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Posted by mrmanga

Part 1. Microsoft.

Microsofts conference felt rushed to me, it was like: Hello! and now Games!

Starting off with Halo 4 was a smart move on their part, to make people pay atention. Wake up the tired people and the sleepers.

Never been a big Halo fan but at least it sure looks pretty, The way the guns "morphed" when they were picked up were pretty cool too.

Probebly just gonna happen the first time you pick up different new guns from the new enemy faction. Not much else to say about that for me. I am not gonna say anything about the fitness stuff, dont care at all about it.

The new 360 languages and media stuff were cool, however knowing my country its probebly not coming here at all. The smartglass stuff looked pretty awesome to me, however it will probebly be pretty expensive. Sports is not my thing so meh about those. However i did like how the guy "playing" Fifa was bleeped when he cursed.

Pretty excited for Lococycle, Gears of War and Soouth park though. And the joke the South Park guys did made me laugh a whole lot.

Tomb Raider looked like Uncharted minus the wit of Drake. It looks good, but it seems like they are going for a lot more action focused game then the other Tomb Raider games.

X box music and dance games, wooh. Again i couldnt care less.

Now RE 6 looked pretty awesome, dont get why there are so many of the old fans crying about it, what are you upset about? Buhu less complicated nonsensical puzzles?

Seriously the Moonlight Sonata puzzle in the first one is just plain weird. Who uses that as a security messure? It did seem a bit lacking when it comes to graphics, but its still a ways to go before its out. So the graphics will probebly improve by then.

Oh yes. Recketear. They sure picked a good girl for the presentation. Seriously though she was pretty terrible. I was half expecting her to say totally! every second word.

I like watching others play those games, but i dont have a Kinect. And i dont really have space for one.

So theres a lot of neat Kinect features i wont get to try but oh well. Black Ops 2 looked like more generic shooting from a series i got tired of at MW 2.

Some interesting stuff with the future stuff, but i dont think it did them any favors showing a long boring protect scene where you fly and shoot stuff.

Never been a fan of those segments in games. They feel way to slow, and breaks up the action. They are usually very easy to fail as well.

Well thats all for now, probebly something i forgot but oh well.

Part 2 coming later.