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Posted by csl316

@Asmo917 said:

@csl316: And now I have Gin and Juice playing in my head. Thanks a lot.

No, honestly, thanks, this day has sucked and I kinda needed that!

Great, now I do, too.

Thanks. A lot.

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"No, Rekkateer"

Posted by Rmack

Now would be a good time to Load a Last Save.

Posted by Undeadpool

@antivanti said:

Hey Monday.. I.. really... like you too.. you know... *awkward silence*

Sweet! Time for a little rebound action from Monday! When Monday's remorseful, Monday's a FREAAAAAAAK.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Persona 4 arena coming out in 2 weeks.......FUCK!

Posted by Baltimore

I'm really not trying to be a jerk here but where's Patrick? It's been weeks since he's been seen in the office or on the podcast. Is he ok?

Posted by claudius

@Baltimore: His dad died a couple weeks ago, so I suspect he's been in Chicago.

Posted by Baltimore

@claudius: Thanks claudius.

And now I feel like a complete and utter asshole for even asking. If Patrick ever reads this then I would like him to know that my family's thoughts and support go out to him and his family.

Posted by murisan

Blacklight Retribution, guys.

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Play something awesome from a few months ago you've missed. I recommend Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars.

Posted by Pop

wait wait wait, I may be crazy but... Ryan and Patrick have been missing on mondays for a while, I think they're up to something maybe they are enduring a run of something. Cause doesn't Ryan usually drive with Jeff to work?

I don't know maybe they're busy with stuff, I haven't been following their twitter feeds.

Posted by vizionblind

tell the girl next to Brad to quit playing with her phone and get to work

Posted by PillClinton

@rmanthorp said:

NeverDead more like NeverPlay HAA!

Wonder what podcast Jeff will be on... Will have to check that out.

I tried looking for the GS podcast he said he was on last week, unfortunately to no avail, because holy shit, that website's navigation is horrifying. They have like 50 podcasts, and most of them haven't been updated in years.

Posted by Makoma
Posted by mrburger

Hey, Pokemon Conquest is, despite appearances, legit. The combat is simple, pure, and strongly habit-forming; there's a massive amount to do in the campaign, which lets you be as micro-managey or as macro-managey as you want, never forcing you to fight a trillion tiny battles unless that's what you prefer; and they packed it with a metric megaton of unique, detailed, and frankly good art, never skimping where lesser titles would. It sets the bar higher than even previously conceivable for a Pokemon spin-off. I'd love to see Giant Bomb give it a little press.

Anyone got my back, here?

Posted by doe3879

ehh what happen in the video, i want looking a Sara the whole time

Posted by Splodge

@bushlemon said:

Something has already been done on Day Z?

It was kind of a clusterfuck though, they didnt get to do much and had server problems for a lot of the video. Personally, I wouldn't mind a do-over.


Posted by mr_shoeless
Posted by Mahonay

I would not mind more Day Z stuff.

Posted by leejunfan83
Posted by buzz_clik

Somebody say Quick Look Throwback? Well, yes, it was me. Just then.

Posted by GiantBomber

Matt Rorie?

Newest recruit at CBS GiantBomb?

Posted by Aistan

They need to suffer through La Mulana. That tease they did last week wasn't fair when nothing showed up about it.

Posted by heavyplay

Maybe do a Quick Look of Day-Z?

Posted by Askherserenity

@heavyplay: They've done that already :]

Posted by sb5k

startled sara!

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Do giant bomb video pause randomly for anyone else?  I have a 16 mbps connection and it still will stop and start.

Posted by Nerolus


You can see your most recent steam purchases by going to https://store.steampowered.com/account after you've logged in or clicking on USERNAME's Account on the upper right side of your steam client.

Posted by TurboJesus

I think Sara is the bee knees, but I wonder what a day of work looks like for her. She doesn't seem to produce much content other than weekly news and little blurbs. Translated: Super Jealous and goddamnit I want her job.

Posted by heavyplay

@Askherserenity said:

@heavyplay: They've done that already :]

Hm, you're right. I did a search under Day-Z and Arma 2 - turns out it was filed under Arma 2: OA. Cheers.

Posted by ddensel

MDK 2 HD!!!! :D

Next Week... :(

Posted by chriscalla

How about that synchronized "ummm" at the 2:17 mark? Soothes the soul.

Posted by LikeaSsur

@jakob187: Unfortunately, that game is not long enough to warrant such attention nor esteem.

Posted by Tr0n

You guys could do Guild Wars 2 beta last weekend. Oh well. :)

Posted by Xbox420

@Arrested_Developer: Happens to me too. Not all of the time but often enough to annoy me!

Posted by VirtuaDennis

The girl who sits near Brad is back! I've fallen in love with her

Posted by Soviut

@VirtuaDennis said:

The girl who sits near Brad is back! I've fallen in love with her

Isn't that the Comic Vine girl? I don't read comics so I'm not familiar with their crew.

Posted by Aronleon

@Soviut said:

@VirtuaDennis said:

The girl who sits near Brad is back! I've fallen in love with her

Isn't that the Comic Vine girl? I don't read comics so I'm not familiar with their crew.

Yes that is in fact Sara Lima from Comic Vine.

Posted by Masha2932

You guys should have an Indie spotlight week. Just Quick look some interesting indie games you've been playing. Maybe even a single quick look covering 4-5 ios games.

Posted by Puzzler20

I support a QL of The Political Machine 2012.

Posted by supamon

How about a Tomba QL? Stilll no Armored Core V either.

Posted by simkas

@heavyplay: Vinny and Drew kinda already did.

Posted by EarlessShrimp

Sounds like Film-maker should be TNT

Posted by edeo

I have a feeling that Alex reviewing Dyad will result in the Alexiest headline ever written.

Posted by Icaria

Still don't understand why a gaming site has a fuck-tonne of Macs and barely any Windows PCs.

Posted by cityfires

Seems like a great week to start up a new endurance run!

Posted by Abendlaender

Urch, so I have to deal with another boring week here on GB? Videogame God have mercy on my soul and release something damnit.

Posted by buckybit

@Mahonay said:

I would not mind more Day Z stuff.


DayZ is still this fragile beauty, which could 'break' with every patch update, but is worth and relevant r i g h t now - yet, especially Jeff has this tendency to counter popular gaming hype with ignorance*. His choice. But there is no lack of people streaming DayZ vomit all over the Internet.

*The GB crew would "add" nothing new to it. Maybe that's what Jeff might be thinking too. And he would be right? But seeing Ryan trying to play it and cursing & hating the control scheme would be funny to watch?

Still a bummer, that Brad doesn't own Arma 2? Somebody should 'gift' him that on Steam! (No, I won't)

Posted by ThatPrimeGuy

@Icaria said:

Still don't understand why a gaming site has a fuck-tonne of Macs and barely any Windows PCs.

Posted by dropabombonit

We need a Neverdead quick look so bad