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Shit was my jam back on my 486 with Windows 3.1. Never really got into multiplayer but I played a ton on my own

Posted by GunslingerX1983

Back in 1995 when my family got their first PC with its 200Mhz Pentium with MMX technology and a mahoosive 2GB hard drive running good old Win 95, there was a lesser known TBS game by the long dead Empire Interactive known as Stars! (complete with exclamation mark).

It was not pretty or fancy, it looked very much like some kind of windows program and lot that much like a game. You designed your race, ships and researched new technology and sent your people off to colonize new planets, mine new minerals and wage war on the computer races with the overall goal of conquering the galaxy. It was truly epic as you built up armadas in order to vaporize the enemy worlds, sent off huge fleets into space to engage in turn base space battles, tried endlessly to send out a fleet to grab the ever elusive mystery trader or wandered into the constantly moving wormholes to transport yourself across the map and start up a whole new side to your Empire.

Throughout all this you never got a 3d view of space or to see what your race looked like, graphically it was not appealing but with a little imagination, this could be the best star trek or star wars simulator you could imagine.

i just dug it out of my loft and put it on my laptop and IT RUNS! Someone needs to pick up the mantle and remake this game. I know it had a downloadable sequel way back when while never took off but i think the time is right to bring it back. Who else has fond memories of this game?