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Posted by teh_destroyer

This is what happens when Alex's medication for the day kicks in?

Posted by ToTheNines

Wish this wasen't a wiiU game, cause the atmosphere and game looks pretty good.

Posted by Sooty

@Rockdalf said:

@Sooty: You're aiming your controller at the TV and using the screen as a scope. So yes, it does make sense.

because gimmicks.

Posted by jamesisaacs

Gonna get a WiiU for this !!!!!!

Posted by yoshimitz707

Played this today. Had an okay time with it except for the default aim sensitivity felt really low to me. I hope you can crank it up in the full game.

Posted by SteppenWCCR

It looks like Condemned with a wii u controller...

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

I think this game looks better every time I see it.

Posted by Redbullet685

Looks like a ton of fun. And it's not holding back on the gore either which is good.

Edited by mdargis

That actually looked pretty damn cool.

Posted by pingolobo

This looks like it'll be better without the silly WiiU Controller. It should be just like we see it here on the preview but instead of a picture of a Wiiu controller, we just see a box.

Posted by thehuntsmen5434

7/10 2million sold first week.

Edited by TheGuardian

@angryfanboys cried:

Buaaa! Buaaaa! This game is too cool and "hardcore" for nintendo. Buaaa! Only my PS3/XBOX can have games with zombies! Buaaaa! Microsoft/Sony do what Nintendon't! *sniff*

Seriously people, if you don't like the game/developer/brand then don't buy it but stop bashing for no reason.

I don't know if this will be a good or a bad game but I really want to play a survival horror game with more "survival" elements on it. Sadly the only modern day survival horror with emphasis on the survival that I can think of is DayZ.

Posted by Phoenix87

Looks like a great game. Its a shame I'll never play it, since I would never buy a Wii U. And its really a shame that the dumb ass developers don't understand that the Wii demographic would never buy this game. Anybody remember Madworld?

Edited by chan05

I have to admit that I'm really surprised how good this looks. Not only from a graphics standpoint but also gameplay seems to be really solid

Posted by Razorlution

Gameplay looks great, just ashame that it isnt coming to PC or any other console.

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

I don't understand the hate...this game looks alright

Posted by EDfromRED

This looks pretty damn good.

Posted by porr

I didn't read through all the comments. but...

year of the bow. just sayin

Edited by pwnmachine

This game looks ok, but honestly is this what makes me want to buy a wiiU???

Also when the fuck is Nintendo going to stop with the gimmicks and release an ACTUAL game console?

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