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Posted by xDOTLx

And to think... 3 years later Vinny is still playing this game, but seriously now! lol

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Posted by Kasaioni

2012 2012 2012....

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Posted by Chin

Ha at the David Bowie reference/joke

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Posted by kerse

I already miss Dave

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Edited by espm400

This game is absolutely awesome and fantastically hilarious (albeit in smallish doses), however I think it was designed exclusively by and for those who are completely insane.

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Edited by deerokus

I see this is now on Steam. Brilliant.

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Posted by OriginalGman

Oh my god, I just want to jump through the screen and rip those fucking useless fins off the top of the rocket myself. Hilarious and infuriating from an engineering perspective.

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Posted by Dberg
Pretty sure this is really happening in North Korea right now.
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Posted by Spectrea

Wow best quick look since noby noby boy...so many laughs to be had. Bought it straight after what a game, been having so much fun these past few days, and i still cant leave the atmosphere. My rockets dont even fly straight :)

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Posted by reelife

@Vadered said:

@thevigilanteoflove: You and me both, man. You and me both.

Us three, guys ;]

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Posted by Vadered

@thevigilanteoflove: You and me both, man. You and me both.

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Posted by DopeToast

Yes. I am watching this Quick Look again.

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Posted by EmuLeader

You want the biggest engine, huh?

I was in stitches.

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Posted by KillerClaw

I think its a cool looking little game, assuming the physics are earth-like :P

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Edited by Freki

Love this game - a shame I have to wait for the Steam version to be able to financially support them and get the new updates ( still stuck with the free 0,13 due to PayPal problems - they really should have a better payment option on their site! )

Anywhoo awesome idea and awesome game!

Now get this out on Steam ASAP guys... go go GO!

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Posted by thomasonfa

I'm crying over here! This s my favorite one.

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Posted by Shadow

When should we release the parking brakes? NEVER!

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Posted by Kirathian

@Hogans_Hotdogs said:

I played the demo after this quicklook, and after a few hours put my Kerbalnauts into orbit around Kerbin, but now they have no way to get back. They'll have to wait possibly weeks for their orbit to decay. I shut down the demo and Squad now has my $18 American.

Listen to me you donkeys, you MUST buy this game if you love space.

Does your ship have any RCS Thrusters? They might not seem too powerful but they can de-orbit a ship.


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Posted by zymbo

LOL... oh man, hilarious.

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Edited by Hogans_Hotdogs

I played the demo after this quicklook, and after a few hours put my Kerbalnauts into orbit around Kerbin, but now they have no way to get back. They'll have to wait possibly weeks for their orbit to decay. I shut down the demo and Squad now has my $18 American.

Listen to me you donkeys, you MUST buy this game if you love space.

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Posted by WelshCleats

By far the most I've laughed at Quick Look in a long time. And in a good way! Well done.

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Posted by danimal_furry

Hahahaha! Not only was this a great QL, the game looks right up my alley. "What planet am I on?" Smartest joke I've heard in a while.

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Posted by joelalfaro

Very good stuff!

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Posted by redelectric

Nice Atlas Shrugged reference!

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Posted by shodan2020

Aww come on guys, it's ONLY rocket science! :) Great quick look! I loved it!

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Posted by kerse

Quick Look of the Year.

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Posted by dwil83

Great Quick Look. Also like the only time I've finished a QL and immediately bought the game.

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Edited by MoonwalkSA

@Jodski: They're usually at least an hour. And they tend to be a bit slower-paced than this, but that $5 is still totally worth it, especially if you also want to watch Thursday Night Throwdowns.

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Posted by Garrador

My stomach hurts from all the laughing. This was an amazing quick look.

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Posted by Thor_Molecules

Seriously. I want this game revisited in Flight-Club format, and the guys attempting to land on the "Mun".

Amazing stuff.

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Posted by Jodski

Oh man I so wana see the premium flight club stuff, anyone know how long they go for? If they're anything like this it'll be 5bucks well spent.

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Posted by Start

Haha, that shit is hilarious!

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Posted by TruthTellah

Oh my gosh, this was hilarious. I just had oral surgery, and this made me come as close to laughing as anything in the last few days. It hurts so much, but this video is worth it.

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Posted by Morden2261

Amazing Quick Look, guys. Space Flight Club gooooooooooooooooo!

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Posted by Palaeomerus

I think Sony will probably eventually try and make a clone of this with Sackboys.

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Posted by Lamashtu

I actually feel sorry for all those Kerbals after all those horrible and fiery deaths. Though I suspect that if they were Rabbids instead, I'd find it easier to send them up, never to return.

Amazing Quick Look nonetheless.

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Posted by Maphia

One of the best quick looks of all time! Epic!

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Posted by nothingreal

This was brilliant. Great quicklook.. and I even bought the game.

I wonder if they noticed a little bump in sales after this came out.

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Posted by kookoo

I bought Kerbal after this quicklook. It's fun and challenging. I want to get to the moon!

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Posted by zedman

This is the reason I subscribe to this site ths right here, you guys are awesome I just wish flight club or random pc game with you guys was a more regular occurrence

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Posted by adamfedoruk

I grabbed this like a year ago, but only played it a bit. It looks like they have added a lot. Time to re-download!

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Posted by Selftest

I love Vinny, Dave and Drew Quick Looks. A whole hour, too!

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Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

This was amazing.

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Posted by cap123

best quick look in a while!

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Posted by Dogma

This is the absolute best Quick Look I've seen in quite some time. I mean...they are often good but this one made laught out loud many times. A combination of a cool game and some funny guys! That was awesome Vinny, Drew and Dave! Loved it!

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Posted by WolfOfOne

hell yes!!!

Last night I decided to check out Giantbomb (had not in awhile), and thought to myself "Wow, i can't wait until they do a Kerbal Space Program Quick Look". Navigated to the Quick Looks to see what was new... and KSP was the newest one!! :DD

I was laughing so hard while at the same time trying not to wake up everyone in the house lol. This is def. one of the best QLs!

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Posted by ZombieSpace

We need a new feature were vinny, dave and drew try to get to mars and land!

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Posted by KlUMZeE

Wow, with this being over an hour it's less of a Quick Look and more of a Flight Club video, awesome.

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Posted by Simio

Just like my chilhood routine with LEGOS, but now with physics simulation and infinite parts at disposal..... NICE

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Posted by ProfessorEss