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Posted by Vetterli

I like Dark Vinny

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i'm really loving this game so far. i love how Vinny reacts when he finally gets the weapon in that fight, and proceeds to beat the hell out of everybody.

edit: oh the end is marvelous

Posted by PatchMaster

Only Vinny could make being a sociopath lovable.

Posted by Islaja

Wut!? Battles (the band) are in this game? Neat.

Posted by prestonhedges

"They seem to have gone above and beyond."

No, Brad. Those are supposed to be normal options.

Posted by Brake

Corgi Cam: The Game

Posted by djhicks1

People in real life don't use gold plated Desert Eagles. I haven't watched this yet, just popped in my head looking at the thumbnail.

Posted by Duffyside

One of the best Quick Look endings ever. I wonder if that was footage from before or after the QL?

Posted by falling_fast

@Fattony12000 said:

I'll gladly slurp down some delicious Brad and Vinny juice though!

...ew :/

Posted by falling_fast

the ending montage is hysterical

Posted by leejunfan83

@DorianOtten: act out without repercusssions

Posted by Humanity

Vinny should just quicklook everything by himself with a mic in the room.

Posted by DorianOtten

what is it about open world games that turns people into fucking sociopaths?

Posted by TheFreeMan

Laughed real good at the end. "Oh, there we go". Perfect! This game looks pretty cool!

Posted by McGhee

Battles on this soundtrack. That's fucking sick. I'm getting this game.

Posted by thirteenyahs

Shleeeepy Daaaawgs.

Posted by Orange_Pork

I'm like an hour into this game and loving the fuck out of the combat, but the OCD in me won't let me keep going until I finish Darksiders. I should've just taken this week off to play games.

Posted by zungerman090

Can't believe that they missed karaoke. God damn it

Posted by MisterMouse

Vinny is the best at playing open world games!

Posted by DougQuaid

Pre-Quick Look Vinny is pretty damn good.

Posted by Brad

@paulunga: Sorry, easy to mistake intent in text comments sometimes.

Posted by Sonny009

blooper real = very yes.

Posted by BaconGames

Man, they should put in "grab people and fuck them up" stuff like that in the next Saints Row.

Posted by glitznglam_style

How did their best game get canceled at one time? That's pretty crazy. I hope United Front gets to work on more stuff like this instead of kart racers in the future. They're a really talented bunch, which this game clearly illustrates. If you haven't already done so, get out there and buy yourself a copy of this.

Posted by WiqidBritt

more quicklooks need to end with Vinny highlights.

Posted by Dallas_Raines

So sexist

Posted by Olivaw

Owning the PC version, I can testify that what Vinny does in this quick look is but the tip of the iceberg of Mean Things To Do To NPCs.

Posted by Patman99

I dont care how unfunny I may find something, as soon as Vinny laughs, I laugh.

Posted by Pabba

Just like with Marvel superhero movies, STAY UNTIL THE VERY END. Totally worth it. Well, for this QL. Maybe not all those superhero flicks.

Posted by mithical

Amazing ending.

Posted by sagebirt

This game was made for Vinny Caravella.

Posted by kerse

LOL at 20 mins.

Posted by murisan

GB, please do an hour live thing of Vinny playing this game. That would be THE SHIT.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

Just to be a whiny PC bro, can you disable FXAA by forcing MSAA through nVidia control panel etc? I hate FXAA.

Posted by NegativeCero

Violent Vinny is unleashed.

Posted by MariachiMacabre

Oh god the last minute of the quick l

Posted by dvdhaus

That ending was the best!

Posted by MrBubbles

i have burned out on gta like games but this looks different enough for me to play especially with the great melee combat so i'll get it

Posted by smiddy

Loved the "Deleted Scenes" at the end.

Posted by Jawshua

Vinny hates women.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

I just want the doors to open!... There we go

Posted by cbarnes86

Love how to thumbnail on YouTube looks like Just Cause 3!

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@Brad said:

@paulunga said:

Hey guys, how about taking this opportunity to learn something new about cultures you're unfamiliar with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Face_%28sociological_concept%29

I'm well aware of it. It's still a ridiculous way to label a meter in a video game, cultural context or not.

Yes, I watched the video. That remark was directed at the GB community in general. I find the specifics of it quite interesting. They could've gone with Mian, I suppose, but that'd probably confuse a lot of people. And I do think that it's an important enough concept to warrant being included. Not that the name really matters either way, that's something you probably don't even think about after half an hour of playing.

On a related note, I actually think Bullet Time is a very silly term as well.

Posted by gbrading

Is quite amazing how much better this version of the game looks than that preview build. This actually now makes me more interested in playing it, especially when I hear it's a good PC version. P.S. More of Vinny just playing on his own!

Posted by SamuraiSeppuku

When playing this and you have to hack, the best way to do it is to input "0123" and work your way up from there.

Posted by Vanek

I'm so glad they did this quicklook, it really made my day. I was in stitches throughout at Vinny doing stupid things. I can't wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow because it looks really fun.

Posted by jbuchan76

I love how Vinny plays games like this.. (just like they should be played) I'm making a trip to best buy today.. He's made up my mind.

Posted by Ramone

Watch until the end, fucking hilarious.

Posted by sixpin

@Brad said:

@paulunga said:

Hey guys, how about taking this opportunity to learn something new about cultures you're unfamiliar with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Face_%28sociological_concept%29

I'm well aware of it. It's still a ridiculous way to label a meter in a video game, cultural context or not.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was covered in the QL conversation.

Great QL by the way. The ending was perfectly silly.

Edited by Tennmuerti

Like the looks.

Like the music.

Loving the setting.

The melee combat looks crap. (relative to Batman anyway)