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Edited By ICF_19XX

Cool. I am very much looking forward to this game.

EDIT: Yes, I already have this quest.

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Posted By Cheiba

@Nicholas: I saw what you did there.

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Posted By fox01313

Great interview Ryan & looking forward to this game so much.

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Posted By RetroVirus

I cannot wait to play this.

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Posted By CharAznable

This game is one of the best things I've heard about from E3, and the Firaxis dudes + Mikey from Gearbox were great on the Bombcast.

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Posted By Enigma777

Dammit, this game looks awesome!

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Posted By Donatello

I'm excited!

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Posted By 2HeadedNinja

of all the games in the near future this is probably the one im most excited about.

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Posted By MeatSim

Now you have to train your guys how to replace broken windows.

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Posted By mekon

I just noticed that the thumbnail for this interview is almost a mirror image of the thumbnail for Alex's SimCity interview.

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Posted By csl316

Awesome. I liked X-Com a lot, but the complexity could be a tad overwhelming at times. And it was god damn hard, coming from someone that loves a challenge.

Firaxis is full of smart dudes so this could really be something special.

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Posted By falling_fast

awesome interview. looking forward to playing the shit out of this game.

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Posted By Foggen

I bet in the final game they'll open windows if not actively engaged in combat.

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Posted By Beomoose

Pumped for this game. PUMPED

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Posted By Mezmero

It looks very cool. I'd like to see Firaxis do a game based on Gantz in the same fashion. Overcoming the odds against crazy aliens is one of my favorite sci-fi tropes.

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Posted By SeriousBug

I literally had no interest in this until I listened to the E3 Bombcast and watched these videos. Very excited now.

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Posted By Viking_Funeral

Easily the game I am most looking forward to this year.

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Posted By YapaPanda

When I first heard about this, I thought it was a fever dream. Firaxis and X-COM, never in my wildest dreams. Listening to Jake on the Bombcast about issues with the end game of the OG X-COM makes me super excited.

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Posted By Brendan

The interviews are a lot nicer this year since everyone ends with a handshake. Last year the endings were always slightly awkward looking.

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Posted By Ninja_Welshman

This is the game i'm most looking forward to this year. Haven't played and X-com game since Terror From The Deep.

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Posted By Flip175

XCOM and Dishonoured out on the same day?! Stoked.

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Posted By dropabombonit

This game looks dope and I'm not even a strategy fan

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Posted By briansanderson

Interview of the show. You killed it Ryan. Job well done.

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Posted By Otzlowe

I've never played an X-COM game, so I really don't know what to think about this, but I always want to support it because of how much I like Firaxis and how kind they've been about letting me tour their offices (where, coincidentally, I got to see X-COM being tested when it was only just a rumor).

Cool stuff and great people. Definitely going to support this game.

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I am excited to the maximum extreme about this game.

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Posted By kycinematic

Game of the year, boys.

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Posted By Tennmuerti

God I want this so bad.

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Posted By Aegeri

I am so excited about this game and I am very pleased to see the cinematic "action" camera. It makes the flow of battle feel more consistent and interesting - something that I've often felt turn based strategy games should do. In many action games you can miss a lot of stuff because it's all happening at once/pretty fast, but in a turn based game you SHOULD take the time to show things. Nothing else is going on so why the hell not? Make combat look visceral and exciting! You have all the time in the world to show them doing cool stuff so you might as well do it! Making an option to turn it off is the best idea as well, because there are certainly people who don't want it due to time/interest.

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Posted By Goatboy3169

Even my wife wants to play this game! We are so excited for it.

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Posted By triple07

I really like Firaxis. They do games right. Giving people the option to play how they want and letting people play with all the complexity in tact or get some help playing the game. Sounds like this will continue and I'm excited to see this game.

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Posted By crusader8463

This is the game i'm most looking forward to this year.

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Posted By Fattony12000

We love YOUR stuff too!


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Posted By EthanielRain

@Tennmuerti said:

God I want this so bad.

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Posted By GozerTC

@crusader8463 said:

This is the game i'm most looking forward to this year.


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Posted By NicksCorner

Firaxis is among my fav studios and X-COM is one of my fav franchises. Cant wait for this!

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Posted By beard_of_zeus

Never played the original X-COM, but I'm pretty excited for this for some reason, seems cool! Maybe Ryan's enthusiasm for the game has transferred to me.
Hopefully the console version plays well, I had no qualms with Civ Rev.

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Posted By thiefen

I'm so glad they're making a new X-Com that caters to the old X-Com fans.

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Posted By Baal_Sagoth

Everything I see of this indicates they really get it, are very into what they're doing and are going to ship an extraordinary game. Fingers crossed. Then again, Firaxis' track record is pretty fucking amazing in my book so I'm not too worried of course. Now the game's called keeping the hype in check and patiently wait for october.

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Posted By ChrisTaran

I totally saw Vinny/Drew zoom in when they meant to zoom out!

New equipment strikes again! :p

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Posted By SpikeDelight

Totally solid interview. I envy Ryan's technique on this.

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Posted By rimmonhouse

great interview, great looking game = day one purchase

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Posted By Quantical

October can't come soon enough. Looks great.

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Posted By Lydian_Sel

This & Dishonored are going to make October awesome!

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Posted By huser

Can't wait for this game. The cinematics to fill in the gaps of action for a turnbased game sounds inspired. Though really, for me, it will be the ant farm that will take the bulk of my time.

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Posted By TommyH

At the very top of the list of things that will eat up more of my time than is reasonable...

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

This guy has some DEADPAN delivery. He caught me off guard with both of his joke-lies.