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Posted by xyzygy

When Patrick started talking about how Nintendo isn't true to their old self I stopped watching. What a complete dolt. Would you rather them release the same game over and over again? I personally still hold nintendo in the highest regard because their games are always fucking awesome, minus the boring NSMB that they cash in on.

Also, the games that Sony is releasing are, mostly, games that Sony did not develop in house. They were just publishers for a percentage of them.

Posted by gschmidl

To hell with whoever decided not to bring this to Europe.

Posted by Phatmac


Posted by Klei

Yay! Shit shovelware downloadable titles! ( Excluding Journey and Flower )

Posted by nohthink

I purchased that soundtrack via iTunes. No regret.

Posted by Dezztroy

Can't say I understand the obsession with Journey. Oh well.

Posted by Sk4mikaze

uh... what?

Edited by Rabid619

Wait, that screen looks nothing like Journey at all o.O I was going watch this later, but now I'm too damn curious.

Edit: Huh, interesting looking. I really loved Journey when it came out so I may buy this at some point just to have all of this on disc.

Edited by MrQuizmo

Time to Journey! Into this Quick Look!