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Posted by BoG

Oh my gosh. I hate it when you catch that level 6 Pokemon, and then your next random battle is the same one, only at a higher level. Nothing is more frustrating.

You didn't mention it, but I swear that the first Pokemon I always encounter in a new area is a rare Pokemon. Not knowing this beforehand, I slaughter it if its level is not to my liking. When it never shows up again, I cry my self to sleep.

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My pokemen never hurt themselves when confused I was that lucky ... also pokemon is awesome but I want a console (non stadium) pokemon game to be interested again.

Posted by Village_Guy

You're right I don't really enjoy playing Pokemon, so I don't play the games at all, though I was thinking about checking out Black/White - though I do hate how slooow the game moves, that is my biggest problem with the Pokemon games.

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@mrburger said:

By the way, I wrote this a year or two ago. I've since switched to using Repels.

And guys, I'm not trying to push everybody's buttons, I'm sorry. I forget my place. Back when I wrote this, it was just a creative exercise (I'm an aspiring writer, laugh all you want), and I just wanted to practice focusing on things I hated about a thing I loved. I'm in year five of a serious relationship, (again, laughter) so it's useful to do this type of thing, for me; it's like good, ah, psychological practice, kind of. Do you follow? Sometimes you feel like you hate a thing you love, and it's confusing, and it's good to talk it out (and draw pictures). It's also good to do it about Pokemon and not about your significant other. The post never asserts whether or not Pokemon is a good game, btw, or a bad game. I know it doesn't because I'm its author and I know my own personal stance on Pokemon's objective quality is: complicated.

The problem, if you ask me, is how much like a pretentious asshole you sound, even if you didn't intended to do it. Pointing out why a game is bad or what needs changing is OK. Telling others what to do or what to think, or even assuming that they do or think so is incredibly annoying. You say you wants to be a writer. Do you think you'll take criticism worded in this fashion so well? I don't think so. Don't directly and openly antagonize your readers if you don't want to "push their buttons". Or if you want to be so categoric about it, use the first person and assume full responsbility for the things you hate, don't transmit it to a reader who may feel offended for those assumptions.

Believe it or not, the way you deliver your message can be as important as the message itself.

Needless to say, no. I love everything you say I hate about Pokémon.

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All I want is a MMO - 3d open world pokemon game. With high-defnition graphics.

So you can battle anyone you want, and it should have interesting missons and a storyline.

Posted by NaDannMaGoGo

Fantastic OP.
 I agree with most issues and could add a bunch more. I don't play Pokemon games anymore because I think the gameplay is pathetic by todays standards. It's especially pathetic considering how little advanced these games are from the original titles. And that after so many iterations.
 One of the biggest offender is how godawful the pacing still is. Random encounters I don't really have a problem with, they have pros and cons. But random encounters that take forever because the pacing is shit and it takes 5seconds before the fight even starts, the animations are bad and take forever and after winning it takes another 5 seconds until you can actually continue - god is that pathetic.

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Posted by CaLe

It's a fun kids game, like Mario or Zelda.

Posted by mrburger

Hey, I appreciate the stuff you said, and I wish I could be less of an asshole. But I like the 2nd person, sometimes, and I don't think it necessarily forces anything on the reader.

Posted by AndrewB

@glyn said:

All I want is a MMO - 3d open world pokemon game. With high-defnition graphics.

So you can battle anyone you want, and it should have interesting missons and a storyline.

How about Pink?

You like the color Pink, right?

It's got a new team. Team Destiny! The cool twist is that they're secretly evil and bent on world domination through Pokemon.

Posted by Arbie

@mrburger:Can't believe you felt like you needed to apologize and explain yourself for this just because a bunch of people don't know how to take things with a pinch of salt!

I thought it was great. Fun to read and obviously playing on things that someone is at least going to groan about once in their time on Pokemon! For me, it's trying to make it out of the grass and then bam! Fight time. =[

Posted by JackSukeru

I can see how you got so much flak with a title like that, but I got what you were going for. All in all it was pretty spot on for me, and pretty funny too.

Posted by Video_Game_King


Yep, totally. Didn't know that Animasta was a girl, though.

Posted by SlightConfuse

Enteritainf also points out some problems I have with the series

Posted by Pie

Nice funny read. Sad to see that some people are assholes though

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This is why I don't play any Pokemon games anymore. Na I lied I don't play it anymore because I feel like Gold/Silver was the pinnacle and I await its glorious 8 bit return when it eventually gets re-released on the eShop.