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Posted by Nillcox

Hopefully his talents will be put to better use elsewhere. Maybe now Capcom will start getting it together.

Posted by Brackynews

@1p: You think that's bad... all those poor people on the CAPCA Pomeranian message board wondering why their traffic spiked... ;)

Posted by dropabombonit

Seth Killian you will be missed at Capcom but I can't wait to see where this new path leads you

Posted by jkuc316

@Nightriff: Why the fuck does leaving a company mean going indie now? Seth isn't reallya developer in my opinion.

Though, who knows? Maybe he'll even join the PSASBR team, it already got a few FG players there

Posted by John1912

When did Jonah Hill start working at Capcom?

Posted by laserbolts

Sad to see him go. He actually gave a shit about what he was doing. Good Luck.

Edited by Stete

Can't blame him really, if his bosses put even half the effort he puts out then Capcom wouldn't be in such a mess.

Posted by Mington

I never really understood what he did, was he in marketing or did he actual influence the development of games

Posted by ProfessorK
@VicRattlehead dont fret getem gootecks is taking a behind the scenes role at cc. he still producing and every now and then you can hear his laugh or catch a glimpse of his white shoes at some fgc events :)
Posted by lokey013

Shame....it was nice seein him present the new Capcom games...wonder who will take his place.....best of luck to him!

Posted by revel

I met him once. He's super cool. I hope he's on to really cool stuff. I dunno what he's moving on to but I have to imagine some sort of new development where he's very involved. Shrug

Posted by TerryTrowbridge

With an luck he's on his way to Microsoft to help Rare with a new Killer Instincts game! lolz