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Posted by dropabombonit

It's free on PS3, should be the same on 360

Posted by wardcleaver

I think MS should just include the price of a Gold Membership in the price of their next console.

It is not like Sony is giving their service away for free, it is just not a seperate charge.

Posted by Ravenlight

Okay, now when are they going to make the 360 version of Netflix actually work and not suck all the balls constantly?

Posted by dvdwalker8

Netflix usually runs terribly on my XBOX anyways. Never have problems with it on my PS3. I mostly watch stuff on my laptop anyways.

Posted by skrutop

I understand why Netflix should be available to Silver XBLA accounts, but it's so incredibly easy to get Netflix streaming through other cheap devices that it's more of a philosophical issue than an truly practical one.

Edited by wefwefasdf

The Netflix app is absolutely awful on the 360 now. Using a Roku box or any other device will give you a better experience.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

It's times like this that I realize how dumb it is that Xbox Live Gold is required for online gaming and these type of services which are free on other consoles. I'm stupid for paying for it.

Hopefully it won't be this way on the next Xbox.

Posted by Arker101

Darn, if only I could hook up my PC or PS3 to my TV.

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