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Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Plastic instruments are dead, so it's back to when they didn't exist with another version of Amplitude.

I'm happy about this, but it's just funny how cyclical all of this is being.

Posted by Winsord

I don't like any of the currently announced songs, at all. Still excited for this though, since I'll be able to plug in all the DLC I've got.

Posted by Rudeboy217

Good thing I have a ton of dlc, because none of those songs are doing it for me.

Posted by Jugg4n4ut

awesome, now all the dlc i bought wont go to waste since i dont have anyore plastic instruments

Posted by ShaggE

Underwhelming list, but that's what the DLC is for.

Posted by DieTheShisno

I feel like one of the only people who is genuinely excited for this almost solely because of more Tears for Fears. But maybe I'm just weird like that. Living Colour and and Rick Springfield are also great, though, to finally have.

Posted by csl316

Never played 3, but I got plenty of DLC tracks from 1 and 2. Is all that supported, too?

Posted by Ronald

Yes to Cult of Personality, Jungle Boogie and Jessie's Girl. Metal Health would be fun for a drunken night of RB3 hair metal tracks. But man I wish Rock Band could get some Shinedown from their first or second album.

Posted by Djstyles92

@Clarity said:

OH MAN, I've been waiting for a Nate Ruess song since he was in The Format, now I'm finally getting a Fun. song. I wish it was a deeper track or from the first album but I can understand the reasoning. SO HYPE.

100% agree! Barlights or Take Your Time(Coming Home) would have been great choices

Posted by Keen_12

Jungle boogie?


Posted by SamFo

@csl316 said:

Never played 3, but I got plenty of DLC tracks from 1 and 2. Is all that supported, too?


Posted by DanTheGamer32

Avenged Sevenfold? Urgh, why?? ¬.¬ Still, I'm interested in getting this still. Reminds me of the good old days with Amplitude

Posted by GaspoweR

Jessie's girl has sold me on it.

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