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Posted by TruthTellah

The replay at the end just told the whole tale. This Quick Look EX lived up to all of my expectations. Hopefully the guys can revisit the game after it comes out. Just seeing Vinny and the crew dicking around with it would be amazing.

Posted by wahrby

Friday, beer and i dont know.... bass drop with Double Fine!

Posted by StormHarbinger

This looks AMAZING. I might even get a Kinect just for this.

Posted by dcgc

Again, Happy Action Theater: the only games that are fun and worth getting for Kinect.

Posted by pwnmachine

FUCK, this is the first bit of media that as made me think that kinect actually may be worth while...

Posted by PeezMachine

Best thing I've ever goddam seen.

Posted by Sanj


Posted by buckybit

@Sanj said:


@Stevemax said:

Mother of god!

@PeezMachine said:

Best thing I've ever goddam seen.

@StormHarbinger said:

This looks AMAZING. I might even get a Kinect just for this.

... box quotes right there. We need a DF-GB Double Dragon sort of t-shirt in both eshops?!

Posted by galloughs

as usual, anything already awesome is made more awesome by vinny and drew behind the scenes (watch 38:15 in)

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As far as I can see, this is the only reason the Kinect even exists. Looks like THE perfect thing to have rocking at a house party :)

Posted by bushlemon

I don't even like dubstep but that mode was fucking amazing

Posted by Hatp


Posted by Evercaptor

Greg Rice is SO HUGE. He's like Cliffy B! DUDE, HUGE!

Posted by dropabombonit

The heaviest of drops

Posted by Ghosthead84

Is that a giant Nyan Cat in the backround?

I approve!

Posted by burgavo

Simply Amazing "content" guys

that first drop nearly killed me

Posted by Mordi

@Evercaptor said:

Greg Rice is SO HUGE. He's like Cliffy B! DUDE, HUGE!

Cliff would look tiny next to Greg, with no offense meant to either.

Posted by Scotto

I loved hearing Jeff's mad cackles at the Jamiroquai hats they were "wearing" at the beginning of the dubstep thing.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Oh god the ending, Vinny you magnificent bastard.

Posted by Tamaster92

dubstep you say? sold.

Posted by Evercaptor

@Mordi said:

@Evercaptor said:

Greg Rice is SO HUGE. He's like Cliffy B! DUDE, HUGE!

Cliff would look tiny next to Greg, with no offense meant to either.

Cliffy B is the Hugest. Or maybe the Hugist. I bet he could out Dance-Step Greg rice. Show him his Dub-steps, if you know what ahm sayin'!

Posted by Robaota

Holy Shit. The greatest.

Posted by e_p

Someone at Microsoft right now is going "See? See guys!? I FUCKING TOLD YOU IT'LL BE GREAT!"

Posted by MichaelBach

Any DubStep DLC pack coming for it?

Posted by dcsears

If I ever get a kinect (tiny apartment, don't see getting one soon) I'll be picking up the happy action theater games for sure! This looks like so much fun to just turn on at a party.

Posted by bass_hero

Literally the best end of a quicklook ever

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Double Fine just made the Kinect legitimate by including Dubstep in it's game.

Posted by nasie
Posted by AssInAss


This is why I love Double Fine :3

Posted by AlexW00d

That totally wasn't dubstep, but it was definitely funny as fuck.

Posted by Groundings

I actually felt like buying a Xbox and kinect now

Posted by fisk0

@Groundings said:

I actually felt like buying a Xbox and kinect now

well, Kinect is/will be available for Windows too, and considering the Action Theatre games are pretty much the only working software for it, I'd guess it'll be ported for release along with Windows 8.

Posted by Mechanized

The whole thing was great but the Dubstep part was amazing.

Posted by Corican

There are no words, except: majestic.

That dubstep section carries the whole game.

Posted by TurboMan

I about shit myself at the dubstep part.

Posted by Xevabis

Aww yeah Jeff at the beginning.

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This is some of the most hilarious shit I've ever seen. I would consider buying a Kinect just for shenanagins with this game.

Posted by Quarters

Dub Step was absolutely brilliant.

Posted by peritus

Watching the Doublefine guys and the GB crew mess around is such a great thing!

Posted by Evil_Bunny_Hat

pre-video ads are super depressing

Posted by LobotomyKing

as a dubstep producer im sold on WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

Posted by Szlifier

I didn't watch any videos remixed to dubstep on youtube. Is this why I don't get what's so awesome about the dubstep part? I think they mostly laughed at those guys "dancing". 
The cloning part is the most clever thing I've seen Kinect used for.

Posted by Supercancer

Is anyone else kind of depressed that Double Fine can, in a sense, half-ass a game and have it implement the ability of the Kinect better than any other game currently available? At the same time it's no surprise that Double Fine are the ones able to do so.

Posted by floofmania

glad to see jeff is still videobombing, never change

Posted by rudyarr

man Jeff looks like hes been losing some weight! good for him!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Day one.

Posted by ShowaRDM

Jeff never fails to make me smile.

Posted by XtremePudim

Just wanna say that I own neither an Xbox nor a Kinect, but after seeing this video I honestly pondered buying this when it comes out even if I can’t play it.

Posted by Toxin066

I love it when Double Fine dudes come to Giant Bomb.