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Posted by kalmis

@ArbitraryWater: Well I have it already installed. Might as well give it a shot. Tend to have greater tolerance for bad/mediocre games. I've read your blog again and it is no doubt it is the same as the general consensus. Still metacritic, which is of course shoddy metric has the game rated at 80%.

@ManU_Fan10ne: Thanks mate. Finished Portal 2 actually just yesterday. It is a great game, no surprise there. Didn't like the first game at all actually, but really enjoyed this one. I know what you mean for wishing it to be longer. For some of the puzzle mechanisms, like the blue wall thingie. It was barely used after the introduction.

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne

congrats on the baby!! and portal 2 really is great, i just started chapter 7, my only complaint is that i wish it was a bit longer, but now that i think about it, its a puzzle game, and i dont want to play a 20hr puzzle game.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I wrote my fair share about Invisible War last year and can tell you that it is almost as bad as everyone says it is. Human Revolution is pretty great though.

Posted by kalmis

Haven't written a blog in a while so here is one. Not been as active on GB recently as I would have wanted. Been busy at work, as well completing games and preparing for the baby. We are expecting our first born any day now. My wife is actually two weeks overdue already. She has given me quite lots of time to finish up some games which is very nice of her. Naturally I wont have so much time for gaming once the baby is here, at least not in the same way.

Insert random baby themed game cover

Anyway here some recent games I've played and some thoughts.

Got through like 10 Xbox 360 games recently. Some good and some bad. More bad than good though. Too Human, Dark Messiah to name few. OK bad might not be the best word. Very mediocre maybe? Those and the ever growing Steam catalog has seriously made me thing about about my OCD of playing through bad games. So trying to include at least one "good" game in my currently playing each time. Like for example, going through Portal 2 and Saints Row 3 now. Both excellent of course. Tried also starting the last 8/16 bit Final Fantasy (VI), but not gotten far. And can not seem to be so interested in it for some reason.

Did something unusual just the other day. Started R.U.S.E. but gave up just after 4-5 missions. Nothing wrong with the game itself. In fact the setting and the story are quite cool. It is just that I kept thinking that I got a powerful PC that would surely run this game much better. RTS for a console just doesn't work as well no matter how polished the controls are. As with Giantbomb guys and probably many others I seem to be using more time on PC than on the aging consoles.

Some other recent games I've played to completion are Deus Ex and Tropico 3. Pleased with finally getting past the island level and actually completing Deus Ex. Really good game even on todays standards. Sure some mechanisms are tad clunky. At least with some mods and textures addons it is smooth as it can. Next up is Invisible War and then Human Revolution. Got IW installed on Steam already, as well a copy of Human Revolution for the PS3.

Wonder how Deus Ex would look like in a daylight

Another lengthy game that I enjoyed immensely was Tropico 3. The first game is one of my all time favorite city building/god games. Nothing wrong with this either. Hopefully T4 goes for a ridiculous sales soon as I wouldn't mind some more el presidente action. Although the latter campaign missions started to get bit boring. And not even touched the DLC missions. The addons from it are already in the main game anyway.

On multiplayer front been couple of times tried to go back to BF3 but with custom servers and the direction Dice seems to be going it just doesn't feel as much as fun as BC2 was. Also some random Fifa 12 matches against my brother. Thanks to Euro 2012 of course.

Been also doing some Day Z;ing with friend of mine. It is a great game, but shame that is only at alpha stage. Haven't played in few weeks now and the changes of removal of startup weapon and all the food bugs seem really off-putting. Yes its alpha build, unfortunately I don't have patience for that. Even if the game is at glimpses brilliant.

Used to post a Youtube link of some sort previously. So here is one as well. As it is apparent from profile picture going through some Opeth phase again. Triggered by The Lotus Eater in Saints Row no doubt. So here is their excellent Iron Maiden cover: