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Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Sweet Jesus, I hope my Kinect-owning friends pick this up. That was life-affirming.

Posted by 234r2we232

Your move, Harmonix.

Posted by RinSatori

This looks stupid.. who the fuck designed this shit.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Sweet jebus that was the best thing I've seen in weeks. DAT DROP!

Posted by Binny

The game was built for a giant bomb quick look! Awesome!

Posted by professor

I find Ryan is being a little rude in this video.

Posted by HowDire

Jeez I want to work at Double Fine

Posted by mdargis

The Dubstep "game" is just straight fucking genius

Posted by GiantBombardier

Working title?? I totally thought the video was called Happy Action Television. Am I wrong? Am I going crazy?? D:

Posted by Rabid619

Oh dude, that dub step game looked too fucking funny, even better when Vinny and Drew took away all the music and effects from it. This looks amazing.

Posted by Pyccko

Ahahahaha, Boost almost jacked himself FOR NOTHING. Oh man.

Posted by Hobbaswaggle

OH MY GOD THE DUBSTEP! Looks so great, Doublefine at it again!

Posted by AssInAss


Posted by VexnadDanger

@AmericanNinja: I,m just haypy ryan davis nose i exist,,, oh wait,,,

Posted by toblix

Hey, it's Chris Remo!

Posted by ScoreSetter

$10 again? Probably sold.

Wubbaclubdubstep video remix action? Definitely sold.

Posted by Roxasthirteen

Somebody settle this for me. Is the hotdog suit at 26:30 rendered or is that guy actually wearing a hotdog suit? One of those options is clearly true, and the other is clearly false.

Posted by Tim_the_Corsair

Fantastic QL EX...dat dubstep! I love hearing Ryan and Jeff just losing their shit in the background.

And you can tell the people that haven't had a group of drunken idiot friends in front of a kinect when they look at this and say it looks stupid; you'd be hard pressed to find something more fun to do with what is a fairly janky piece of hardware than this.

Posted by Cimpy

HOoooooooly crap. That dubstep part put the biggest smile on my face. You just sold this and the original for me.

Edited by KaneRobot

Still not buying a Kinect. At this point we're close enough to Kinect 2.0 or whatever it's gonna be called for me to just wait it out. Hopefully the next Kinect is better for more than like 3 games. I'm sure DF will do something just as ridiculous for that.

That said...this video almost justifies the existence of dubstep.

@sofacitysweetheart said:

Your move, Harmonix.

Their Kinect game has people travelling through time to stop dance crimes. They're doin' just fine.

Posted by TehPickle

@Roxasthirteen: That's the (now immortalised) costume. The one at 7:50-ish is rendered.

Posted by dpaul420

I wish there was a standalone dubstep game

Posted by Sergotron


Posted by WickedCobra03

Not sure which is better, the Jeff making out with himself or dubstep. Great show guys!

Posted by fox01313

@Roxasthirteen: That's the real costume they have of a hot dog mascot. The easy way to spot the rendered stuff in this game is when it tends to cut through the arms & legs momentarily when the person moves about.

Posted by Brenderous

That last part killed me. Vinny and Drew are masterminds.

Posted by buzz_clik
Posted by Madara117

@buzz_clik: Shut up and take my money!

Posted by bluesun
Right here Ryan, right here.
Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

@buzz_clik said:

I hope this becomes a poster to buy.

Posted by Treemoss

I wanted to see "Booty Shaker" D:

Posted by Stackboy

This video makes me want to have more space in my living room, so I can wub wub.

Posted by mythrol

The dubstep part was AMAZING. This has just caused me to purchase a kinect and buy these 2 games. This was amazing. Amazing. Dear god. I was not expecting that. My mind was blown. Thank you double fine. Thank you.

Posted by Dezztroy

Man, the people in the game look creepy as fuck to me.

Posted by i8246i


Posted by HerbieBug

No Brad Muir? :(


Posted by HerbieBug

I did a search just now for "nude happy action theater" and found nothing Happy Action Theater related. For shame, internet! For shame!

Posted by Saganomics

This is probably the one and only time I've enjoyed a dubstep thing.

Posted by zolloz89

I might need to get a kinect now.

Posted by ptc

I need this NOW!

Posted by coaxmetal

I really dig the boombox headed robot armed chris "dubstep" remo

Posted by Undeadpool

Oh fuck, that video at the end...Vinny and Drew are baaaad men.

Posted by chriscalla

Wow, easily one of the greatest GB videos I've ever seen.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Gosh...dang...it....this makes me want a Kinect real bad. Would make for great college parties.

Posted by Daiphyer

I am declaring it. This is the greatest video on the internet.

Posted by KlUMZeE

OH, the ending was great and this looks amazing. Can't wait to get it. And the idea that it'll import all the previous activities if you own the first game is very smart of them.