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Posted by Video_Game_King

I don't remember how the story changes between the two playthroughs, but I do know that there are minor changes like that depending on who you play first.

Posted by SixtyXCelph

@Ravenlight: I did, I'm playing through the New Game Plus. (^_^)

But, does that story change if I play Claire first and then Leon?

No, the puzzles are pretty much the same. There are some that Claire does that I didn't see playing Leon, but, the big ones are the same. There's a different monster chasing you, though, and the stuff after the police station changes. And there's a little girl, Sherry, instead of Ada Wong.

Posted by Video_Game_King

No, the story changes around a little bit. Something about Sherry carrying a virus or something?

Posted by Ravenlight

@SixtyXCelph said:

I also played a single level of Bastion. Moving on.

You're missing out on one of the best games of last year. Dig deep and finish Bastion, duder!

Posted by mosespippy

@SixtyXCelph: I started with Leon. I'd like to see the part with Claire just to see how much my actions as Leon affect playing through as Claire. If Claire also has to explore the police station and unlock puzzles that are different than Leon's then it makes sense that the place would be smaller. With the same number of puzzles split across two characters the exploration would be half of the original. If the puzzles are the same for both characters though then that will be disappointing. My PS+ subscription ends in August so I'll need to finish it off by then or renew my account if I want to finish it.

Posted by SixtyXCelph

@mosespippy: The length of time between the last time I played RE1 and this being my first time playing RE2 is long, haha. I think I played the Gamecube REmake of RE1 something like two years ago, so, it's not as fresh in my head for comparison with RE2 as it is for you. I will say that, thus far, RE1 definitely seemed longer, which would make sense if the exploration is there. And the map is definitely smaller for RE2. Did you start with Leon or Claire?

Posted by mosespippy

In January I played RE1 for the first time and loved it. Two weeks ago I started RE2 and I'm just past the crocodile in the sewers and I just don't like it as much. All the puzzles seem more straight forward and the areas seem less exploratory than the mansion/courtyard/guardhouse did from RE1. I'm not sure I'll finish RE2. I am trying to S rank Dark Souls and just got back into Valkyria Chronicles 3 and PS+ provided a lot of new stuff this month so I don't think RE2 will get my attention long enough to finish it.

Posted by SixtyXCelph

Games this week:

  • Gamecube - Resident Evil 2
  • Xbox 360 - Bastion
  • Game Boy Color - Pokémon: Blue Version
  • Playstation 3 - Heavy Rain

The list looks long, but, I really only played one game this week. Resident Evil 2.

And boy did I play a bunch of it! I went through Leon's A campaign and I'm several hours into the Claire B campaign. I'm guessing here, but, this makes me assume there's a Claire A and Leon B campaign if I play it in the opposite order. I'm also guessing that the story doesn't change it's just some of the game's puzzles and items shift around based on who you play first, ja? So I won't be doing that. Anyway, I think I'm near the end of the Claire B campaign.

I almost feel like it isn't worth talking about Resident Evil 2 considering the age on this one. I don't know why I never got around to playing it, though, even when I owned an original copy, and then eventually bought this Gamecube remake. It's so good. The story is as expected, considering the first game's voice acting and thin plot, but, it's so much fun to play. There are some tense moments and some unexpected scares.

But again, it's almost not worth talking about. Anyone who's not familiar with old Resident Evil games is not likely to change that. The tank control scheme is antiquated and would probably be difficult for someone who's only known modern controls for games and the story is paper-thin and less-than-stellarly acted. But I'm still loving it!

I also played a single level of Bastion. Moving on.

Played a little bit more of Heavy Rain. Same, same, same. Still hate Jayden, still love Shelby. Still enjoying the story, still struggling with the controls a little bit. They work well enough most of the time. I still wish it was clearer sometimes which button prompt is doing what exactly. But I am loving the story. Lovin' all the red herrings. And Rebekah is certainly riveted. There are some very intense moments in that game. And I got to explain to her what happens if one of these characters you control gets caught or dies.

And Pokémon check-in. I'm still plugging away at it, filling the Pokédex as much as I can with a single cartridge and no Gameshark. 92 owned and 141 seen.

And that's it! See y'all next week!