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Posted by NickNitro

RIP Halo

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Music is indeed awful but the content looks great. Can't wait!

Posted by Hashbrowns

@theanticitizen: You're welcome, man.

Part of me does kind of long for the unique... texture of Marty's music. Neil Davidge is composing the score for Halo 4, and while it does sound good it's a little too Hans Zimmer-ish. It sounds like a lot of other action scores. But that's just going off that one sample they've released, so I'm willing to reserve judgement. You might enjoy this ViDoc as well...

Posted by Dang3rDoom

So same old shitty weapons..

Posted by Dan_CiTi



I made it to 00:38.

Posted by Tordah

This dubstep trend needs to die already.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I don't mean to blow anyone's mind here, but Halo 4 is going to have an assault rifle in it.

Posted by deox

Multiplayer looks like fun, I'm excited for this one.

On a side note... fuck dubstep!

Posted by Butano

Man, I really love Halo, but I really don't want to buy another Xbox so late in the generation after my old one crapped out.

Posted by AssInAss

4inish the Drop.

Well done, sir.
Posted by AsherV20

Dear SMG, I miss you dreadfully so. Please return to me.

Posted by max_alford

I feel like Marty O'Donnell's music will be the Halo franchise's biggest loss. I just hope the music in this trailer was marketing's decision.

Posted by Sunjammer

@max_alford: While I can't stand Marty O'Donnel's stuff, this music made me want to set myself on fire. I don't mind dubstep, there is some real good shit out there, but Skrillex and this brostep garbage takes the worst of everything and sells it to the worst of everyone, which, it appears, is the majority..?

Oof. Dubstep is dead.

Posted by Agent47CSim2

You do realize this trailer was posted like 2 weeks ago in multiple versions with no music right? what's the point in bothering to post it this late at all, but then put the shit version of it so ill informed people on here can go "durrr durr HALOZZZZ." if you don't care about the game don't bother posting it in the first place.

Posted by EricNStuff


Posted by CODA117

Rail Gun?!!!!.......Yes please!