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Posted by AngelN7

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@AngelN7 said:

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@SupberUber said:

Criterion seems too proud to make the game fans of Most Wanted wants. Hint: it's not Paradise with cops.

Burnout Paradise is 10X the game Most Wanted was, all that game was race and unlock the black list untill you race the boss.

That would be like saying all Paradise was, race crash random car to unlock it race again... is a racing game.

Burnout Paradise had racing, trick mode when you had a certain time to do tricks linking up the tricks with the boost like a manual in Tony Hawk Pro Skater, smash all the billboards\gates, rare cars would randomly race pass you and if you smashed them you would unlock them, each street had a time trail and a showtime highscore plus a leaderboard on your friends list, plus the amazing challenge mode where you would have to team up and work toghether to do 250 of these challenges for example you and 7 others had to do a barrel roll of the highest peak in the game at the same time. I spent 150 hours getting the S Rank and that was before the amazing DLC island they added on plus all the free add-ons like day night cycle and motorbikes There was even a mode we you had to do crazy paralel parking, theres a reason its my favourite game ever.

To my memory Most Wanted was a watered down NFS Underground game that took place at daytime, that involved going though the checklist of races.

So you're including DLC add ons as part of a feature agaisnt a game that came out in 2005 for the Xbox and the PS2 and was an early tittle for the 360... I also spent a crazy amount of time playing Most Wanted and I love it , you're memory might not be the greatest but that game had a lot of content (not to the ammount of Paraside of course) , car customization , police chases , drag races , speedtrap events, bounty events and challenge mode and that's not counting the Black List (boss battle) events so saying "yeah you only do races and the only thing that's different is that it was daytime" is pretty silly considering most of what made Paradise a much longer experience was all the DLC that came afterwards.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

@AngelN7: I didnt list every single event like you did just face it Burnout Paradise > Most Wanted. And I said I spent 150 hours before DLC , just dont try and compare Most Wanted to Burnout Paradise as you will fail.

Posted by AngelN7

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@AngelN7: I didnt list every single event like you did just face it Burnout Paradise > Most Wanted. And I said I spent 150 hours before DLC , just dont try and compare Most Wanted to Burnout Paradise as you will fail.

I will face that you like Paradise more than Most Wanted sure , I don't think that's the case so?... opinions I think and you're right I will not try yo compare Most Wanted to Burnout Paradise because that will be silly while both are racing games they are completely different in design.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

@AngelN7: I still liked Most Wanted, but combining both these games can only mean a better game, the one thing Burnout Paradise was missing was cops so this game should be sweet to both set of fans, just hope they bring bang the custom shop as that was the best thing of the Underground series.

Posted by ProperKROE

@Bourbon_Warrior: Actually a Cop multiplayer mode was added to Burnout Paradise more than a year after it`s release.

Posted by Bollard

I've met Matt :D Great guy and apparently one of if not the main mind behind Autolog, which is pretty cool.

Posted by MeatSim

Tell me more about those sandwichs and why this game doesn't have Razor Callahan.

Posted by katsu044

Mods finally confirmed! was the only thing i was on the fence about buying this!.

Posted by Redsox44

I loved the first Most Wanted but I'm totally happy with this game too. Love Burnout too.

Posted by Terranova

totally looking forward to this i had spent around 180hrs online and 60 hrs offline with Burnout Paradise and really liked the first most wanted I still have my PS2 black edition so the mix of those two games the fact the online challenges are there which was for me the best aspect of BP and there are mods and the cop chases that most wanted had is just awesome.

Posted by Trilogy

As you could expect I'm super bummed about no Razor Callahan or any semblance of the... "awesome" ...story stuff from the original most wanted. I'm convinced that shit was totally accidental in the first place and I suppose it would be silly of me to keep expecting anyone to bring it back.

That being said, this game looks pretty spectacular. It'll probably be the only racing game I buy this year.

Posted by Xealot42

I have the Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box sitting here on a shelf. Should probably play that at some point.

Posted by funk

Will there be mind-blowing full-motion video cutscenes?

Posted by SirBlakesmore

Thanks Jeff for pushing the burnout question. Here's hoping for a return to Paradise City and beyond.

Edited by GaspoweR

What is up with all this hate to either most wanted or paradise by the fans of either one of the games? Can we all just get along and just agree that at the time each respective game was released that they were great games and not try to 1-up each other by highlighting why a said game is better or worse than the other game? On one hand most wanted being a need for speed game did a great job with the racing as well as including cop chases as a mechanic that added tension and excitement to the races, which paradise didnt have. On the other hand, most wanted came out years before paradise so ofcourse there are a lot of things that paradise was doing that most wanted didnt do at all or paradise did them better. Thus, there would be people who'd say that paradise is a better game because of it. Nonetheless, they are both great. So really all you guys hating on each others favorite game should just KNOCK IT OFF. Also to the guy saying that it shouldnt be a burnout paradise with cops, you dont assume that what you want or not want in this game applies to every fan of most wanted. Thats just a lazy assumption.

Posted by Wolfwood9000

Man I can not wait for this game it looks so good!

Posted by kristianwithak

If you look at the still the end of the title reminds me of TED talks....

Posted by DarkbeatDK

It's not Outrun, but I guess it'll do....

Posted by n0nametaz

Oh god, next gen burnout confirmed. That's what I want! I have nothing against these need for speed games. I just have more and or better memories with the burnout franchise. I played burnout 3, revenge, paradise, and legends. The only need for speed games I played where underground 1 and 2, and I remember not liking 2 for some reason.

Posted by SpikeDelight

I can't believe there's no Razor Callahan question in this whole video! Seems like Jeff started getting rushed after that long-winded question at the end.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Do people just not get excited about racing games? I've seen a lot of tepid response to this, which is surprising, because it's in my top 5 games coming out of E3. Hot Pursuit X Burnout Paradise is arcade driving nirvana.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Awesome! Can't wait! 

Posted by KnifeySpoony

I really like the Criterion guys. Game looks fun and can't wait for next gen Burnout.

Posted by FreakAche

As much as the Burnout talk at the end makes me want to feel optimistic, I know that in reality, Criterion going back to Burnout is about as likely as Treyarch going back to Spider-Man.

Posted by macker33

The original Most Wanted is the best NFS game and one of the 3 greatest driving games of all time.

Posted by chilipeppersman

the guy jeff is talking to talked like a tard, seems very disengaged. Its kinda lame that they are doing the exact same thing as most wanted did, except with multiplayer and HD graphics. Yawn

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