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Posted by Triumvir

I understand nothing! Nothing!

Posted by umdesch4

Yeah Carmack is awesome. I understand everything he says in interviews, but I also know that when he says "and I know how to correct for that in software", or "I analyzed the data stream coming out of the thing", were he to start explaining those parts, I'd be lost in 10 seconds.

Posted by Lucien21

I love this guys passion in what he is talking about. The tech looks cool, but it's a while aways from the mainstream

Posted by flanker22

brad has such a man crush on carmack LOL. me too tho.

Posted by notBowen

That background music was unnecessarily distracting.

Posted by umdesch4

About latency, the situation is far worse than he describes. My latest 52" flat panel from Samsung, with it's various picture improvement filters on, I have to delay the audio from my amp by 190 ms to get voices synched with lips moving so it doesn't seem like I'm watching a bad martial arts movie overdub.

Turn everything off, and the best I can get is about 40-50 ms.

Posted by Marz

holy shit, now i feel smarter now.

Posted by Nentisys

John Carmack, the man, the god.

Posted by theswoosh

my head hurts.

Posted by Jazz2

brad looked exausted at the end of that interview XD

Posted by Subjugation

@obonicus: You'll notice it happens when he turns his head, presumably toward his microphone.

John Carmack has made me realize that even though I feel reasonably intelligent, there are people out there like him who are on a deity level of genius. What a smart, accomplished guy. id really made a great move when they ended up with him on the payroll.

Posted by Amafi

I really wish I was more engineery, one of those kits would be fantastic to build and own.

Also John Carmack kinda reminds me of a dude like Michio Kaku or something. He seems to have a real facility for conveying information I don't really get and still making me feel like I at least get the gist of the thing.

Moreso Carmack than Kaku for me, but that's probably because I'm more familiar with computing, electronics and graphics tech than I am the vastness of space and quantum theory and the like.

Can't wait for logitech's headmount in two years time, I'm gonna get TWO!

Edited by Kosayn

That's pretty cool. I feel strangely better about hanging onto my old CRT for certain games after hearing all this yang talked about flat panel display shortcomings.

Edited by SpikeDelight

"To the time photons stream off the OLEDs"

.....yup, I got what I expected from this John Carmack interview

Also, nice Futurama music

Posted by SpicyRichter

Carmack's been my hero since I was a wee 8 year old learning Basic and Pascal

Posted by Anupsis

Confusing and deeply enthralling.

Posted by nmarchan

on there

Posted by ike7779

Wow, I am very excited about this. Seems like it could be huge, especially with someone like Carmack organizing the groundwork on the research and technology.

Posted by nick_verissimo

Yes! I love hearing Carmack talk about anything.

Posted by RadixNegative2

Fantastic interview, but that music near the end is way too loud. I could barely hear Carmack talking.

Posted by DoctorWelch

I wish he would just live stream himself talking 24/7, I'd do nothing else but listen to him for the rest of forever.

Posted by RazielCuts

*don't sound dumb in front of John Carmack, don't sound dumb in front of John Carmack*

Wasn't it last year brad was too awestruck and nervous to interview him so Patrick had to do it? I guess Brad has grown in a year.

Posted by Jack268

@umdesch4: Doesn't it have a "game mode"? I have a Samsung TV too and enabling "game mode" supposedly reduces the delay down to around 5 ms or so. I never really tested without it though.

Posted by BatmanBatman

I swear if this video went on a little bit longer, John would have resurrected Heinrich Hertz from the grave with nerdy words! \O/

Posted by MrBubbles

it would be awesome if john carmack was on the e3 bombcast this year

Edited by Gunharp

Great interview! Will it be possible too re-release this video with the background music volume dialed back? It's louder than Carmack's dialogue with Brad :(

Posted by ArcLyte

Wow what a fascinating, brilliant guy. I'm sure he'd talk all day about display technologies if someone would listen.

Posted by arch4non

Really cool stuff, I'd like to get my hands on one.

Posted by fallen_elite

@Gunharp said:

Great interview! Will it be possible too re-release this video with the background music volume dialed back? It's louder than Carmack's dialogue with Brad :(

Agreed. I thought it was a little distracting.

Posted by SmilingPig

The power of duct tape!

Posted by Draxyle

The duct tape is beautiful in many ways.

Posted by SpaceButler

Excellent interview, thanks for just letting him talk. Not what I was expecting from E3 coverage, but a great surprise.

Posted by Gren

That was pretty awesome looking :3

Posted by umdesch4

@Jack268: Yeah, that's the mode that seems to get me down to about 40 ms. There might be some weirdness with the way my signal is routed that would account for that, but either way, a difference of 150 ms between the two modes is quite a bit worse than what Carmack was alluding to in this interview, and this is on a fairly recent tv.

Posted by DeF

@Xeteh said:

@TeamJersey: Yes, yes they are.

Very cool interview, I didn't understand a word of what Carmack was saying but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Brad wasn't kidding about not getting a word in!

Yea, this interview is even better (+funnier) after you've seen the livestream with Brad talking about it because you really notice Carmack just going and going without the need for a question :D

Also, Brad's expression as the image fades to black at the end is priceless :P

Posted by CC_Now_Child

I want to listen to John Carmack talk about things he's excited about all the time...even if it's just about my mom. I don't care. More THIS!

Posted by Foggen

I love John Carmack's distinctive verbal ticks. "In there", "on there", etc. When you're a wealthy genius mega power nerd you can afford to throw down with whatever language you want.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I'm waiting for this to become a reality.

Posted by Fattony12000

You throw Carmack the ball, he gonna run and run and run with it.

Fuck, I love him.

Edited by Aleryn

More Carmack is ALWAYS good. So cool to have a team that focuses on interviewing that genius without the PR fluff. Carmack understands how crucial high frames per second is in the basic formation of a good first person based game or simulation.

Posted by kycinematic

Always fascinating to listen to John, we're lucky to have such genius dudes like him in this industry. Can't wait to try some John Carmack approved VR in the near future.

Posted by floofmania

it's not just his intelligence, it's amazing that he comes from the golden age of PC gaming and isn't the least bit jaded. 20 years in the industry has turned most guys from his era into cynical assholes or cold business moguls, but he's just as excited by new technology as he was when he was coding the engine that Black Ops II is still using. I mean this is just something he was working on at home for his own amusement, and decided to bring it to e3 just so there could be a little originality at the show. what an awesome guy.

Posted by artsandrules

geek swoon

Posted by Rudeboy217

Damn son, he dropped some science.

Posted by Zefah

Can I get a version without the damn music :(?

Posted by Funkydupe

@notBowen said:

That background music was unnecessarily distracting.


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I totally eat up everything that man is saying and I'm not even sure why.

Edit: Oh... some annoying handler type :(

Posted by DukesT3

That duder still sounds and talks like a hardcore nerd. And its great.

Posted by Milkman

I have no idea what the hell he's talking about but it was awesome.

Posted by dropabombonit

Is it just me or does the song at the end of this video sound like the Futurama theme song?