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Posted by TerryTrowbridge

With an luck he's on his way to Microsoft to help Rare with a new Killer Instincts game! lolz

Posted by revel

I met him once. He's super cool. I hope he's on to really cool stuff. I dunno what he's moving on to but I have to imagine some sort of new development where he's very involved. Shrug

Posted by lokey013

Shame....it was nice seein him present the new Capcom games...wonder who will take his place.....best of luck to him!

Posted by ProfessorK
@VicRattlehead dont fret getem gootecks is taking a behind the scenes role at cc. he still producing and every now and then you can hear his laugh or catch a glimpse of his white shoes at some fgc events :)
Posted by Mington

I never really understood what he did, was he in marketing or did he actual influence the development of games

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Can't blame him really, if his bosses put even half the effort he puts out then Capcom wouldn't be in such a mess.

Posted by laserbolts

Sad to see him go. He actually gave a shit about what he was doing. Good Luck.

Posted by John1912

When did Jonah Hill start working at Capcom?

Posted by jkuc316

@Nightriff: Why the fuck does leaving a company mean going indie now? Seth isn't reallya developer in my opinion.

Though, who knows? Maybe he'll even join the PSASBR team, it already got a few FG players there

Posted by dropabombonit

Seth Killian you will be missed at Capcom but I can't wait to see where this new path leads you

Posted by Brackynews

@1p: You think that's bad... all those poor people on the CAPCA Pomeranian message board wondering why their traffic spiked... ;)

Posted by Nillcox

Hopefully his talents will be put to better use elsewhere. Maybe now Capcom will start getting it together.

Posted by emtee

@DrJota said:

Buddy cop show starring another recently unemployed man:


I'm in!

Posted by divakchopra

awwww, he's probably gonna form his own company and call it 38 Studios. good luck man

Posted by 1p

I am ashamed to admit this: A few weeks ago, i finally got why they named it the Capcom Unity blog. Like... Capcommunity.

I have been aware of the blog since, what, 2008? Holy shit did i feel dumb.

There you go, that's my own personal "ooooooohhhhhhhh, Phoenix Down!" moment.

Posted by lmenzol

any last words killian?


I dont do requests....

Posted by Jugg4n4ut

so sad to see him go. wonder what he's gonna do now

Posted by sickVisionz

Maybe he got some fat loots to do commentary full time. That would be awesome.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

I just hope he'll keep doing commentary at EVO and such. Also that's a big blow to capcom's fighting games imo, he was the face of fighting games over there and pretty much anyone who's even moderately into the fgc knows him.

Posted by jewunit

Seth has done a great job as the public face for Capcom. As a "special advisor", he has done work outside of the fighting game genre and I think it has improved Capcom's game output to some extent. I will definitely miss seeing his face in interviews for upcoming Capcom games and I am excited to see where he ends up next.

Posted by AxleBro

+i would leave cashcom too after having my name put on SFxT, i know that isn't why he left but my god i would not like my name associated with such a terrible cash grab from a concept that could have made fighting game history.

Posted by Ulong

I wonder if Seth would still be up to commentate EVO. He obviously has a love for the FGC, and he is a really good commentator.

Posted by ShrimpDino

I'm sad that Seth is leaving :(

I hope he is planning to work on fighting games for a different company

Posted by DrJota

Buddy cop show starring another recently unemployed man:


Posted by Danda

So they fired him or they drove him nuts until he quit. Like all the other talent, anyway. Ono is the only big name they still have, and he has hinted that it won't be for long. CRAPCOM, indeed...

Posted by marchismo

@captainanderson said:

Anyone wanna take bets on who's next to jump the sinking ship that is Capcom?

Ben Judd

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Can't say I'm surprised. Capcom was using him as a PR middle man to the community, even going so far as having him spout misinformation about their upcoming games to the fans who look to Seth as someone from their own competitive community who they could trust. It was a shitty deal, both for Seth and for Capcom fans.

Hope he goes into game design in some capacity. I think he'd be great at it.

Posted by Sooty

I'm sure he'll still be showing up at Evo and such, so yay!

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Didn't know who this dude was till he became the face of Capcom but he made himself a fan. Hope wherever he's going things go well for him.

Posted by captainanderson

Anyone wanna take bets on who's next to jump the sinking ship that is Capcom?

Posted by GalacticPunt

Aw hell naw.

Posted by CounterShock

Bummer, dude is a great guy. Capcom needs all the help they can get.

Posted by FLStyle

@PulledaBrad: So shall I assume that the answer to my question is very little? Disappointing, I thought you were more than a flame-bait troll.

Posted by durden77

Wish him well in whatever he decides. He truly continued to encourage the FGC to become stronger, all while holding up to PR guy side of things.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Ono talks, makes it easy for them to make him leave.
Seth leaves, then talks.
I don't know how much you know about Japanese society, but Capcom has shot themselves in the foot.

Posted by snide

Good luck duder.

Posted by D

Big ups Seth, Hope your new venture is a great one.

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@MideonNViscera said:

He's so weird looking.

Posted by MideonNViscera

He's so weird looking.

Posted by PulledaBrad

@FLStyle said:

Good article

@CornBREDX said:

Wow. That's kind of weird. Even though I'm not big on SF4 I watched a lot of tournaments online- which he often commentates. That's gonna be weird not seeing/hearing him as a commentator.

Not working for Capcom won't mean he stops commentating for FGC events, if anything, leaving Capcom means he'll commentate more of them.

@PulledaBrad said:

"Strive to be your best selves, to share our magic with the next generation"

Ive never seen a more insular and closed off community in video games than that of the fighting variety. Hopeful words but never gonna happen.

How far does your knowledge of the FGC actually extend? I've seen words like insular and closed off lazily thrown around in reference to the FGC many times by people who know a lot less than they think they do.

Im going to go with unreasonably defensive as well.

Posted by solidlife


Posted by clumsyninja1

Good for him...I hate to say but Capcom has been failing for a while. Miss the Breath of Fire, Megaman Legends and Ghouls 'N Ghost's series :-(

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

@Brodehouse: Dude, you should totally use this idea for your own benefit,

Posted by TheUnsavedHero

Bummer. I hope he has fun doing whatever it is he's moving on too.

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Good. I kinda like Killian, but don't like today's Capcom. Hope he lands somewhere where he can make an impact and have his bosses actually listen to him.

Posted by MjHealy

It was because he never pronouced Ryu right wasn't it?

Posted by Hurricrane

@TheKing said:

Weird, I can't picture him anywhere else.


Posted by StarvingGamer

I am so sad.

So very, very sad.

I can't even begin to imagine who Capcom could get to take his place.

Posted by kollay

Keth Sillian :(

Posted by Zleunamme

That is sad news to hear. Seth help make Street Fighter relevant again and revitalize the fighting genre. It is not his fault that Capcom went back to it's old business practices. Selling the same game over and over again. Then nickle and dime consumers with their lousy DLC. Maybe he wants to do something different that doesn't involve fighting. Best of luck to him.