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Posted by ipaqi

I am a Jewish people and I'm offensive.

Posted by Maajin

@dropabombonit said:

Brad don't get a WiiU, you will be sent one anyway

Yeah, like he was sent a Wii!

Posted by MHumphreys89

@Napalm said:

Brad's a cheesecake.

Brad's a cheesescone.

Posted by flasaltine

Is Jeff all right after his fall?

Posted by lightsoda

Drew is the glue that keeps it together, taking notes of what's important.

Posted by thebigJ_A

No mention of Dark Souls? Best game in the past few years out on PC, with tons of new stuff, looking all purdy (so long as you use the res fix, anywayu).

Posted by Meowshi

@TheHT said:

@Meowshi: didn't that happen with the Walking Dead game?

seems like a strange way to react to overenthusiasm.


Posted by soupbones

I still miss the old I Love Mondays format... dont think i'll ever like this.

In other news: I'm getting a hair cut today.

Posted by jettpack

ryan, you are adorable.

Posted by drew327

drew standing there waiting for something worth writing down is pretty funny

Posted by TinyGallon
@Mystic_11 said:

Anyone answer my question?

Can you play Pikmin 3 with that Xbox 360 controller spin off?

It's the same button configuration as the "WiiU Gamepad" so you've got to think Yes.. But Nintendo has not confirmed it yet. And they've really only shown Wiimote control so far with Pikmin3 demos 
Pikmin actually controls better than I was expecting using Wiimote, but the lack of a second analog stick is a dealbreaker. It seems crazy not to be able to move your cloud of Pikmin around
Posted by AxleBro

that's just like, your opinion man. GW1 and GW2 great games i like em.

Posted by Terrents

Way of the samauri 4 quick look please :)

Posted by DefAde

... in the background a man named Drew waits patiently...

Posted by JeffGerstFan

Drew! Is your job to stand submissively next to Ryan with papers in your hand or to DCS COMBINED ARMS already!

Posted by SPARTAN3

Dam Jeff when did you get so flexible, why haven't we had a yoga QL.

Posted by defcomm

hey guys



Posted by coldblood

Ryan Davis: Cocaine