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Posted by BNB82

I think Tony Hawk actually cares about his franchise.

Posted by natetodamax

Those were extremely entertaining interviews. Another great video, keep it up guys!

Posted by Olivaw

Hell yeah Marble Madness! Tony Hawk has cred.

Posted by Brackynews

Jeff is a big dude. In person I mean. And I'm 6 foot.

Lang must be a damn linebacker.

Posted by Xeirus

@TheSouthernDandy said:

@UKSamwise said:

@Gunslinger0130 said:

I fuckin' love John Drake.

Him and Tony Hawk are seriously the coolest damn guys...

Posted by sthusby

Jeff got totally starstruck. And who can blame him? Tony Hawk. Awesome man. Awesome name. Awesome games. Awesome skateboarder. Awesome everything.

Posted by baconbringer

Tony Hawk seems way more involved and concerned about his games than i would have thought.

Posted by oopprraahh

really dug that Tony Hawk interview

Posted by AbeBroHamLincon

@therealminime: ya he looks tired.

Posted by katsu044

@Eujin: that he does whenever he pops up i know it's gonna be a good time

Posted by SupberUber

Tony Hawk interview had a really awkward vibe over it. John Drake interview was awesome! You should have asked him about his brother. I'm sure he's never heard that one before.

Posted by stise

I heard that the technology developed for the "Milo" demo is being put to use in Molyneux's new Kinect game "Wanna Talk to Tony Hawk?"

Posted by jillsandwich

Pretty cool that Tony Hawk actually knows his shit about the products he's involved with.

Posted by HydraHam

"Tony Hawk: The bandwidth wasn't there"

It still isn't tony, a good amount of people are still restricted to shitty bandwidth caps, and a decent chunk doesn't even have broadband.

Posted by gamefreak9

lol Sounded like tony hawk was testing Jeff!

Posted by CornBREDX

Tony. hey, the first Pro Skater was on also Dreamcast. haha

Jeff is such a pro, he had to make up those questions on the fly and he did so without flinching. He got a little star struck there but he reeled it in pretty well.

The David Lang interview was pretty great too. Theres a moment there (somewhere around 5:25) that if you look you can see Jeff asking himself "Am I cool enough with Dave to make this joke question?" Its a quick moment, but I thought it was funny.

Posted by Rox360

Man, buncha' excellent interviews. And to think that people come to this site, watch their gameplay videos and criticize them for not being good enough at games to work as journalists.

John Drake continues to be a real world superhero. Tony Hawk... Still a totally chill dude who's more into games than I suspected. Good stuff.

Posted by LiquidSwords

John Drake and Tony Hawk rule! Love all these vids!

Posted by arch4non

Damn, Jeff is really good at interviews.

Posted by fox01313

More games need John Drake putting time machines in them, he sells it so well that it's hard not to get hooked by it.

Posted by VikingRk

This video = Game of the Show.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Dave Lang is fucking hilarious.

Posted by Kiri90

Great video. All of the interviews were awesome, especially the Dave Lang one.

Posted by Space_Sandwich


Posted by OriginalGman

"Hey Jeff, you wanna talk to Tony Hawk?"

Eh, you know, I guess so...

Long live Baird.

Posted by LastNinja

So the flock of seagulls do is coming back?

Posted by CookieMonster

Tony Hawk seems like a really cool guy.

Posted by Vorbis

There needs to be more of Dave Lang on this site.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Amazing Tony Hawk Interview. He was totally testing Jeff about his TH knowledge. Jeff has mentioned before that Tony Hawk is really involved in the franchise, but man, he is COMMITTED, that was nice to see. I have a special place in my heart for the TH games.

Posted by Xingwa

2012 End of the Year Award: Biggest Bo(w)

Posted by rebgav

@stise said:

I heard that the technology developed for the "Milo" demo is being put to use in Molyneux's new Kinect game "Wanna Talk to Tony Hawk?"

If that isn't a launch title for the next Xbox then it's all over, videogames are done.

I want to talk to a creepy digital version of Tony Hawk and so does everybody else. Make it happen, Microsoft. Activision. Whoever.

Posted by Alex_Carrillo

John Drake is adorable.

Posted by jakob187

Man, Jeff really buttered up Tony Hawk at the beginning with the whole "legacy" thing. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to say "do YOU know that RIDE was pretty not good?"

Posted by defcomm

I appreciate the clearly forced Tony Hawk interview. Yikes.

Posted by UncleBenny

@Alex_Carrillo said:

John Drake is adorable.


Also, I love how the guys that knows Giant Bomb just completely gave up on even trying to be serious with the interviews.

Posted by therealminime

Tony Hawk may be getting old, but he is fucking on it.

Posted by DrJota

Glad to hear that Usher was not slapped this time.

Posted by RadixNegative2

I would buy Dance Central 3 if it had Midnight Brown.

Posted by demazin

Tony Hawk.

He's Tony Hawk.

I'm gonna make a t-shirt with this on it.

Posted by Deusx

Dayum great Tony Hawk interview. I can´t believe you did that on the spot.

Edited by csl316

The Dave Lang encounter wins Interview of the Year.

And I really like how Tony Hawk's looking at the new thing as more of a platform for expansion stuff. Very cool.

Posted by bkbroiler


Loved the Tony Hawk interview. When they got into gushing about favorite Tony Hawk game stuff, it really warmed by heart.

Posted by clovy

Love the ending. The best of xbox.... and Dance Central 3

Posted by Nighthawk871

I don't think John Drake took a single breath during that interview.

Posted by Red

Tony Hawk is surprisingly knowledgeable about his game. Good to see someone with their name on a product they're passionate about.

Dave Lang is cool, too.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Dance Central 3: Time Travel confirmed!
Tony Hawk interview was rad. He seemed to know his shit about his video games.

Posted by mowcrosoft

I know eh! That was darn impressive

Posted by TripMasterMunky

@Deusx said:

Dayum great Tony Hawk interview. I can´t believe you did that on the spot.

Agreed. Jeff can probably do the best interviews on the staff.

Posted by mowcrosoft

Why is everyone raving about that John Drake fellow?? I found him sort of annoying, and I have a feeling Jeff was quite un-amused with his antics as well. In fact I'll bet he is who jeff is referring to with the, 'depressingly familiar faces' bit.

Posted by Xbox420

Great interviews all around. Can't get enough Dave Lang.

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