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Posted by Lunar_Aura

Great interview. Brad looked like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day

Latency is a problem with head tracking, but it's only one of them. Virtual Reality visors will need the following:

- A completely dominated field of view. Your eye sees nothing but the game, whether it be periphery or focal point.

- Accurate eye tracking. Again, the brain isn't gonna be convinced if you move your eyeballs and the picture doesn't correspond with the movement.

- A way to tailor all of the above for the differences each person may have perceiving reality

- Minimal to no latency, as was already addressed.

The software must also be tailored to assist all of the above. It's a real bitch to trick the mind, and someone as brilliant as Carmack barely scraped the surface.

Posted by SirPsychoSexy

This is the future folks

Posted by SharkMan

my brain, his voice is grating on my brain. also he may be super smart, but there are easier ways to do what he is doing. from what i've noticed he seems to just focus on doing it the most direct way instead of trying to think of a better way to do the exact same thing... for example the megatexture failure.

great mind, he just needs less money and more direction.

Posted by PXAbstraction

I feel like that shouldn't have fascinated me nearly as much as it did. Carmack FTMFW!

Posted by Zamir

@Beomoose: it sounded more like a remix of the song Futurama rips off

Posted by CornBREDX

Leave it to John Carmack to be the forward thinker.

If its at all possible, John Carmack will be the one to Pioneer real VR you guys... that's so awesome.

He actually has me believing at some point it could be possible.

Posted by Tiny415

Man, this is a great video

Posted by mkultra419

Of course you used actual rocket telemetry control software to set this up. After calling the developer up and saying hey. Carmack is the most affable genius out there.

Posted by Rewcastle

Panasonic VT20 - 16ms lag. Great plasma tv for gaming. And it's 50 inches! Just saying :)

I love how involved John C is with all this. He realises the importance of low latency for gaming displays. Such a shame we see these great TVs like Sony Bravias, with 50+ ms :(

Posted by Typographenia

An incredibly fascinating interview. Carmack's talk was so over my head that it was very difficult to follow, but his passion for it was contagious. I can't wait to see the fruits of his labor when he is finally done.

Posted by Zripwud

I think Carmack and Brad are related...

Posted by kimbokasteniv

Really interesting interview. It seems there was a cut I'd love to see the full interview.

I have been following his tweets on this stuff for a while, and it is nice to see the progress he has made.

Posted by Matfei90

Carmack is amazing, I never get tired of him talking about stuff.

Posted by BrockNRolla

Damn. That just is insane. I may not have liked Rage, but clearly, he is brilliant.

Posted by ChrisTaran

I can listen to Carmack speak for 48 hours straight and lap up every single word. I think Brad would be all for it as well :p

Posted by ChrisTaran

@H7O said:

Brad, c'mon let Carmack have as much time as he wants. This was really interesting talk that got cut really short.

It wasn't Brad wrapping things up, it was the PR dude and the fact that there was another person waiting to interview John.

Posted by buzz_clik
Posted by WaffleConed

my head hurts

Posted by Koobz

John 5ever <3

Posted by buzz_clik

Ha! That little look on Brad's face juuust before the video fades to black.

Posted by Pop

@mnzy said:

@Pop said:

@buzz_killington said:

I could listen to Carmack talk for days.

Also, funny hearing Brad at the end saying "Thanks a lot, John," because if I remember correctly, he backed out of an interview with Johnny C last year because he was super nervous.

he didn't back out of it, he did it but he was super nervous.

Patrick did the E3 2011 interview.

you're right I went back and watched that, in my head Brad did it but as I watched I remembered :D. It was because on the podcast Brad said how he was afraid and Patrick said he will back him up.

Posted by depecheload

I love the comments here that claim to be pointing out how he's doing something wrong. Like anyone here could do better.

Edited by Sunspots

WORD DIARRHEA. Eight minutes into this interview, all of the words coming out of Carmack's mouth started blending together for me and I passed out. Three hours later I awoke in a pool of my own vomit, shuddering violently with tears rolling down my face, calling out for a name I cannot remember. Goddamn you Carmack, GODDAMN.

Posted by Leeroi

My brain might explode. That was the most educational video I have seen in months. That dude is scary smart.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

Just when I thought I could fully and perfectly understand long continuous segments of spoken English.... 
..Carmack shatters my ego in 6 minutes.

Posted by villainy

Should have waited for the end of E3 to watch this. I have no idea how the other videos could possibly stack up.

Posted by mbkish

Coolest guy on the planet, hands down.

Posted by sibane

I find John to just be an absolute joy to listen to. He doesn't give enough interviews.

Posted by Robo

Whoa. I've actually discussed a lot of this with friends of mine and back in college as well (Digital Imaging major). Especially issues with current display latency finally being addressed through the push for 3D and the lack of multiple focal points and how some in Hollywood keep fucking that up by trying to force the audience's eye around in poorly-done 3D movies, resulting in fairly nauseating/headache-inducing experiences as you subconsciously struggle to see what you really just can't.

I love hearing him babble on about all this stuff. The man knows his shit inside and out.

That said, I don't know if it was because of the interview setting or if it's the way he always is, but man, john Carmack speaks without periods. Only commas.

Posted by Brad

@Pop said:

@mnzy said:

@Pop said:

@buzz_killington said:

I could listen to Carmack talk for days.

Also, funny hearing Brad at the end saying "Thanks a lot, John," because if I remember correctly, he backed out of an interview with Johnny C last year because he was super nervous.

he didn't back out of it, he did it but he was super nervous.

Patrick did the E3 2011 interview.

you're right I went back and watched that, in my head Brad did it but as I watched I remembered :D. It was because on the podcast Brad said how he was afraid and Patrick said he will back him up.

I was there for that off-camera and contributed a question or two, but yeah, I chickened out and let Patrick run it.

Posted by dezvous

That was the best interview I've seen on this website. Wow. He explained it so well too. Fantastic!

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I used to work at NaturalPoint (who make the TrackIR optical tracking device), and talked with some really smart dudes about HMD tech over the years.

They brought up something which John Carmack does not seem to be addressing: the danger of isolating your view for long periods of time. I thought this was the key hurdle HMDs have to overcome. makes me nervous that he doesn't address it.

The vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) is part of the human body's system for maintaining balance. Basically your eyes are trained to move instinctively in the opposite direction of your head movements. This causes a problem when you're locked into a visual simulation that is in any way imperfect. The point of this VOR problem is - your eyes are trained to compensate for head movement in a specific way. if you fuck with it, you'll fuck up your real world perception.

So if you're staring straight ahead into tiny screens (not moving your eyes), OR flicking your eyes around for different perspectives on a tiny flat screen that can't perfectly simulate real depth angles, then you aren't seeing the depth changes you would in the real world. If you use such an HMD for more than a couple hours, you'll train your eyes to work wrong. (and people tend to play games for more than a couple hours).

This is why they no longer make HMDs that fully enclose your view, and/or they build in an hour long time limit before the display shuts off. Because if you perceive shit even slightly wrong, you'll have problems akin to a damaged inner ear. (there is a legend of a japanese flight from the US, were they gave all the first class passengers fully enclosed HMDs for the entire flight. and when they landed and the passengers took off their HMDs - most of them vomited and/or couldn't walk properly. Their natural head compensations had been retrained).

This strikes me as the main hurdle for HMDs to overcome. Wish Carmack would address this. (he describes the way a vertical line seems to bend if the refresh isn't fast enough. but. that's not quite what i'm nervous about). I mean, maybe his 20ms magic threshold is related to this. maybe not?

Has anyone played his new Doom HMD thing for multiple hours? sup?

Posted by Arx724

Carmack is great at interviewing himself.

It's always incredibly interesting to hear him talk.

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

I'd love to see Brad secure an interview with Carmack outside of gaming events. It seems like John could make a series worth of video content in an afternoon & I doubt Brad would object to following him around for a day.

Posted by wfolse1

Man, Carmack is something else. Enthusiastic, brilliant, and a good communicator.

Posted by h0lgr

Amazing. John is incredible. He's an idol to look up to!

Posted by Brenderous

This guy knows his stuff.

Posted by bunnymud

God bless that man

Also, for all the shit I give Brad in QL's, he really shined here.

Posted by AthleticShark

Brad is like....dude I have no idea what is going on.

Posted by Brenderous

I want to listen to John Carmack say more things about stuff.

Posted by zacharai

This is a great interview, congrats Brad. Carmack is both a passionate and (kind of) eloquent geek, the kind that can talk for days but not get too caught up in implementation details. And, the most important characteristic, he's curious.

I interview a number of programmers for my company, and any that might have half of Johnny C.'s curiosity and drive to figure things out pretty much get a job offer right away. Also, they rarely exist. In all the interviews I've done, the last unqualified "yes" was to a dude 6 years ago. He's the only guy I've ever interviewed and could say that in every respect was smarter than me. Since I much prefer to work with people smarter than me, it was an easy choice.

Posted by chaiHazuki

This dude is on another level

Posted by bkbroiler

Love that Carmack is in some weird back-seeming area showing off this awesome technology. Also love that GB gives him 17 minutes to just GO. Great stuff.

Also love the Futurama-esque music in the background.

Posted by benspyda

How cool it would be to have a brain like his. I could of watched him talk for an hour.

I bet if you would have asked people in the 80's when virtual reality would have been invented, they would have guessed well before now. I'm glad Carmack's trying to innovate where these big hardware company's with millions of dollars are failing.

Posted by TheRedDeath

If this video tells me one thing, it tells me that John Carmack is a smart motherfucker.

Posted by PillClinton

Just hearing Carmack talk at you for 17 minutes is an illuminating and educational experience. And Brad's proven to be quite the interviewer this year. Well conducted, relaxed and professional interviews are a welcome sight during the utter chaos that E3 seems to be.

Posted by echelon11

Fake Futurama background music!

Posted by Koze

God, this man is a fucking genius.

Brad must have had girl wood the whole time... just like me!

Posted by Lazyaza

I love that Carmack is the sort of guy who can take someone elses professional expensive equipment, basically say its no good and then vastly improve it for them. So awesome.

Posted by mlarrabee

The man is insanely intelligent.

And he spends his time taking gyroscopic tracking software from his moon rocket and adapting it for VR interfaces.