Posted by blacklab

I love the fact that it actually has duct tape on it.

Posted by Volgin13

I love hearing Carmack speak. I will always proclaim him to be one of the smartest people on the planet.

Posted by believer258

John Carmack is smarter than you.

No, really, I would love to be this fucking smart. Hell, half this fucking smart.

Posted by coonce

very well articulated interview. i'm a fan.

Edited by falling_fast

that was pretty awesome. I love that, unlike most other people in this industry, John Carmack doesn't really dumb it down for the lowest common denominator.

Posted by CatsAkimbo

I could listen to him talk about optimizing refresh rates and display latency all day.

Posted by MjHealy

Just realised that I have been missing out on not following John Carmack on Twitter

Posted by Deathmachine117

I didnt understand I single thing he said, but by god I could listen to him talk all day.

Posted by Zippedbinders

Carmack speaks at a level where I only understand about 75% of what he's saying. I'm pretty sure if I could crack that last quarter, my mind would be blown wide open. His legacy is already pretty amazing, jump starting polygon based games, cocreating the FPS genre, and completely redefining lighting and texture engines would be enough for most people. Now he's doing insane things to actually make VR a viable thing.

Bless you John Carmack.

Posted by Taka

Brad understands:

If John Carmack talks, you shut the fuck up and listen!

Posted by Deepo

This was great, thanks for doing the interview!

Posted by sirdesmond

Parts of this music really reminds me of Futurama, mostly the church bell parts.

Posted by floofmania

carmack really has a gift for explaining crazy tech-engineering stuff in a way that anyone can understand. this is so much cooler than the 3D displays and barely-functional motion controls we have now. really exciting stuff, he needs to get some investors on this.