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Posted by zombie2011

Besides Halo 4 this i the only other game i'm incredibly excited for this fall.

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Posted by CJduke

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If you want to get the PC version of this then order it from ShopTHQ (their online store). It's a steamworks game anyway, and comes with loads of DLC and a season pass. Seems like good value.

I did this and yeah it does seem like a good deal, but I didn't see anything about when I will receive the CD key to input into Steam..

Trying to go there to see what the deal is but the website isn't loading at all

Pre-ordering on Steam gets you the first DLC plus a couple of weapons for free. Is the bonus for ordering from THQ directly a better one?

Here is the link: http://shop.thq.com/store/thqworld/en_GB/pd/ThemeID.26519900/productID.241232700

shopTHQ Exclusive!
Pre-order the Darksiders II shopTHQ Premium Pack and get...
  • Free Exclusive DLC Season Pass (Includes DLC Pack 2 & 3)
  • Free Argul’s Tomb Limited Edition DLC
  • Free Maker’s Armour & Scythe Set
  • Free Metro 2033 Download

Exclusive weapons are spread across all sorts of retailers, but they aren't specific about the one you get from shopTHQ but since you get the DLC you get from ShopTHQ includes all the future packs then I'd say it's a good deal.

Yup, that's much better. Getting all three DLC packs for the same price as the regular game is a great deal. Thanks for the heads up!

I can't believe they are actually giving all the dlc for free if you pre-order from them, thats crazy!

Posted by leejunfan83

@TekZero said:

Once again reminds me of Soul Reaver.

Maybe that's why I hate it I hate soul reaver

Posted by Tennmuerti

Also so glad that PC version is coming the same day as console. It took a while for Darksiders 1 to get to PC, but fuck me if it did not look way sharper and crisper then the PS3 version i owned. Made the second play-through much more enjoyable.

Posted by believer258

@SoothsayerGB said:

Bought the first game, played an hours worth. Uninstalled. Doesn't look very good. Gameplay might be ok, but the art design doesn't appeal to me. Feels like I need to be a 16 year old boy who likes Image comics and Pantera.

Supposedly it's like Zelda. But without all the heart. Whats the point?

I thought the original was pretty fun. And it has plenty of "heart" in it. This was Vigil's first game and they had to have some faith in it to make it work and it turned out pretty well.

As for my age and interests, I'm 20, don't like comics too much, and I don't like Pantera too much. It sounds like the game isn't for you, but then you only gave it an hour and I get the impression you already knew what your opinion was going to be. That's fine, just don't go running around calling it a heartless game for 16 year old wannabe metalheads.

Posted by leejunfan83

@rebgav said:

Damn, I can't stand Darksiders art style. It kind of looks like an expensive F2P MMO.

I hate it as well especially the character design

Posted by TekZero

@leejunfan83: Alright, to each his own. But I love the style of gameplay that this game has. It definitely reminds me of games I used to love playing.

Posted by bybeach

GB playing on a PC...almost a first....least for Ryan/Jeff.

Posted by hollitz

want want want want want want want

Posted by Animasta

the pale rider?

Posted by AngelN7

So he just has Nero's Death Bringer ... huh.

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Beat the first one earlier this year and I loved it. Looks like I'll love this, too!

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

@AngelN7 said:

So he just has Nero's Death Bringer ... huh.

Are you referring to Nero's arm from Devil May Cry 4? Death did seem to have the same pulling move as Nero. I wonder if they are taking weapons and puzzles from other games again or have created their own.

Posted by Grilledcheez

I didn't play the first, but I intend to get this game!

Posted by Vorbis

Great video and glad they didn't show any major story stuff, can't wait for this.

Posted by heatDrive88

@AlisterCat said:

@razielrioux said:

I have yet to play Darksiders 1. Just looking at the footage, how does this compare?

It's pretty much the same except the combo system isn't as elaborate or deep, no loot, no levelling. It's the same as the first but with more depth added. If you like this then play the first.

There is some mild levellng, but not as in your character gains direct experience, but more as in you level your weapons as you use them. When your weapons level up, they become stronger and what not. Then as enemies drop orbs/energy, you spend that energy on improving skills or buying new skills.

Posted by Humanity

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

@AngelN7 said:

So he just has Nero's Death Bringer ... huh.

Are you referring to Nero's arm from Devil May Cry 4? Death did seem to have the same pulling move as Nero. I wonder if they are taking weapons and puzzles from other games again or have created their own.

I'm happy because I really fell in love with Nero's playstyle because of the death bringer, and unlike most people found going back to Dante a bit boring.

Posted by rramo010

Wow! You can tell the developers put a lot of work and effort into this game. Just look at the way Death opens up chests and doors with his awesome phantom-like arms. Its the little details like that that really impressed me.

Posted by 5eNintendan

Looks amazing, Darksiders 1 was a little slow, happy they made this one flow faster. I'm also a big fan of loot whoring and leveling.

Posted by sissylion

@Maajin: I played the first one until about an hour after you get the Portal gun and I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Never picked up for me.

Posted by SmilingPig

I hope that it won't lose its original charm due to the added systems.

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Everything about the combat looks massively improved. I loved the hell out of Darksiders, but the combat seemed a little mashy at times, there looks to be a lot of dodging and dashing going on and it looks really cool. Glad to see a bunch of exploration and platforming going on in the QL.

Posted by JayCee

@BeachThunder said:

Really looking forward to this game :D

Ditto man. The first game was awesome- can't wait to see where they take this.

Posted by Toxin066

Game looks great, and the quick look was hilarious.

Posted by D_train_lives

anyone else getting a weird WOW vibe from the Character designs?

Posted by Elwoodan

So glad this looks awesome, I want THQ to stick around, and as a PC person it's nice to see what looks to be a smooth-running port; though I have to wonder what the M/KB controls will look like (not that I have any issue using a 360 pad).

Posted by ozzdog12

@MariachiMacabre said:

Loved the first game and I'm really excited for this game to finally come out.

Thats how I am. I'm actually running through the first again and really enjoying it

And lets be honest, THq really needs this to do well

Posted by ripelivejam

i'll buy this as long as you can knock down jeor mormont's church

Posted by Zacagawea

Great Quick Look. Definitely going to pick this up.

Posted by morrelloman

WHat the shit does EX mean? With the devs? How do u get their from EX? Anyways the first game was amazing. It has so many mechanics from other games that it becomes its own thing. Also the combat looks way more challenging and fast in this one. I'm all-in.

Posted by Haziqonfire

Really impressed by the changes they're bringing to Darksiders 2! Can't wait.

Posted by morrelloman

@LiquidPrice I liked their justification of the numbers, but I think it will turn more people, especially newcomers, off than on when they take a look. Toggling would be the best option. We'll see.

Posted by smokyexe

Everything about this looks better then i expected. Can't wait.

Awesome EX also, chill guys.

Posted by morrelloman

@narujoe93 I love the sentiment, but you are categorically udnerestimating the financial shit that company is in.

Posted by Space_Sandwich

This looks pretty sweet. I never played Darksiders but it's one of those games I've been meaning to play after the rave reviews on the Bombcast. Looks like the guy demoing got a little lost at the end of this QL though. They picked a good time to wrap it up...

Posted by morrelloman

For anyone curious about the first one. It is definitely slower, but the combat is varied and the puzzles are tough. I would definitely recommend it. The best barometer I can give is that this is less of a leap from Mass Effect 1 to Mass effect 2. Meaning that the first is a lesser game, but if you think you will like this...Consider yourself lucky that you haven't played the first one and go pick it up.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

My initial impression on this game has completely flipped. This looks pretty good.

Posted by RTSlord

This looks really good, might have to pick it up day 1

Posted by lokey013

Wow so stoked for this game!!! So glad I was able to finish the first one before this released

Posted by VargasPrime

Yeah I'm gonna echo the people recommending people catch up on the first game if you haven't played it. It can be had on PC for like $10 at this point, or a little more for 360/PS3. It's a steal at that price.

I just bought it because I get a kick out of Madureira's designs, and it looked like a fun little action game. I was absolutely shocked at how solid it wound up being.

Posted by zellar

Are they using an xbox360 controller on a PC game???? Have PC programmers stopped optimizing mouse and keyboard for PC's or is it just easier to "DERP" the controls????

Posted by DryvBy

Was sold day one anyway, but now I'm just ecstatic!

Posted by _Chad

I'm sold on the game. Did anyone else have a problem with this video in the HTLM5 player? It stopped playing and restarted on me three times before a gave up.

Posted by VargasPrime

@zellar said:

Are they using an xbox360 controller on a PC game???? Have PC programmers stopped optimizing mouse and keyboard for PC's or is it just easier to "DERP" the controls????

Every third-person action game for the past, I dunno, 5 years that has been released on PC has been designed with console controllers in mind (and many first-person games as well). Many of them actually play better that way. Just because you prefer a KBAM setup doesn't mean that using a controller is any less optimal for these kinds of games.

If I have the option, I really only use a KBAM control scheme for first-person games these days.

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@zellar said:

Are they using an xbox360 controller on a PC game???? Have PC programmers stopped optimizing mouse and keyboard for PC's or is it just easier to "DERP" the controls????

Are you saying this type of game would play better with a mouse and keyboard? Seriously? Don't be silly. It's being played with a controller because the game itself plays better that way, so stop the whining and buy one.

Posted by cosi83

These guys seem like nice gentlemen but this world and gameplay doesn't interest me at all

Posted by Fattony12000

Man, they throw DARK!

Posted by _Horde

I would like to have this video game. A lot.

Posted by calumlittle

looks so crap i gave up watching