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Posted by spankingaddict

That Stranger's Wrath twist was pretty awesome too me. Just played and finished it for the first time this year..

Posted by synesthesik

Smoke some of that Hawaiian herb. The best outdoor sativa strains in the world. If you're into that sort of thing that is...

I'm not...anymore :)

Posted by downandmean

Hey Patrick! I lived on the big island for ten years. If you manage it over there, try the "Kona Brewing Company" over on the west side of the island. It's got some great food and even better beer. There's also a winery close to the volcano if that's your sort of thing.

Posted by Shidira

Played a little CLOP. Seems to play a little easier than QWOP.

Posted by Sanj

I couldn't not post this.

Posted by MattyFTM

QWOP was easy once you figured out how to play it. Clop probably has a similar knack to it.

Posted by Bollard

@chilibean_3 said:

I found that if you spam only one of the front legs you can get it going pretty well. I didn't have time to finish it though so I'll need to do a follow up test later this evening.

If you only use your front legs you break your back legs eventually. Which makes going uphill sooooo slow.

Posted by dropabombonit

Thanks for links to some great articles. The edge and Suda 51 articles were indeed worth reading. Have fun the next couple of weeks

Posted by paulunga

In other news: Foddy still a hack.

Kind of interesting choice to make a game about a weightless jellybean horse though.

Posted by Sevenout

As Scad said, the "Jurassic Park" helicopter tours in Maui are amazing. Also driving the Hana Highway, parts of which were actually used in the opening to Jurassic Park, is really beautiful. This is in Maui also. I guess what I am saying is go to Maui.

Game related, I am super exited to see anything that comes out of the Dear Esther guys.

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Keith Stuart's piece is excellent. While he's by no means the first person to talk about how games are an important part of our shared culture, it bears repeating as long as gaming carries the stigma of childishness when talked about socially or in wider media.

Gaming journalism and criticism still doesn't punch at the same weight as film or music journalism, so it's heartening to hear middle-aged gaming journos profess their ongoing dedication to the job. Their serious efforts are needed because of the imbalanced view of gaming in the wider world (that is, outside gaming-focused websites). 

It's often repeated that games can't handle mature storylines or handle things like sex scenes without awkwardness, without it being mentioned that practically 100% of Hollywood output faces the same problems. Ask someone if film can be art and they'll unthinkingly say 'oh yeah well Citizen Kane, innit', often regardless of whether they've seen it or not. People who don't read at all usually still realise how important books are. We know that music is trivial, but we'd have a tough time living without it, which means it's not really trivial and we treat it as precious.

With gaming, however, we're conditioned not to extend the same leniency as we do to these other media. As long as that's true, we need people who grew up with games to be proud of their culture and keep talking about how important games can be, at least within the spectrum of 'importance' that registers the importance of, say, Lord of the Flies, Alien and the Beastie Boys.

EDIT: Just realised that he's the same Keith Stuart who contributes to the Guardian.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@mrfluke said:

kinda surprised you didnt mention the oculus rift in your kickstarter section,

regardless great read as usual scoopz man, hope your wedding goes well

Hm need to check that out
Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

When is an archived version of yesterday's radio show going up ?????

Edited by LegendaryChopChop

Great reads this week. Some of the best there has ever been. While I was a gamer for a long time and I can't exactly relate to the woman who got introduced to it via Mass Effect 2, I can say that Mass Effect rejuvenated my interest in the field; Ii was waning for a while.

Posted by jasondesante


Posted by buft

Good on edge for going back and looking at its older reviews, not that one persons opinion can be wrong but this kind of feature makes for an interesting read, i wish more sites would run features like this, where they look at older games,their review scores and how the game held up.

Posted by cthomer5000

You should absolutely do the hike to the summit of Diamond Head Crater. (I'm assuming you're going to be in Honolulu.)

It was the highlight of my trip there and a view i will never forget. It's also not that long a hike (though it is steep).

Also, the USS Arizona Memorial is absolutely chilling and worth seeing.

Edited by simonwillems

Patrick Klepek Avoid Kualoa Ranch. I went as a huge LOST and Jurassic Park fan, like yourself, and was totally underwhelmed by the overpriced, content-light tour. Instead get a map of the LOST locations and go hike around the island. I found the polar bear cages by accident hiking Manoa Falls and it was one of the coolest moments I had during my trip.

I can tell you lots of great places to eat (my dad is Waikiki "kama'aina"). Ted's Bakery near North Shore is incredible. You'd be crazy to not go to Helena's for the pipikaula - the wait is worth it. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is godly. I also recommend trying some Musubi even though it sounds crazy dumb. These are all Oahu places obviously. If you make it to Maui, hit up some breweries!

Have fun, man.

EDIT: I agree with about the USS Arizona Memorial also. I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears as a grown-ass man. That's a really powerful place.

Posted by lizlet

HI, Patrick! Just wanted to thank you for linking to my post about "Mass Effect" -- and congrats on your nuptials!

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox

Congrats, Patrick! Have an awesome time!

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The piece on drones was really interesting to read. It's a strange job, but one that every soldier on the field that's covered by one is thankful to have.

EDIT: Oh, and congrats Patrick!

Posted by Kerned

@AuthenticM said:

Here's what you need to do while in Hawaii:

get laid.

Hey stay classy, creeper.

Posted by Branthog

I've backed 150 kickstarter projects and was glad to be one of the first to stumble across the Gaymer project minutes after it launched. As someone who finds the attitude in a lot of online gaming communication (nevermind the world-at-large, itself) quite soul-sucking, I'm glad to chip in a couple hundred bucks if it'll help some people have the opportunity to attend the conference and have a good time connecting with other gaymers (and gamers, I guess -- even us straighties are welcomed, as the project manager says).

Ultimately, it'll be even greater when a con like this isn't even needed. But if my last jaunt on XBox Live (and even ARMAII) is any indication, it probably won't be in my life time.

Posted by thebeastwithtwobacks


Posted by BSw

Have a great wedding and honeymoon!

Posted by Kraznor

@Trevorisamazing said:

A game about cartoonish horses called "CLOP" brought some terrible thoughts to mind that were quickly assuaged. Thank god.


Posted by vinsanityv22

I found CLOP WAAAAAAAAY easier than QWOP. I mean, it helps that the horse has a bigger center of gravity, so it's harder to knock down. But yeah, it's mostly just 'front leg, other front leg, back leg, other back leg'. Just make sure to kick out whichever front foot is "k" when he starts tipping forward.

Succeeded on my first try ;) Unlike with QWOP, where I wasted...far too much time trying to finish that fucking race :(

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Patrick. Fun little time waster that was.

Posted by jaytee00

Goddamn, the boss of 2K is apparently hell of dumb. Photorealism is required to create emotional connections? Has he looked at any none photographic/filmic art ever?

Posted by Thiromar

Makes me want to re-watch Lost!

Posted by Elwoodan

http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-08-01-2k-games-christoph-hartmann-why-consoles-will-always-matter Rest of the 2K interview.

Posted by Dunsky5

Why do people like Bennet Foddy enjoy, and even go out of their way to make a game which will make you want to punch a giraffe?

Posted by dvorak

I'm an incredibly difficult unicorn walking simulator.

Posted by triple07

Man CLOP is an asshole of a game. I got kinda far in it only to get impatient and fail.

Also interesting article by Ian Bogost, I'm always curious to see what people closer to the industry think of this whole kickstarter thing.

Edited by John1912

Do I completely suck at CLOP or is it completely fucking off in how that animal should be walking. The back legs dont really even push you so much as they some how shift 90% of the god damn horses weight to the back without giving you any forward push. The front ones are pretty functional but they drag you forward when they should be more for just stepping. I call BS on the physics/mechanics on that game.

Posted by Forderz

@Goblin: Those stairs... shudder.

Posted by Splid

Unicorn walking simulator? LOL!

Posted by MrDean

Wow CLOP is a different sort of game!

Posted by YummyTreeSap

How fitting that the GameStop CEO's name is shortened to "PR" for the entirety of the interview.

Posted by ewok00p

Seems like it would be really hard, I played QWOP and I didn't make it far at all. I can only imagine how hard moving a four legged animal.

Posted by mcnarnia

Keep getting stuck at the hill on CLOP. Good thing I've got a paper due on Monday, tons of free time for procrastination.

Posted by The_Moose

missya p!

Posted by Forcen

@sissylion said:

@AuthenticM said:

Here's what you need to do while in Hawaii:

get laid.

Yo bro! Let's go!

Its your fault that this image shows up when you google image search "Yo Bro". Congratulations.

And I'm spreading it further.

Posted by AndrewB

This post is made famous by Yo Bro, and VInny by extension.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

I came here for the Yo Bro.