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Posted by Thumbrunner

Dragon on Car is my favorite type of Porn. That is a Mcguffin.

Posted by mosdl

@DaBuddaDa said:

This game when it originally came out,I heard from well respected people, was considered one of the greatest adventure games ever made. It does indeed look pretty awesome.

Its a good game, not great. Too many puzzles that have bad logic behind them.

Posted by Xymox

real shame it doesn't have achievements, but I might get it later

Posted by DaBuddaDa

This game when it originally came out,I heard from well respected people, was considered one of the greatest adventure games ever made. It does indeed look pretty awesome.

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Vinny- I only played 'mumblemumblemumble10minutes of this game'

LOL! Thats doing the ole prep ppl. have been rolling around on the ground frothing and screaming for!

Seeing by the comments this was a good ql....

Throw the ring in the fire to read it..know thats a thing though maybe not in this game.

Posted by Popogeejo

That's totally a Welsh accent. More games need a bit of Welsh.

Posted by das9000

Adventure games - the means by which hoarders recruit new members.

Posted by JackSukeru

Awesome quicklook! except for the part where they skipped past the text and the part where they got stuck.

Posted by eccentrix

@BeachThunder: Thanks.

Posted by fox01313

Doesn't look bad though between the pop culture joke bits that sometimes work well (while others fall flat) & the experience that Jeff & Vinny found of fighting the game to get some item to work how it could but doesn't turns me off playing this. I've played enough adventure games in the past that the pop culture stuff I could live with but fighting with items to work how they should just drives me batty.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

Jesus Christ, another quick look with Vinny in it? God, I'm getting tired of h- wait a minute, no I'm not, I freaking LOVE Vinny!

Posted by Splodge


Posted by Zaph

Love this game, played it earlier this year.

Fantastic voice work and great, very surprising humour. There's a scene involving a British phone booth that killed me.

They also nail (but don't overdo) the 'meta-ness'.

Posted by sixpin

I could watch this QL all day.

Posted by BeachThunder

>_< They didn't pull the other lever.

It was killing me that they didn't end up finding out what to do, so I had to look up a walkthrough...for a game I don't even own =\

Posted by buzz_killington

In some scenes, this game looks AMAZING. Like, unbelievable. I ended up watching a Walkthrough on YouTube for a couple of hours (I never do that) because of that very reason.

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I always enjoy pop-culture references... Even if they are bugs.

Also it's not slow Jeff. What are you waiting for there to happen? It's an adventure game! Not some kind of weird Road Rash knock-off where you ride your hog down the highway, beating up other bikers to get progressively better weapons.

Posted by Darthozzan

Such an amazing quick look lol

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The old guys playing an MMO in the demo of this game are absolutely brilliant.


Posted by Falx

"Pegging it" made me spill my cereal into my lap :(

Posted by Splodge

The voice acting is great

Posted by impartialgecko

Pegging it.

Posted by eccentrix

I was wondering what this was.

Posted by Twisted

Vinny and Jeff? I can dig it

Edited by Bistromath

Watched a longplay of this before it was availible in the US and enjoyed it quite a bit. Really like the voice work for Wilbur the gnome. 
Also, fun fact: the voice actor for the human character (who I don't think is featured in the QL) is the also the voice actor for Geralt of Rivia.

Posted by xrolfx

@BeachThunder said:

AdVinture games!

Thumbs up.

Posted by Fredddi43

There's a sequel out too!

Posted by BeachThunder

AdVinture games!

Posted by Salarn

Adventure games are not dead!

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Yay!! A VJ QL!