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Posted by Roger778

That was the most bizarre looking game I have ever seen.

Also, what's even more weird is that they got Robert Patrick to do one of the voices for those sentient motorbike things. WOW!

Posted by twenty1

@Loch_Doun: No Conker game, keep them making original awesomeness, however, I wouldn't mind them doing a 2.5D Sonic game, Toejam & Earl, and/or an all new 2.5D Earthworm Jim, all done Twisted Pixel style!

Posted by Loch_Doun

I am so glad Microsoft hasn't toned down this company.

This looks like there most insane game to date.

LOVE Twisted Pixel!

(Please make a Conker game, please make a Conker game...)

Posted by twenty1

@dirtyvu: I'm interested in this too, I am already excited about a new Twisted Pixel release and I have watched the Youtube trailer several times, but watching it here looks every bit of better, nice and smooth!

Posted by twenty1

Another Day 1 purchase as with every Twisted Pixel release, I hope this is as good as Comic Jumper, which is one of my faves from them.

Posted by dirtyvu

what video player is giant bomb using???? i didn't know they could 60 fps!!!! I wish Youtube supported 60 fps!!!!

Posted by Sergotron

What are video games?

Posted by Twiggy199

Wait, what the?.

Posted by Slab64


Posted by Junpei

This is gonna sound really dumb, especially in reference to a game about sentient motorcycles with guns that know kung-fu, but dragging the person constantly kind of ruins this for me. It's just crossing that "kinda silly/entertaining" to "just downright dumb" line for me.

Posted by JYoung

Looks really repetitive.

Posted by cikame

I'd be more excited if i didn't know Twisted Pixel was making it, i don't mean to offend them but their concepts have been far better than their execution with every single game so far.

Posted by Conciliator

I've start to get a little sick of the kind of new-sincerity design philosophy where you try to come up with the most self-awarely ridiculous shit you can to make your game/levels/enemies/etc., because I feel like 'they' are running out of fresh ways to manifest that.

All that said, this is a game about playing a (sentient?) motorcyle that knows kung fu and that's fucking awesome and I want to play it.

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

Bat Shit Crazy! Twisted Pixel is ran by loonatics! It looks awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Posted by White

Esa moto es loco.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

So anyone can say anything about us Uniracers? That is fucked up. We have fought hard fair and square...

Posted by meaninoflife42

Video games are weird.

Posted by Undeadpool

............................saaaaaaaaaaaaay WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???

Posted by 1p

What did i just watch?

Posted by Zaccheus

I chuckled when the bike went into an air combo... This seems so weird. Twisted Pixel weird.

Posted by project343

@dk3691 said:

I really hope this game is good. Studio's gone pretty downhill for the past while.

They've only done one poor game: Comic Jumper. I'd hardly call that "downhill for the past while." Hell, Gunstringer remains to be one of a handful of fun, functional Kinect games to this very day.

Posted by wewantsthering


Posted by s10129107

i just noticed that most clocks on the site are in my time zone (NY) except for the comment clock which is PST

Posted by s10129107

i hope they polish this before it comes out because it looks and sounds a little rough.

Posted by jakob187

I...don't really know how I feel about this. It didn't excite me. I know that much.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Crazy air juggling motorcycle - yeah, I'm on board. Looking forward to this but more importantly a new Powered by Beard video.

Edited by vinsanityv22

I'm happy someone is making a new, fun-looking, unique, arcade racer. It's been too long since games like Hydro Thunder and Rush 2049 were getting released and blowing our minds.

I'm not happy with the unnecessary guy being dragged. It's just... pointless. It's not a funny visual gag, it's just awkward looking. I mean, so he's using an (apparently dead) body as nunchuks. Hilarious? Uh... No

I'm also not happy that this is a Kinect game. Anyone remember that? When Microsoft acquired Twisted Pixel, they said they'd only make Kinect games now, joining Rare in that effort. I hope I am wrong about that tho.

Posted by Fearbeard

Reminds me of Spy Hunter

Looks cool... as long as they nail the controls then I fully expect it to be awesome.

Posted by mcmax3000

@evanbower said:

I'm going to throw something out here that I don't expect to be too controversial. Twisted PIxel, the best studio Microsoft has going for it?

In my opinion, absolutely.

Posted by JackSukeru

LocoCycles! Air Combo and roll out!

Posted by CornBREDX

God I love twisted pixel. Never afraid to go there. 
Not sure what's up with the dude being dragged behind the cycle (looks like he's on some kind of board attached to the bike or something, no, not really scraping the ground per say) but when it got to the kung fu I went "WHAT?!?!" even though I already knew they said the cycle does kung fu haha. 
So crazy, i love it.

Posted by hamdj3

... i'm so confused

Posted by NoelVeiga

You really are going to have to play with a guy dangling to the bottom left of your character for the whole game? I mean, I appreciate crazy, but there's crazy and there's impractical...

Posted by MeatSim

That guy being dragged by the sentient motorcycle is in the worst situation imaginable.

Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

Was this from Molyjam?

Posted by poperamone
Posted by buhssuht

loco indeed

Posted by mbr2


Posted by kingofpeanuts

My guess is that it will be a Kinect game.

Posted by ValiantGrizzly
Posted by kalmis

Sure, that looks um.. interesting.

Posted by Enigma777

That poor guy is going to have one nasty case of road rash.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

Seriously, is that dude going to be dragged through the whole game? Got old before the trailer even ended.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Well, that sure is a loco cycle.

Posted by scottygrayskull


This looks pretty good, and remembering back to the announcement trailer better have plenty of Robocop references. I'm terrified it's going to be for Kinect though... but with that price drop and Boxing Day/Black Friday sales in a few months I might be convinced to pick that up.

Edited by Ehker

If you told me this was a new Wii game by Suda51, I'd believe it.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Alright, this looks pretty fuckin' sick. But wouldn't that dude be absolutely torn the hell up? I feel like having his blood and guts smear on the road behind you would instantly improve the experience.

Posted by Maajin

You know what? Twisted Pixel needs a new logo.

Posted by 2kings

@Phatmac said:

About what I expect from Twisted Pixel at this point.

LMAO!! No one could know what to expect but somehow your statement rings soo true. That statement just made my fucking day.

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