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Posted by Nadril

@Aegon said:

@buckybit said:

Ok. Just finished watching the QL. This violence against women in video games ... I am not down with that.

I obviously don't like fun. But more disturbingly - the way Vinny enjoys it and does it randomly, without hesitation.

I know, it's a video game. But, man ... that is ... not ... my ... thing.

But violence against men is your thing?

They had it comin' to 'em.

Posted by hagridore

He pre-ordered.

Vinny, you are the best.

Posted by MilesRose

This game is totally up my alley. Open-worlder? Sold. Excellent Melee... yesyesyesyes!

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by joelalfaro

Haha that endingggggg!!!!!!!!

Posted by joelalfaro

@Indiana_Jenkins: HIGHFIVE for bonobo reference!

Posted by papercut

Can we just get a video feature of Vinny playing open world games.

Posted by MiniPato

@bybeach said:

Vinnny...Take your pills Vinny.

Hong Kong will thank you for it......

That doctor lady at the end was trying to give Vinny his pills.

Posted by HerbieBug

@Yummylee said:

Also I totally recognise those hacking ''blop'' noises from Human Revolution.

Fuck! I knew I had heard that sound before! D:

Posted by Gnome

i wish the enemies went at the protag. in groups rather than one on one while the other enemies just watch. Just looks stupid and unrealistic ala AssCreed. Basically, I want a new Warriors game.

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Vinnny...Take your pills Vinny.

Hong Kong will thank you for it......

Posted by DrJota

Respawning car doors! 2012's Best New Feature in a video game!

Posted by Masha2932

I know the staff don't take Endurance run suggestions, so I'm just doing this for myself.


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Dear god, Vinny...

Posted by HerbieBug

Good lord protagonist man! Spring for a set of sheets to put on the bed at least. I know it's a shitty dive but come on!

Posted by mattchops

There seems to be a lot of polarizing opinions about this game. I might wait for the steam sale. I'm not completely sold, yet.

Posted by acev

the last minute of this video is excellent

Posted by bkbroiler

I'm glad Brad pointed out the weird disconnect between Vinny's love of slamming people's faces into things but not running them over.

Posted by Kiri90

This Quick Look was great throughout!

Posted by Nomin

A very surprising game to sneak up on during a relatively dry month for games. Pretty decent PC port from what I can see, wonder how it compares to the kind of stylistic choices made in the Chinatown Wars. The developer also deserves much kudos to see this project through despite a very rough state of game development in Vancouver.

Posted by DragonNinja789

I think I rather like evil Vinny

Posted by JackSukeru

Not a lot of Quicklooks around with Vinny driving. You really have to...savor it.

Posted by JhonnyThizzlam

I still want a The Raid Redemption mod with over 30 choatic levels

Posted by skelington_

Should be a special end-of-year category:

Nomination for "Best Performance in a Quick Look by a Giant Bomb Cast Member": Vinny Caravella in Sleeping Dogs.

Posted by Tiny_Tank

Man Vinny you are so awesome! I love when he just goes "oh I'm an undercover cop with a conscience."

Posted by CatsAkimbo

Vinny driven quick looks always have such a manic quality to them.

Edited by Yummylee

Fucking hell... it depresses me just how inferior my PS3 copy is. The frame-rate in particular can barely hang on during cutscenes ='(

Also I totally recognise those hacking ''blop'' noises from Human Revolution.

Posted by Jnal

Brad forgetting Vinny was color blind made me laugh for a good 10 minutes.

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SO GOOD! Definitely picking this game up whenever I have a chance to upgrade my pc.

Posted by Chango

This quick look single handledly convinced me to buy the game. What a glorious quick look.

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I'm going to risk everything by suggesting ALL Quick Looks should have similar endings!

(I know how hard that would be for games that don't allow such madness.)

Posted by prod88

great quicklook, but the last couple minutes were the best

Posted by TheHT

Man, Vinny is an ass to these poor NPCs. It's great!

Forget bows, 2012 is turning out to be the year of surprisingly great games.

Posted by AngelN7

I lost it when Vinny roll over that girl from the race , how can you hate open world?! games most of them are all like that stupid good fun.

Posted by Irishranger

Tried watching this while jogging on the treadmill.

Not good.

Almost fell off twice and then almost collapsed a lung from laughing too hard.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Oh this reminds me, I should totally be able to download this thing now.

Posted by golguin

That ending was pretty hilarious.

Posted by FoxMulder

I'd pay good money to watch Vinny just play this game for hours!

Posted by Jolt92

That ending was amazing.

Posted by RagingLion

@GenocidalKitten said:

"he pre ordered!"

I love you Vinny.

:) a great fun QL in general

Posted by coldblood

The main dude in this game reminds me of Sean Coonce. Especially with the track pants.

Posted by fox01313

No sleepy dogs in the game or passed out pandas...what the hell? Game looks decent between the crazy of Saints Row3 & GTA. Definitely loved the end with what felt like an outtake/blooper reel of the quick look & hope that more of that gets into future quick looks. Was curious about the game but after seeing this I'll definitely get it (yes through gamefly, which I actually like using though I try to limit myself to a game per week before sending it back so thankfully not as bad as Vinny).

Posted by Guyzea

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@Duffyside said:

@Konanda said:

Vinny is the best.

Vinny is the best.

Vinny is the best.

Binny is the vest.

Binny ts ihe vest.

Yvan eht nioj.

Bimmy and Jimmy is the best.

Posted by zombie2011

Oh man, Vinny is really funny in this QL.

Also this game looks amazing, definitely picking this up over the weekend.

Posted by GenocidalKitten

"he pre ordered!"

I love you Vinny.

Posted by Getz

Music selection seems pretty rad, maybe I didn't give this game enough credit.

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:

One of the best Quick Looks of the year and not because it was funny (it was) but because it was very informative. Vinny should head Quick Looks more often.

Vinny should helm everything, especially gravity defying modes of transit.

Posted by spiceninja

One of the best Quick Looks of the year and not because it was funny (it was) but because it was very informative. Vinny should head Quick Looks more often.

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"I was alone in the city.....  of Hong Kong."   Oh God, that part made me laugh so much.  

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Great ending! It's hilarious that Vinny has a problem with running people over, but has no problem savaging an innocent woman's head against a door until one or the other breaks