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Posted by monkeystick

@Lucidlife said:

Get a wife. Have some kids. Watch that $2200 disappear.

Yeah I'll get right on that!

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Stack of hundreds. Ballin.

PS: I'm getting this 3DS XL. I can't resist. ;/

Posted by flasaltine


Posted by BeachThunder

Tempting...but that thing looks so...ugly D:

Posted by chilibean_3

I'll be at CAX. Hmmmm.

Let's see.

I could roll Jeff for that cash but he isn't stupid enough to have it on him.

I could break into Ryan's car now that it has been ID'd from the earlier video. No. No, he wouldn't leave it there.

That leaves his hotel room. So I must seduce Jeff to learn the whereabouts of and maybe gain easy entrance into his room.

Easy money.

So excited about this mon-eeerrrr... arcade machines, you guys.

Posted by Nerolus

Jeff Gerstmann has drug dealer money.

Posted by Cybexx

I thought the DSi XL was pretty boss so this is kind of tempting. The lack of a charging cradle is pretty crappy though, considering you can buy a standard charging cradle from Nintendo for $4.

Posted by Phoenix87

Jeff Gerstmann is a mother-fuckin pimp. Jesus Christ!!! Look at that fad wad of cash.

Posted by hardindr

Good to see that NOA has not changed their shipping containers...

Posted by evanbower

Can I have that?

Posted by Xymox

I think I'm just incompatible with handhelds, and at this point in time, I doubt I'll ever be able to see the appeal of them.


@piderman: Nobody walks around the street with thousands of dollars, normally.

Posted by HHAP

@The_Nubster: Brad and I think Ryan already invested in a 3DS. I don't think Jeff has one yet at least not one for personal use. Again, that's just what I'm thinking.

Posted by Animasta

@HHAP said:

@The_Nubster: Brad and I think Ryan already invested in a 3DS. I don't think Jeff has one yet at least not one for personal use. Again, that's just what I'm thinking.

Of course he does.

Posted by SmilingPig

5 minutes in it sounded like Brad was going to pull out is junk.

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At least he has not yet curled those bills into a solid, fist-sized cylinder. That's when it's really drug dealer money.

Posted by PimblyCharles

They should have called this a Mailbag or something else, because I almost missed this thinking it was just a Nintendo commercial.

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Wait are the start buttons mushy like the GBA SP buttons? and also I wish this wasn't as big but had the same form factor and came in purple instead of blue (though I love how the inside is all black).

Posted by Relshak

I'm so happy the XL came out so soon after the original. I was holding out for a better library (Rune Factory and Harvest Moon games mostly) and the XL of the DSi was the best upgrade I've ever had.

Also if you went from DSi to XL, you know how massive a difference the larger battery makes. I can go on an all-day road trip and not have to recharge it once. Also, the XL is so much easier to hold in my giant hands, and I even add Nerf Armor to make it more comfortable (and protected). Yeah, it's not a pocket system anymore, but it's still a handheld I can take on trips, or lie in bed and play.

So yeah, exciting and happiness.

Posted by stenchlord

Oh wow... does the battery last like 20mins?

Posted by AiurFlux

So it has the same resolution as the old model but with a bigger screen, it still doesn't have a proper dedicated right analog stick and the old bulky peripheral they made for the 3DS won't work with this, and it's fucking enormous? I'm sorry but that thing looks like it'd be like driving a car with square wheels. Incredibly disappointed in this.

But hey, Jeff has a wad of cash. So that made it worthwhile.

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Posted by dcsears

I love how anticlimactic this video is.

Posted by DukesT3

I'd buy that. Looks better imo.

Posted by Soulblitz

Not sure how I feel about the 3DS XL. I like the size of the normal model, and when I tried a test unit in a store the other day it seemed gigantic. Granted the extra weight from the big metal thing attached to stop people stealing it probably didn't help, but man, I don't know.

Posted by DukesT3

He shouldve rolled up dem bills with a rubber band. True drug money.

Posted by Tesla

Big Jeffrey is all about them crispy hundreds.

Posted by MeatSim

Know that Jeff can make it rain at anytime he just chooses not to.

Posted by RecSpec

Wow, the blue looks really nice under real light, instead of the spotlights for photos and such.

Posted by Duh_ave

Holy fucking shit J. Gerstmann is a PIMP. Who the fuck rolls around with $2200? Jesus.

Posted by BloodShotRobot

It didn't come with a cradle, but I could see the cradle contacts on the back. I wonder how much that will cost.

Posted by JoeyIA

Anyone else having probs getting the video to play in Chrome?

Posted by KuntThrasher

Jeff is loaded.

Posted by TheHBK

I am still holding out for a 3DS redesign. They obviously won't include the second stick and doesn't need it I suppose since they aren't going the Vita/PSP route of on the go versions of home games. But with the improvements they made to the screens and the possibility of a better battery life, I will wait.

Posted by Rocospi


Posted by Asmodai_00

Xtra large size, no second analog stick


Posted by mnzy
@JoeyIA said:

Anyone else having probs getting the video to play in Chrome?

It's because of AdBlock. Just add an exception for GiantBomb.
Posted by PhantomGardener

I have bought exactly two games for the 3DS since its launch, so until it gets a decent game liberary, I have no desire what so ever to buy a new one, no matter how big it is.

Posted by jimmyfenix


Posted by Darthozzan

I'm disappointed the bomb crew still don't have a proper camera to film this stuff with, so blurry ;_;

Posted by Shaanyboi

@Duh_ave said:

Holy fucking shit J. Gerstmann is a PIMP. Who the fuck rolls around with $2200? Jesus.

Someone who is going to California Extreme to buy arcade machines....

Posted by NegativeCero

Jeff laying it down.

Posted by neato

brad's directing skills are top notch.

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I've been thinking of getting a handheld for a while but, I don't know, they seem too expensive compared to a console. I guess it's the price one pays for the size of the device. This new model seems enticing just like when the DS XL came out, but I'll continue abstaining for now.

Posted by Linkster7

I envision the camera is Brad's eyes and he's just all ways looking at Jeff's crotch.

Posted by HerbieBug

Brad! You need to fade to the ceiling. The ceiling, Brad!

Posted by Ravenlight

Did anyone grab a clear still of Ryan's drivers license?

Posted by npa189

I want everything in this video, the 3DS XL, the hot stack of cash, the two copies of NSMB2, Brad's 3DS case, and that plum.

Posted by thebigJ_A

But the giant second thumbstick doohicky! It'll never fit on that! What about all the games that utilize it! .... oh right.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Now the long hard wait until there's a purple one of this model.