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Posted by StrikeALight

Fuckin Big Bo!

Posted by zaglis

Jeff is probably the best interviewer ever, he never, ever makes the interview feel awkward.

Posted by captainanderson

@mowcrosoft said:

Why is everyone raving about that John Drake fellow?? I found him sort of annoying, and I have a feeling Jeff was quite un-amused with his antics as well. In fact I'll bet he is who jeff is referring to with the, 'depressingly familiar faces' bit.

I can't tell if you're joking or just new here. John Drake is a good friend of the site. He used to be Alex's boss and gets the band together for every Giant Bomb PAX panel.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Tony Hawk was a pretty cool dude. He clearly knew the series and was enthusiastic. Or, as enthusiastic as he's capable of being.

Also glad to hear that Usher was really nice, because hearing him sing was fuckin terrible. Sure he can dance, if not in a way I can appreciate beyond the technical level, but dear god he cannot sing. It was bad.

Posted by AlisterCat

Love some Tony Hawk action.

Posted by edgefusion

I am actually in love with John Drake. Marry me please!

Posted by jarko

@Robaota said:

Man, Jeff just pulled an awesome Tony Hawk interview out of his ass. That's outstanding work.

Yeah, noticed the same. That was some skills there - dudes were talking like they would've scripted the whole thing, but no, totally impro. :) Good interview. Jeff Gerstmann Pro Interviewer ;)

Posted by Twinblade34

Man, you had to freakin' improvise an interview with Tony Hawk and the only sign of you being nervous I could see is you being a little more red than usual, I'm impressed honestly.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Teach me how to Dougie, teach me, teach me how to Dougie.

Posted by DeF

@clovy said:

Love the ending. The best of xbox.... and Dance Central 3

and John is STILL excited :D

Posted by BaconGames

Man was not lying, time travel and fucking dance crimes.

Posted by sungahymn

@demazin said:

Tony Hawk.

He's Tony Hawk.

I'm gonna make a t-shirt with this on it.

Can I have one?

Posted by DjDonFrancisco


Posted by ocdog45

Dance Central 3 = another time travel game that won't make sense.

Posted by mbr2

@demazin said:

Tony Hawk.

He's Tony Hawk.

I'm gonna make a t-shirt with this on it.

Arrow pointing down.

Posted by MAJID

I love any references to Big Bo

Posted by BetaMax

Dave Lang is very funny here.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Great Interviews Jeff!

Keep up the awesome coverage of E3 you guys!

Posted by Tesla

Dave Lang and John Drake = good times

Posted by PJ

@zaglis said:

Jeff is probably the best interviewer ever, he never, ever makes the interview feel awkward.

except when he wants it to be awkward.

Posted by Otzlowe

John Drake and Dave Lang both seem like pretty cool dudes. I appreciate that they were being laid back and silly instead of being overly cautious and PR about everything.

Posted by MachoFantastico

''Jeff you want to talk to Tony Hawk?' 'Yeah sure' 
Love how that went down... so casual. 

Posted by Tsuchikage

Dave Lang is hilarious! He would've made for a much better presenter at Microsoft's conference than that lady.

Tony Hawk was looking at Jeff like, 'Who is this dude?' But once he started talking about the Tony Hawk games, he got really into it. He knows his games, too.

Posted by Paul_Tillich

GiantBomb + Dave Lang = the way every interview should proceed.

Posted by EnduranceFun

I love Baird.

What you gonna do about it, Jeff?

Posted by NathHaw

John Drake is totally not kinda drunk.

Posted by GaspoweR

Jeff makes interviews awkward.......... On command.

Posted by rjayb89

Tony Hawk is gonna hunt down Jeff and John Drake for their slander.

Posted by Slab64

I enjoyed Jeff's foray into the Lang Zone.

Posted by PhilipDuck

Haha Lang was epic, and Jeff does well interviewing with Tony Hawk! Stopping himself seeming awkward because he's slightly starstruck

Posted by Mattalorian

Jeff is a champion. He's rivaled only by Brad in his interviewing abilities.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Very nice. A lot of great interviews in here. Lang and Drake of course kind of steal the show but the whole showcase had quality presentations I'd say and Jeff always excels at the interviews in my opinion anyway.

Posted by spartica

Nice work Jeff! Very clutch.

Posted by slowbird

Tony Hawk seems like a legit cool dude.

Posted by brocool

Nice hearing from Tony, seemed like his PR guy just randomly asked Jeff

Posted by Jolt92

Dave Lang is cool, awesome Tony Hawk interview just pulled off right at the spot (he also seems cool), and John Drake is awesome. One might say this was a cool video.