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Posted by lib3rtine

Looks great. Can't wait for an HD-ified PC version.

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Posted by falling_fast

Miner Threat, huh :]

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Posted by fox01313

Good QL guys, though after playing a few hours of the PC version I'm glad that I played that before buying the 360 game as it is that fine mix of love/hate. I like the improvements they did for the 360 version though it's so easy to die in so many ways. Funniest moment in the PC game I had was finding a shop that was selling a shotgun & just picking it up to see it, shooting the shopkeep then getting everything else in the store. Also Brad really should have put a bomb on the altar, funny stuff.

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Posted by TournamentOfHate

@liako21: Pretty much right away there was a bunch of stuff that reminded me of the Souls games.

I love Jeff constantly goating Brad into screwing himself over, while Patrick waits for Brad to screw himself over, then rubs it in his face.

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Posted by melodiousj

Another protip, courtesy of Scott Sharkey. You can attach a sticky bomb to a damsel and then let her run further down the level and act as a suicide bomber for you.

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Posted by Y2Ken

Okay I need to play this game. Not quite as good value as Binding of Isaac but I'm still in.

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Posted by Undeadpool

@SpikeDelight said:

A boat's a boat, but the Mystery Box could be anything! It could even be a boat!

It could even be a BOAT! You know how much we've wanted one of those!!

@warmonked said:

@BankyEdwards015 said:

Brad needs to stop taking the QL's so seriously and have more fun with it. Why not bomb the shop keeper the first time?

That's exactly what I think when I watch him play. He's really too worried about looking bad or playing bad. It's just a game!

With THIS community, THAT'S the argument you're going with?? Go check out the comments on ANY Endurance Run if you want some "Whoa! Chill, it's JUST a game"-worthy comments.

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Posted by abdulhb3

One of the best quick looks ever.

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Posted by McGhee

Can this game actually be beaten or does it go on forever?

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Posted by TwoLines

@McGhee: 4 mine levels, 4 jungle levels, 4 ice cave levels, 4 temple levels and a boss. And that's it.

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Posted by ch3burashka

Brad's exasperated screams are probably the worst fucking thing ever.

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Posted by The_Bad_Doctor

So this is basically Demons/Dark souls philosophy in 2D form.

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Posted by wariomona

lol at watching this video after putting some time into this game.

So much bad info and decisions being made

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Posted by Korosuzo

Still wish they would do a Breaking Bad with Spelunky but at this point we might be too far out. Oh well I can always hope.

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Posted by dillonj9889

@Korosuzo: I wish for that every single day that we have existed in a post-spelunky world.

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Posted by peritus

The new video got me playing this game again, and im stressed out now! But i love this game! ( I have to get me some premium again to see the breaking brad of this )

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Edited by DrGreatJob

@the_bad_doctor: Giantbomb.com, where we bitch and moan about the most absurdly stupid and pointless stuff, and then continue to watch hours of videos to bitch about.

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Posted by foxhound421

I'm really looking forward to the Vita release today. Never got around to playing on 360.

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Posted by Zevvion

I'm really looking forward to the Vita release today. Never got around to playing on 360.

It's supposedly really good and it's cross buy. I'm getting it there.

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Edited by Generic_username

Coming to this after the Spelunkin' With Scoops feature makes watching this infuriating.

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Edited by koolaid

Coming to this after the Spelunkin' With Scoops feature makes watching this infuriating.

Brad blaming the game for getting killed by the bat... just lol.

But seriously, 2012. A different time.

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Posted by weegieanawrench

Juice that dog!

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Posted by Demoskinos

"Who's that dog"? Is he a character?" - Patrick Klepek

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Posted by David_C_Stason

Would have been nice to see multiplayer with a limited number of bombs for each person...but then this is Giant Bomb.