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Posted by mrmanga

Part 2 EA.

Dead Space 3

I feel like starting off with Dead Space was a smart move, people love that franchise. I still havent played any of them myself but i probebly will eventually.

It seems pretty good, but also kind of different from the others. Some fans are allready complaining on the differences.

With all the co op stuff and how there seems to be human oponents this time around, it seems a lot less scary then the first two.

Your not all alone in space anymore, and it seems mote action based, seems more like Gears of War then something thats suposed to be scary.

Not saying its bad to do something new, but it seems a bit weird.

Madden NFL 13

I got chills by the motivational speech this presentation started with. I am not a fan of American Football but this time the game actually looks pretty good.

I have always considered the Madden games as cash in games. Just because people buy it, they will sell the same game with a new number.

Seems a lot better now then before. Not saying im buying it but fans will probebly like this game.


Sim City.

More facebook crap! Cant say im shocked but fuck that. However the new Sim City looks amazing.

If i get that i will probebly spend countless hours on it. Games like this scares me since its so easy to get imersed in them.

Looking forward to see more about this game.

Battlefield 3 Premium.

Man this stuff sucks. They just copied the stupid stuff COD does. Not exactly stoked for this sort of system. However its not exactly clear if its a paid service or just one price for multiple pieces of content. Like a season pass. That being said, the vehicle only stuff looked like a lot of fun.

Star Wars The Old Republic.

I have interest in the game and the universe of Star Wars. However it just doesnt seem all that good in my opinion.

Also when Guild Wars 2 will be Free To play after purchase i just dont see people continueing to play this.

The free to lvl15 thing is neat though, might actually give it a try.

Medal of Honor.

Seems like an ok game. But its just more shooting. How good can it actually be? Love that the characters still have crazy beards.

Sports....No comment.

Need for Speed Most Wanted.

I am so hyped for this game. The part with having no undertitle is a bit confusing though. Not much to say for me here other then that i will be looking forward to it.

Crysis 3

Another game i dont care for. I never liked the original, i didnt like the second one, and chances are i wont like this one either.

It still looks prety and the ideas are good, and i dont really know why i dont like it. I should in theory.

Anyway i gotta say i did like the bow. Like Jeff said, year of the bow.

Well to wrap up. Not that exciting. I liked sim city and will be waiting for more News on that. Need for Speed seems great. And yeah thats all.

Part 3 coming soon ish.