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Posted by Grimmy616

I would LOVE a video of just the Year of the Bow portion of the video. That was great.

Posted by warxsnake

So no Farcry? :(

Posted by Saltank

Which one of those bows is like a bow in the sense how you arm and shoot it, but like a futuristic gun in the sense that you get infinite ammo?

Posted by Rukus

... yeah.

Posted by TekZero

Ok, Assassin's Creed 3. I'm in.

Posted by Pop


Posted by the_great_skenardo

Huh. The music during the Rayman discussion was a remixed version of Byrn the Builder from Bastion, or so it sounded to me. ~21:00

Posted by yevinorion

Love the Bastion music during the Rayman/Splinter Cell section.

Posted by Chadster

Wait, so the Animal Crossing minigame is just Lemon Stealing Whores: The Game?

I'm in.

Edited by Sooty

Uncharted Wars!

One great looking PC game, not sure if it's next gen because they could scale back the graphics for current gen console release. Ubisoft were already showing PC footage of Far Cry 3, when Sony showed it on PS3 it looked much worse, (leading me to think Ubisoft were using PC) so it wouldn't shock me if it did surface on PS3 and 360 in a somewhat less visually spectacular form.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

I can only imagine the amount of "scanning" shoe horned into Wii U games is going to be at an all-time high just to give developers a reason to use the tablet for something, anything.

Still not sold on the Wii-U.

Posted by bucifer

What's the song from the Bow Highlight Reel at the end? Does anyone know?

Posted by RagingLion

@forkboy said:

Year of the bow trailer at the end is a 10/10 for sure.

Posted by RagingLion

Just an idea if you have the time ... I seriously think you should release the end segment of this video as its own thing on Youtube. It's the kind of thing that with a bit of luck might go viral and end up drawing some more people into GB. Great work on all the editing in this btw if you were responsible.

Posted by FreedomTown

Big Bo!

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by D_Justice91

HOLY SHITTY FUCK DUDERS. Forza Horizon looks amazing. That seems like a game I could just sit in front of and cruise through the landscapes for hours. Like a Sunday drive, but any day, since I don't have a car, or that much to do during the summer. I can confirm that I will be buying the everliving FUCK out of that gam.e

Posted by Excast

Big Bo Botangus is the only bo that matters.

Posted by cbarnes86

BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Posted by Irvandus

@cbarnes86: You call for me?

Posted by Duffyside

@cbarnes86 said:

BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Posted by Seraphim84


Posted by wrecks

sʞɹoɟ ou

Posted by kollay

E3 Heroes - Drew & Vinny

Posted by MeatSim

After that montage I know nothing is going to stop the year of the bow. Also Brad and Reggie death stare down was scary shit.

Posted by Ghostface318

@drewbert: I enjoyed the video, but holy hell, I just watched the Darren Korb GDC talk and that was goddamn fascinating. Thanks for the pointer, Drew.

Posted by Vorbis

The Bastion-esque music was amazing.

Posted by Jpnkrck

Everyone looks like they are sick or infected with something.

Posted by Blubba


Posted by Moonshadow101

Year of the Bow sequence, especially BIG BO, was an inspired end.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Year of the BIG BO!

Posted by Paradigmer

These videos are kinda boring.

Posted by FirebirdINF

Bow to the Bow!

Posted by Alphazero

Bo knows bow.

Posted by Undeadpool

That live action intro ain't gettin' old anytime soon. So corny, so great.

Posted by Otzlowe

Production values on these are pretty good as usual. Thanks Vinny and Drew.

Posted by Tesla


Posted by VibratingDonkey

Forza Horizon is what I consider a combination of the best non-simulation style racers of this generation. Open world Need for Speed by Bizarre, Codemasters and Black Rock. Sounds good to me.

The whole music festival conceit is weird though.

Posted by theimmortalbum

Was.. that a Virtual Boy I saw? I should find mine. I hope it's still around.

Posted by GideonAmos

Did you guys notice that Jeff's name card is the only one that says Gamespot under his name? Not trying to start some conspiracy rumor or whatever, but that kinda made me go 'huh'.

Posted by Undeadpool

I always need more Bo Abobo in my life.

Posted by xMrSunshine
@GideonAmos said:

Did you guys notice that Jeff's name card is the only one that says Gamespot under his name? Not trying to start some conspiracy rumor or whatever, but that kinda made me go 'huh'.

I bet that's exactly why it's like that, just to make people go 'huh'. I think it'd be pretty funny if he wore a Kane & Lynch t-shirt as well or something like that. Maybe he's cutting himself and running around naked and bloody on the show floor when the cameras are off, who knows.
Posted by teh_destroyer

bow bow bow bow bow bow bow

Posted by Thumbrunner

Bow bow bow.

Posted by Mockduck

Awesome work as always, love these videos!

Posted by andrewf87462

Video editing has been brilliant recently, thanks to Vinny and the crew!

Posted by xxNBxx

Get that man a towel stat!

Posted by Zaxex

While E3 was pretty disappointing for many, there were a few nice touches. I imagine everyone found at least one or two games they liked, and were possibly surprised by. The first real indication of next-gen games was certainly interesting too.

I'm not sure about the Wii-U, it's the newest console and they've left it about as late as possible to catch-up technology wise. Which makes them about 7 years behind; their games will have to be good to compete with Star Wars 1313 and Watch Dogs. I would personally prefer quality games and some level of current technology to another gimmick.

Posted by n0nametaz

Oh my god, best e3 coverage ever. BIG BO!!!!!!

Posted by dietmango

This is probably a stupid question, but does "Kentnia is Nigh" mean?