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Posted by pyrodactyl

that end boss is a piece of shit

I'm going for the golden city instead, seems somewhat easier.

Also, fuck that alternate fourth world, you know the one I'm talking about

Posted by BamSaidTheLady

Love the game so much. I am closing in on 500 deaths and it feels fresh still. Situations change all the time.

Posted by drevilbones

@gladspooky: You object to roguelikes or the fact that I was lame and redundantly said "procedurally-generated?" :-P

Posted by prestonhedges

"Spelunky is a procedurally-generated Roguelike..." *stops video*

Posted by ssj4raditz

I played this for hours Friday night/Saturday morning. I hate it, and myself, but I can't seem to stop! Darn you Spelunky, darn you to heck...

Posted by joshthebear

This game pisses me off so much, yet I can't stop playing it.

Posted by drevilbones

It's been a while since I posted one of our videos here, but I figured you duders might dig this one. At least, if the main crew is any indication.

I am so in love with this game. I mean, fuck this game, but I love it. Anybody else out there engaged in this abusive relationship? Spelunky hurts us because it loves us, right?