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Posted by BasketSnake

They should sell nintendo power like for example "1990" collection or "90-92". Nice collections for fans.

Posted by sephirm87

@WilliamHenry said:

@ShatterShock said:

The internet age doesn't need dead tree magazines, and the end of Nintendo Power is no loss to anybody but the nostalgic.

And the people who lost their jobs right?

Buggy whips!

Posted by Progman9000

Poor NP. I've felt for the past couple years that I was like one of the last people subscribing to it. Apparently I was not wrong.

At least I'll finally have an excuse to box everything up and put it away now.

Posted by Junpei

I think part of the sales decline in NP (aside from print sales overall dropping for everyone) is the fact that no one gets by on just a Nintendo console anymore. If you had/have a Wii the majority of people who would even be interested in a gaming magazine are the kind of people who had another console in addition to the Wii. Those people (like myself) most likely wanted something that covered all their systems. GI being roped in with Gamestop certainly doesn't help the cause either. Unless you are dedicated to only Nintendo there wasn't much call for the exclusive magazine (or inflated scores due to lack of real quality software on the Wii). I realize PS and XBox have their exclusive mags but lets be honest, there is a lot more news to be had there then near anything Nintendo was having come out on their systems most months.

As someone who used to have a subscription to NP during the N64 days I am sad, but there just isn't a market for NP anymore. Unless the WiiU ends up being a system that caters to everyone and not just shovelware while we wait for Mario or Zelda, there won't be that market again.

Posted by D_train_lives

does anyone play there wii anyway who is going to miss nintendo power?

Posted by theharleyquin

@djhicks1: Jeff Green is back at EA.

Posted by Shindiggah

Haven't held a regular subscription to Nintendo Power since mid 2007, but I still buy their magazines from time to time if they cover something of particular interest to me...it'll be sad seeing them go.

Posted by kerse

Damn, can't say I didn't see it coming though magazines just seem pointless these days. It's awful for those losing jobs though.

Edited by Dberg

I find it sad that this happens to Funcom yet again even though they released a fun MMORPG for once. Maybe it's time to stop sinking all that cash into a genre that hit its peak ten years ago.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Layoffs at Popcap?

Did they make a flop or something? Nope, that is just the video game industry

Posted by djhicks1

@SmilingPig said:

Dose Jeff Green still work at PopCap?

This is the first thing that came to mind.

Posted by Bones8677

I think it's safe to assume the social games industry bubble is about to pop.

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"longstanding publication Nintendo Power is closing"... didn't that close down in like... 1991 or something? They stopped releasing them here a loooooong time ago. Wasn't even aware it was still a thing. What does a 2011 edition of Nintendo Power look like? I only have old ones where they had like mario and zelda comics inside them and it was about the NES and SNES games. They stopped selling them when that stuff died out.

Edited by Lurkero

Why does George Boussard have the power to announce these things?

@BannerThief said:

What the hell is happening with social games companies?

It's called a bust. As the bubble gets bigger it's more likely to burst.

There were so many social game companies and divisions popping up that the market was eventually going to become saturated and fall to an equilibrium.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

That really is a bummer for Nintendo Power but unfortunately with the popularity of the internet and dedicated gaming websites it made lesser sense to pick up a print magazine and read news you already knew about. I hate to think every game magazine will turn out like this, maybe they have to become a weekly issue that's slimmer but keeps relevant on the news and reviews that are timed when the news and game releases actually happen.

Posted by SmilingPig

Dose Jeff Green still work at PopCap?

Posted by Nux

Man that really sucks about Nintendo Power. I'll miss it for sure.

Posted by MideonNViscera

I totally gotta get the last Nintendo Power. I had so many from the N64 days, when the sides would all stack up to make a picture of Mario or Link or whatever.

Posted by Greenshoes

I wonder if this will have the same effect in Norway as when GRIN closed in Sweden.

Posted by bennyboy

i still regret throwing away my hundred or so issues of nintendo power like ten years ago...

Posted by stise

Hopefully the NP staff can find new homes in which to write away right away.

Posted by CaLe

@ArbitraryWater said:

Sure, Nintendo Power has always been the equivalent of state-controlled media, but the fact that it's over with is kinda a bummer. People losing their jobs is never good.

It was good when the people selling toxic mortgage backed securities lost their jobs.

Posted by LordAndrew

Not Nintendo Power! Damn.

I want them to bring back Howard and Nester for the final issue, even though it's not going to happen.

Posted by Jay444111

Guys... lets pull a Toonami revival on Nintendo power! Let us do it! NOW!!!

Posted by Hector

Damn that sucks. I guess I'll be picking up the last issue then. I use to love reading Nintendo Power back when I was a kid.

Posted by Scrawnto

I'm not terribly surprised Nintendo Power is shutting down. There just aren't enough good exclusives for Nintendo platforms to justify a Nintendo-specific publication these days. It's a shame, really. I loved that magazine for years. They did good work. I haven't been a subscriber for the better part of a decade though.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Sure, Nintendo Power has always been the equivalent of state-controlled media, but the fact that it's over with is kinda a bummer. People losing their jobs is never good.

Posted by JJWeatherman

@AjayRaz said:

@JJWeatherman said:

I hope Jeff Green still has a job.

he does. he confirmed it on his twitter thingy

This is great news. Just this of course. Not the rest of it.

Posted by AjayRaz

@JJWeatherman said:

I hope Jeff Green still has a job.

he does. he confirmed it on his twitter thingy

Posted by JJWeatherman

I hope Jeff Green still has a job.

Posted by Ben_H

Nooooooooooo Nintendo Power. I was subscribed to that for almost 6 years when I was little and it was so good. Though I heard it kinda went downhill a while back

Posted by HeghmohQib

@LAR said:

@HeghmohQib said:

My brother subscribed to it when it first came out. We use to have something like the first 50 issues sitting in boxes @ my parents place. Can't find them now. Anyone know any legitimate way of getting virtual copies of them?

That sucks. This article made me want to look at them.

Every once I feel like pulling them out and look at them. It's a significant nostalgia trip. Especially for us. Unfortunately, they were either tossed (despite asking that they be saved) or they are buried in the attic (might as well be thrown out).

Posted by ExplodeMode

Old Nintendo Power covers were the greatest.

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I've no idea what takes PopCap so long to make games. They aren't exactly re-inventing the wheel, or working on huge tr1pl3 A francheeses.

I've never bought a Nintendo Power so it doesn't affect me much. I do think Phil Theobald is a spiffy fellow though. Still, it wasn't exactly his bread and butter.. or cheese for that matter.

Edit: I'm pretty sure my re-inventing the wheel comment doesn't fit with whatever I was trying to say. I'll leave it there for posterity and for my honour etc.

Posted by Adaurin

What the hell is happening with social games companies?

Is pop cap considered social gaming?
Posted by DougQuaid

Holy shit, 'talk the end of an era..

Posted by rand0mZer00

Both of these stories are real bummers.

Posted by ultimatepunchrod

Holy shit. I was never a subscriber or anything, but Nintendo Power is legendary. I don't see how it can stop since PTOM and Xbox official are still going. I hope they find another home for the writers.

Posted by President_Barackbar

Glad to hear Jeff Green still has his job, but sad to hear about the layoffs. And to be perfectly honest, I had no idea Nintendo Power was even still in print.

Posted by Hailinel

Nintendo Power is actually how I got into RPGs thanks to their Dragon Warrior subscription bonus. It's sad to hear that it's shutting down.

Posted by PandaShake

My favourite part of Nintendo Power was editor's response to fan's comments. They're usually funny and witty :(. I think I'll be buying that last issue.

Posted by BonOrbitz

That's really, really sad news on both fronts. I truly wish I didn't throw away all of my old issues of Nintendo Power.

Posted by DeF

@Brake said:

I was gonna say hire Jeff Green, but since he still has a job...hire Jeff Green!

My first thought after hearing this news was: I hope they didn't axe Jeff Green again!

Posted by Blue_Sheild

So, what gaming magazines are even left?

Obviously, Game Informer, but what else?

Posted by Phatmac

You're out of lives Nintendo Power.

Posted by Brake

I was gonna say hire Jeff Green, but since he still has a job...hire Jeff Green!

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

I was a NP sub from like 1997 to at least 2001...a sad sad day indeed.

Posted by TyCobb

@algertman said:

If this isn't does wake people up on how much Nintendo is doomed I don't know what will.

Because a printed magazine is no longer going to be made? Magazines are not profitable anymore. There's nothing in a magazine that can't be found online and 99% of the time it is old news by the time the magazine hits. I actually had no clue Nintendo Power was even still made.

Posted by Sammo21

Hopefully Jeff Green is safe.

Sad people are losing their jobs though.

Posted by Wrighteous86

@jakob187 said:

Why the fuck would George Broussard know anything about PopCap's potential layoffs? That's just the oddest fucking source ever!

As for Nintendo Power, that's such a huge bummer.

The Rock tweeted about OBL's death before anyone else knew. The world is weird.