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Posted by aceofspudz

Main bus b undervolt!

I should check KSP out again now that it is out of alpha. I lost a couple days to it when one of the guest writers mentioned it in GOTY 2011.

Posted by falling_fast

one of the best quick looks on the site. thanks guys :]

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It would be awesome if Drew, Vinny, and Dave had a space race.

The first person to land on the Mun and come back to Kerbin safely, wins (stock parts only though).

Posted by Rukus

@paulunga: Would love the hell out of this. They could throw challenges at each other and see who is the best Kerbalnaut at Giantbomb.

Posted by fetchfox

There should be a Flight Club title and intro for these videos, come on with the branding! The content wouldn't (and shouldn't) change, just the wrapper.

Posted by Draxyle

@Pozo said:

It would be awesome if Drew, Vinny, and Dave had a space race.

The first person to land on the Mun and come back to Kerbin safely, wins (stock parts only though).

.. That's a pretty brilliant idea.

Time constraints would probably keep it from happening.. but if they need to produce a series of videos about something, I can't think of anything better.

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Posted by Vexxan

Best QL so far this year.

Posted by aceofspudz

We need a Flight Club Endurance Munshot.

Posted by buckybit

To answer Dave's question:

30 feet is the cutoff for fatality in a fall. That is, most who fall from thirty feet or higher die.

The water does not change that fact. Water surface at a certain speed is like hitting on concrete.

Posted by BeachThunder

This might just have overtaken Noby Noby Boy as my favourite.

Posted by Pozo

@Draxyle: Yeah, unfortunately with time constraints, it would be better if they did a 2+ hour livestream of all three working working towards that goal. Maybe who can get the closest within a 2 hour period or something.

I guess they've done multi-part things like the Lantern Runs etc so it could be viable.

Posted by bluefoxxy

I cant fucking breathe

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Posted by grendelpierat

KSP for next flight club

Posted by jorbear

Eat your heart out, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Posted by BoFooQ

This was great, and I went right to youtube afterwards to see more videos. To my surprise seeing people go to moon and other planets really didn't take rockets much different from where they were working. It seems like once you get to space there is a whole different game of trying to fly around in space.

good work guys

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I think its pretty clear, ER of this until they make it to the moon and that other planet. 

Posted by Boosh

Johnny Cage just uppercut the Stone Swan and knocked off two nosecones.

Posted by FoxMulder

We need a premium show of just them making ships for hours at a time!

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Posted by Sjupp

QLOTY, hands down.

Posted by ZmillA

"We don't give things names that are going to die" - Vinny, 2012.

Posted by sully

I haven't laughed this hard as a GB video in forever. Really great guys, thanks.

Posted by lclay

Excellent QL.

Made me laugh a lot.

Well done, Vinny, Dave and Drew! Make more like this.

Posted by Ubersmake

I love how the first rocket didn't have a parachute.

Posted by Stink_Meaner

@ZmillA said:

"We don't give things names that are going to die" - Vinny, 2012.


Posted by Arkanti

Thursday Night Throwdown. Do it.

Posted by Thumbrunner

I agree with Dave shark fins make everything better. Amazing Quick Look guys.

Posted by dr_mantas
Here's the biggest one I have...
OMG, Vinny!
Posted by JJ_FIGGY

best quick look ever

Posted by felakuti4life

References to Bowie, Atlas Shrugged, 2001, and every space movie ever made, even that conspiracy one with OJ. Great quick look

Posted by PokeIkzai

There is no way this quick look will not be good.

Posted by Counterclockwork87

I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a quick look before, and I've seen nearly every one, absolutely hilarious!

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The instant explosion around the 22-23 minute mark is why I love Flight Club.

Posted by hollyw00t

I laughed, I cried from laughing, I choked from laughing, and I ate a corn dog from laughing. This video was incredible, and inspired me to buy KSP, which I've been playing all morning.

Posted by Tsuchikage

Wow, there's a lot of complicated physics going on in the background of this game. It must've taken a lot of work to make something like this. All so Vinny, Dave, and Drew could make stuff explode.

Posted by PsychoPenguin

Oh man, best quick look ever.

Posted by deox

Simply fantastic. This was the funniest QL I've watched in some time.

Thanks guys!


This certainly has "skyrocketed" its way to the top of my QL list. All of Drew's Apollo 13 lines had me dyin! Basically the funniest non Flight Club Flight Club ever! Oh and the Stone Swan reminded me of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuschwanstein_Castle

Posted by MeatSim

Virtual rocket science is hard.

Posted by TigerClaw

Great Quicklook! Funny stuff guys. :)

Posted by GrantHeaslip

24:00 is the greatest.

Posted by CharAznable

Please revisit this game on Flight Club, that was the funniest video on the site in a while.

Posted by Nikral

This has definitely been the best QL I have seen this year for sure. I'd love to see them spend even more time trying to get to the moon.

Posted by YapaPanda

Drew is absolutely amazing in this quick look. I never thought someone quoting Apollo 13 for an hour could be so compelling.

Posted by fantasyfreak07

This Quick Look has brought non-stop laughter to me.

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Posted by BasketSnake

This is amazing. Mankind is capable.

Posted by ConduitFourSale

pure epicness