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Posted by gorkamorkaorka

Wait, what is the point of this list anyway?

Posted by Helios1337

At a glance most of those listed are really good games, but when you start looking closer you realize the complete lack of certain genres and the numbered ranking is a joke. Even in a good list though, it will get picked apart and hated on.

Posted by JJOR64

@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

@SexualBubblegumX said:

It's G4 what do you expect?


Posted by PSNgamesun

wow i expected ZeldaOOT n RE4 to be 1 n 2......thats actually my tops lol

Posted by SmilingPig

I completely agree with the list O.o

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@RenMcKormack said:

@CookieMonster said:

"This list sucks because my favourite game isn't in it!!!111" is a downright silly opinion and to get angry at it is pointless. Its a list of their top 100 games, whats the point of ranting about it? Who gives a shit if they don't like the games you like?

I would like to know why Asteroids is fourth though.

Because asteroids is mad good son. and also you can play it on a piece of paper. I think Jeff has said this before but objectively, isn't Tetris the best game of all time? its out on every platform everyone can play it and everyone loves it.

Everyone does not love Tetris. And while I won't argue that it couldn't be #1 based on popularity I, personally, would never place it anywhere near that high. Tetris is only fun if you enjoy trying to beat high scores, otherwise it's boring as hell.

Posted by BoG

Angry Birds? Really? The best games of all time should acheive much more than simply being popular.

Posted by OneManX

Yo, you'll live.

Posted by PenguinDust

It's as valid a list as this one: My Best 155 videogames ever created list

I'm not going to quibble over placement of games when dealing with a list so large. My list would be different, too but whose wouldn't?

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@SexualBubblegumX said:

It's G4 what do you expect?

I lost all respect for G4 when Sessler left. 
Also, it's the same site that gave Deadly Premonition a 4 out of 5. Unironically.
Posted by jonnyboy

It's click bait. It's designed to people arguing on their forums, which means clicks, which means revenue from embedded advertisers. It's why top 100 lists exist.

Posted by poopypants

double dragon is on the list so i'm happy

Posted by Viking_Funeral

That's a really bad list.

Oh, well. Just one more reason to ignore G4.

Posted by jking47

List is so bad its funny. Wii Sports at 84 but Baldur's Gate II: Shadow of Amn is 90?? Also, madden wtf.

Posted by Discoman

I like how they'll pick a game to represent an entire series, but there is no rhyme or reason why. Rockband 3 over 1? I didn't even know there was a Rockband 3. They picked GTA 4 over 3; which one changed sandbox games? Fallout 3 trumps 1 and 2 for some reason. Day of the Tentacle over Maniac Mansion.

Sim City isn't on the list? Dune 2? Warcraft 2? Half Life 2? No Company of Heroes? Not a single game of the Total War series. No Secret of Monkey's Island is there. Devil May Cry ain't there.

Oh and I just noticed, the mobile phone version of Scrabble made it on the list. They'd have more dignity if they put Chessmaster.

I'm really happy that Sessler got out of that shitheap of a TV channel.

Posted by Legend

Angry Birds ranked higher than Deus Ex. Bwahahahahahahahaha

Edited by Gabriel

There top ten isn't bad, Grand Theft Auto 3 should be top 5, Bioshock is pretty good but not good enough to be 3. LOL at Uncharted 2 at 14 that's laughable.

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@SexualBubblegumX said:

It's G4 what do you expect?

Seriously. Bullshittery like this is pretty much G4 company policy. You shouldn't be that surprised.

Posted by usgrovers

Being G4, I expected five different Call of Duty games in the top five. Even though that isn't true, this list is terrible...

Where is?

  • Eternal Darkness?
  • Metroid Prime?
  • Grim Fandango?
  • Super Mario RPG?
  • Half-life 2?
  • Sim City?
  • ... several more games I can't think of right now?

Bioshock and GoldenEye aren't top 10 (imo) and Civ II and Super Metroid need to be much higher.

Posted by Red

The list kinda seems to be based on what games had the most influence on developers. While I don't think Angry Birds is a great game, it legitimized cell-phone gaming and caused a complete shift in the portable games market.

Regardless, Top (anything) lists of all time are ridiculous. How can anyone compare Mass Effect 2 to Asteroids?

Wait a second...what if the Mass Effect franchise is just an Asteroids spin-off? What if the asteroids ship is actually the Normandy? I'm on to something now, aren't I?

The only time such lists are appropriate are if it's someone's personal favorite games of all time, in which case it's more about describing the individual's tastes instead of telling the public what their tastes should be.

Posted by Ben_H

They better have Blades of Steel on that list. That is by far the best sports game of all time.

Posted by flindip

@Ben_H said:

They better have Blades of Steel on that list. That is by far the best sports game of all time.

I'm a MASSIVE hockey fan, and, in terms of influence, Temco Bowl is a much more important game.

Posted by triple07

I'm literally outraged that G4 would dare to put up a list of their top video games because it isn't what I would have picked so therefore it is complete bullshit! I mean how dare they not put Brute Force on that list? Brute Force is the single greatest achievement in human history.

For serious though putting a list of top 100 games is pointless and stupid but getting upset over it or giving it any real thought whatsoever is even more pointless and stupid.

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@triple07: Um, are you saying this in response to my blog, the community's responses, or both? I did put an edit section on the bottom saying that I felt stupid about getting mad over this list in the first place. No list will ever match your list for best games or movies or whatever and you're right, we shouldn't feel too upset about a list or opinion that disagrees with our opinions or tastes.
Posted by jewunit

@MocBucket62: Exactly. This list is an aggregation of a number of different opinions. In the end, they actually did a good job of mixing old and new games into the list. Burger Time and Angry Birds have equal right to be on this list, but they are on there for very different reasons. The fun in a list like this one has been borne out in this thread: looking at what did and didn't make it and discussing why. As you said, no one is going to have the same top 100 games. The process of assigning rank to so many great games is a substantial chore and not really worthwhile. The real fun is in the discussion after the list is made.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

@SexualBubblegumX said:

It's a top something list, what do you expect?


Posted by TheDudeOfGaming

I started clicking, my index finger was ready. As i reached #20 I was still looking for Planescape Torment, any of the Age of Empires games and either of the first 2 Fallout games. As I reached #10 I knew I wasn't going to find them.

So, fuck G4 and fuck that list.

Posted by Dalai

I have a lot of issues with this list like everybody else. First of all, I love Nintendo as much as the next guy, but the top 10 is way too Nintendo-heavy. And the one game I believe deserves the top 10 spot at minimum is #38. I mean, I've never seen Super Metroid ranked this low on a top 100 list and G4 should be ashamed of itself. 
Also, no Earthbound or SimCity. Fuck this list.

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@jonnyboy said:

It's click bait. It's designed to people arguing on their forums, which means clicks, which means revenue from embedded advertisers. It's why top 100 lists exist.


The best thing you can do is to ignore it completely.

..... Wait..... Half-life 1 beat out Half-life 2? Justice is- :D

*Lightning Bolt* X_X

Posted by Kaiserreich

Top 3 opinions of G4

  1. It's stupid
  2. it sucks
  3. I hate it
Posted by Bulby33

I stopped reading it when I saw Angry Birds.

Posted by Alkaiser

It is the nineties. And it's time for burgers.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Well, at-least they gave Shadow of the Colossus the top 10 love that it deserves.

Posted by triple07

@MocBucket62: I didn't see the edited section when I posted that, sorry. I was mostly talking about your blog but I've seen quite a few of these things over the years I've been following video games so its kinda a rant on my part.

Glad that you can see that these lists are pretty silly though since everyone will have a different opinion.

Posted by ch3burashka

If anyone isn't yet tired of reading everyone else's thoughts on yet another top 100 games list, check out my blog.


Posted by HisDudeness

No Secret of Monkey Island, no Freedom Fighters, no Homeworld 2, no Half-Life 2...

Posted by PandaBear

@Irvandus said:

@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

@SexualBubblegumX said:

It's G4 what do you expect?




Posted by Zleunamme

If Angry Birds is half way on that list, it is total garbage. We should be thankful that Giant Bomb never does stupid lists like 1UP does to generate page views. Who cares what G4 thinks, fuck them.

Posted by OperationPrometheus

Here is my problem with lists like these. Games have evolved so much over the past 25 years that comparing these games is like comparing apples and oranges. I mean really. What is the point of putting up Bioshock and Tetris and trying to compare them. You just can't. It would be more approriate to do lists of Top 100 Games in the Past 10 Years, or something like that. Comparing games that come out 25 years apart is near impossible.

Oh and I actually agree with whoever said putting all these Mario games on these lists just because of what they "did for the gaming industry" is complete bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love and enjoy Mario games as much as the next guy, but Super Mario Brothers as the best game of All-Time??? I just don't see it.