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Also I like how the editor completely screwed me and made every paragraph a seperate line. Well done Parchment.
Edit: Yay Parchment v1 fixed it! :D

Posted by BraindeadRacr

Or just a jaded man in general.

Yeah... Just jaded in general, but bitching at video games is so much easier than to say bitch at the stock market or at the economy cause then my bitching is just another baa in the herd of sheep. That and I know more of the euro than I do of the dollar, so I'm probably better off not even trying.

But y'know, playing Dark Souls...
It made me realise, I like getting humiliated.
It did so in many ways, variety was plenty.
The pain and the torture, enjoying being mutilated.
Then I play Skyrim, what the hell is this?
I swing my blade, I throw my fireballs.
But to no avail... Hell, I don't even miss.
Undeads don't give a damn, keeps marchin' down the halls.

Fuck RPGs, lets truck onto Forza Motorsport.
Driving around in my GMC, not giving a shit.
What the hell is this? M. Rossi once again?
Oh what the hell? He just crashed a bit.

Things never stay the same, they only just change.
Rossi now a noob, hitting every barrier.
I didn't see it coming, I was too close in range.
Fuck me I wish... I wish I was in a Harrier.

There we are, Modern Warfare 3.
Killstreaks everywhere, I got a shotgun.
I regret my choice, please cover me.
My face is missing, fuck me what fun.

I cannot rhyme, I cannot sing.
This is why I'm jaded as sin.

(PS if you honestly read that expecting a proper ballad filled with genius rhymes, you came to the wrong party.)