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Posted by NathHaw

@Romination said:

@buzz_killington said:

Jeff and Ed Boon just have great chemistry.

You should read the slash fiction I made of them.

You should call it Noob Nnamtsreg.

Posted by Tsuchikage

Boon: "I almost expect that if we did a puzzle game, people are gonna be like, 'Are there Fatalities in it?"

Jeff: "Well, to be fair, you've made a puzzle game with Fatalities in it."

This has to stand as one of the best interview segments in history.

Posted by laserbolts

Whenever Jeff interviews Ed Boon it turns out awesome. This did not disappoint.

Posted by pwnmachine

I love Jeff's interviews, always asking the pertinent questions while still remaining casual...

Jeff Gerstmann, video game journalist of the century.

Posted by Winternet

Continuing the long E3 tradition of a Jeff-Ed Boon interview. Love it.

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