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Posted by Hoecake

I wasn't expecting to laugh this much during a EX quicklook. Game looks awesome but should probably finish the first one before getting this.

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Finally got around to watching this. Man, I still really hate Darksiders art sensibilities :|
The fact that this game seems less Zelda-like also makes me worry.

Posted by lunalicrichard

@Gengyo said:

@Marz: I believe they implemented an option so that if you don't want the numbers flying around you can turn them off. I've been trying not to follow it too much lest I find some spoilers.

i really, really hope so ! the numbers on screen are somewhat distracting to the combat i.m o .

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looks very warhammer-esque

and kind of boring... sorry thq :(, I hope other people buy yr game.

Posted by usgrovers

Surprised to see more than 14 minutes went by without mentioning Zelda. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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Re-watching this video after playing the PC version. Look at how the camera pulls back during group combat. See how it 'auto-adjusts' and tilts upward so you can see everything surrounding you. For some reason none of that is in the retail build. Gotta wonder what happened. I want the version they are playing. :P

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Only 4 possessed weapons in one playthrough? Ahaha. Liars. I'm 30 hours in and I got like 15 so far.

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@rorie Looks like the YouTube version of this Quick Look was blocked on copyright grounds by G4. Weird.

Posted by Rorie

@theht: Huh, weird! I'll look into it.

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I like how he said it was the weapon that set the Tormentor on fire, while it was the Teleport Slash skill, it has an upgrade that does that. And at this point in the story you've already passed the Tree of Life.

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God, the Darksiders games are some of my favorites ever. Especially 2.