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Posted by AsherV20
So... this happened.

There's a certain chain of events that takes place once you realize the Playstation 3 has a wealth of lightgun shooters available. You troll Amazon for their Playstation Move listings. You purchase the Little Big Planet 2 bundle, because its cheaper than parting everything out and because its the one bundle that comes with an actual game, instead of a tech demo. You purchase a light gun cradle, because it looks super sweet. You then proceed to let LBP2 sit on the shelf and collect dust because you then went and bought a bunch ofHouse of the Dead games, instead. You play them for a while, trying to ignore the sensation in the back of your brain that, "Mmmaybe this isn't as snappy or responsive as an *ACTUAL* light-gun game and mmmaybe I just wasted a bunch of money..." Then you stop playing for a while.

Then, Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection is released to the Playstation Store and you blissfully repeat the process over again. ...except something different happens. As you play this on-rails compressed collection of some of the most memorable survival horror games ever made, and Code: Veronica, another tingling sensation starts to bubble up in your brain to the tune of, "Man. The original versions of these games is kind've... way better. A lot way better." ...which then of course leads to 30 minutes of ass-deep in the closet looking for the Gamecube, controllers, cable inputs, games, and memory cards. Because hey, remember memory cards?! At long last, this tedious cycle of seemingly unrelated events comes to a close as you hook the old girl up to your 52" HD television it was never designed for and spend the next six hours in sweet, sweet content-OH GOD I FORGOT ZOMBIES TURN INTO CRIMSON HEADS AFTER YOU KILL THEM, FUCK, RUN!

Ah, light-gun shooters...

Along the way, I had another realization that I'm not quite sure how I feel about, just yet. While pulling out Resident Evil, I of course, got a look at my (very small) Gamecube library of titles which consists of:

Between, BG&E, Ikaruga, the two Sonic Collections and Zelda collection, there's a very sizable chunk of my GCN library I've replaced via downloadable services. ...and like I said, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about that. Part of me wants to get rid of the Gamecube versions because achievements and stuff, and to get those things out of my house and get some physical space back. But then... how long are the platform holders of those downloadable services going to allow me access to the digital versions of all those games, even though I've exchanged money dollars in order to be licensed to play them?

So, I guess moral of the story: Don't be wanting to play House of the Dead 4, you'll just wind up hundreds of dollars in the hole, playing old video games you already own?

- You've got guns in your legs! How's that working out for you? That's awesome, man.

Posted by MikeGosot

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove light gun games, but you're right that may be a big black hole that sucks your money. AND YOUR SOUL.

Posted by AsherV20

Totally! ...but, the same could probably be said for the hobby at large. Money pit aside, given the chance, I'd love to poke Namco about hooking us up with some Time Crisis-goodness in the playstation store!

Edited by Hizang

@AsherV20: If your not interested in keeping that copy of Twin Snakes, they sell for mad moneys on the internet.

Posted by GetEveryone

@AsherV20: Man, I am hella jealous. I actually think the Gamecube may be one of my favourite console generations.

So many hours of good playing up in that list.

Posted by ArtelinaRose

@AsherV20 said:

Totally! ...but, the same could probably be said for the hobby at large. Money pit aside, given the chance, I'd love to poke Namco about hooking us up with some Time Crisis-goodness in the playstation store!

It isn't worth it unless it has one of those light guns that makes the slide go CLACK CLACK when you pull the trigger.

Posted by oldenglishC

I had managed to forget the six hours of my life wasted on P.N.03. Now here comes the terrible disappointment all over again.

Posted by AsherV20

@Hizang: Funny thing is, that's probably the last game on that list I'd want to part with, that and Wind Waker. But yeah, aftermarket on Twin Snakes is bananas.

@Artemesia: YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! Oh dude... the TC3 arcade guns are sooooo good.

@GetEveryone: Shame of it is, between Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox, I think I spent the least amount of time with my Gamecube. :(

Posted by ArtelinaRose

I've said time and again in many places that I would gladly shell out for one of those guns and some light gun games. TC2-3, that Lost World game they had, House of the Dead...