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Posted by clank543

Go Rebels! U-N-L-V!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JeffGerstFan

One channel sound makes me sweaty for some reason. Like my body is confused or something. Weird.

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@Cyrisaurus said:

wtf that one mascot Vinny skipped over looked like a pile of melted christmas trees

Oh you mean the lovable Stanford Tree

Posted by blacklab

@Paul_Is_Drunk said:

Vinny played ball in high school? I wonder what position. I imagine him being a lineman for some reason.

@BobJustBob said:

I'm only getting Jeff and Vinny out of the right speaker. That's really unpleasant to listen to for some reason.

I thought something was wrong with my system. Glad to see it's not on my end.

@blacklab said:

Go Ducks!

Alma matter, represent!

I think he said 'we had football in high school'. Not that he played.

Posted by nohthink


Just a little shout out lol

Posted by DeeGee

This audio only coming out of the right channel is really messing my head up.

Posted by AFunGuy

Go Cougs and our hard to distinguish school symbol that's WSU scrunched together to make the shape of a cougar growling in the air! Yah!

Posted by TheBojangler

The Badger dance was so dinosaurs.

Posted by DexterKid

Nascar and American ''Football'', both on the complete opposite end of the scale from things that I am interested in. But I'll watch these QLs to get more Vinny in my life.

Posted by Amaru25

Sports games. Yay.

Posted by TheHT

someone loses their shit at 39:54.

Posted by Downside

LOL! Vinny "Hail Mary" Caravella

Posted by Monkeyman04

The WSU logo is a cougar made out of the letters WSU. I know that I shouldn't even have said that, but I still wanted to say it anyways.

Posted by jorbear

This game looks the exact same as last years game. Glad I don't have the money to waste on this years game, because I can't trust myself around college football games.

Posted by ThatFrood

go badgers

Posted by Zaccheus

The audio is really freaking me out. I feel like Vinny and Jeff are just behind my right shoulder.

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Holy shit. An hour long football Quick Look with Vinny and Jeff? My body is ready.

Posted by Slax

Vinny plays football like he plays basketball.

Posted by MjHealy


Posted by flasaltine

1 button mode.................................................................................................................................

Posted by jonnyboy

I'm surprised they couldn't find a sponsor for the x button.

Posted by Romination

They're still playing like it's Blitz and that's awesome.

Posted by JBird

The thing that i find weird about american football is that a 2 min a quarter match can take around 45mins to play! So much stopping!

Posted by Monkeyman04

@JBird: Too true. That's the one thing I hate about (American) football. I also hate it when the refs take forever to figure out if a call was right or not when they have to check the replay.

Posted by papercut

It's so snowy you'd thing somebody casted bufu.

Posted by wjb

Giant Bomb seriously needs to do this with every sports game. Laughed my ass off.

Posted by jayspadez

ahhhh he shouldve picked south carolina....GO GAMECOCKS..LOL

Posted by jayspadez

@jonnyboy: LOL......thats hilarious....press x: the game....but i wont knock ea too much on ncaa football...its always 10 times better then madden. ncaa is the only franchise they've got thats actually worth my $60

Posted by JSwan13

Good Quick Look!!

Posted by buzz_clik

This might not come as a total surprise, but fuck I love looking at all the logos at the start.

Posted by chilibean_3

My first choice was Bovine University but after this? I want to go to John Woo U.

Posted by triviaman09

Video isn't loading :(

Posted by FoxMulder

Yup...no video for me either

Posted by katelyngadd

Video doesn't load

Posted by buft

videos not working for the ncaa foootball quick look

Posted by sissylion

How did you guys pass up Tater Longs? He's the best quarterback in the game.

Posted by Phatmac

It's not loading for me :(

Posted by RAGEosaurus

Video isn't loading AND it's not on Youtube either!?

Posted by jmood88

I love this site but when it comes to sports games, you guys are like annoying girlfriends.

Posted by jmood88
@fresh2deafbill Alex supposedly knows about sports but it's Alex so those quick looks would be extremely annoying and snark-filled.
Posted by jdeac51

Fun fact: i played football for the WF Demon Deacs...go deacs

Posted by smitty86

Video is back up!

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I hope this is hilarious because otherwise, I don't think anybody cares about simulation football.

EDIT: All right, this is hilarious. Beautiful QL.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Watching two non-sports guys do a sports game is OK when they're Jeff n Vinny.

Posted by hykrewas

gotta love a new football game

Posted by jmood88

@Godlyawesomeguy said:

I hope this is hilarious because otherwise, I don't think anybody cares about simulation football.

I do. I don't care about any simulation football that EA puts out, however.

Posted by huser

@fazzle said:

Are you ready for some alligators?!

I can't wait for the time somewhere in the future where science has advanced to the point where mascots are representative of what is being put on the field. I want bioengineered sentient bears fighting cougars for the right to later challenge various Hellenistic soldiers.

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"Whoa! what is that?! Half-head man?! Oh, it's a badger. ok"

This was easily one of the best Quick Looks in a while.

Posted by chilibean_3

@jmood88 said:

I love this site but when it comes to sports games, you guys are like annoying girlfriends.

God I wish I could find a girl with that kind of sense of humor about sports.

The presentation of the game is all shiny but the actual football part? Seem straight pretty poor and I'm pretty sure it wasn't counting the plays correctly.

Posted by Mota

Classic Vinny and Jeff combo!