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Posted by Th3_James

I feel bad for the people trying to sell this game.

Posted by HeavyDuty32

What was that video with the giant mud crab? Weird shit, lol.

Posted by Nerolus

Water cooler moments.

Posted by turbomonkey138

3rd person ? no deal

Posted by Lotus

So the Imperials win in the end right? that is why you cannot play as one, it would be overpower. That speech bonus dude, that speech bonus.

Posted by RedEyedNaziHunter

Arab mudcrabs. Mainstream racism still rulez.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

@turbomonkey138 said:

3rd person ? no deal

You say that like you have a logical reason, eventhough you most likely do not. First person doesn't play well in the mmo format, and I'd argue that it doesn't play well with the Elder Scrolls formate either. I've always played as much of the elder scrolls games as I could in third person, despite their usually bad character animations and such, just because using first person just seems wrong.

I tend to like third person more I guess though, in general, I like to see the armor on the character and see them IN the world etc. Different type of immersion thing I guess. I don't want to be the person in tamriel because that's impossible, rather I want to role play this character I made and see THEM in tamriel doing things I think they would do, or what I'd like them to do etc. What I would do is kill myself, because living in a world like elder scrolls would be incredibly scary...

Posted by Zereta

@Grilledcheez said:

This game has potential, they're simply trying to give people what they have been asking for. I'm not so sure they can deliver the perfect blend of the Elder Scrolls and the MMO genre, but I'm willing to let them try. It's not like the franchise will ultimately suffer if this game fails to deliver.

Exactly and in all honestly, I'll probably just play the game solo for the story. Public dungeons also sound amazing, its the part of the F2P Asian MMOs like Maplestory that I used to love.