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@Animasta: That is semi impossible, as the PS3 and PC servers are separate (They never used their integration idea). So DCUO's mostly full PC servers seem to disprove your theory.

Posted by JohnDudebro

@PsEG said:

I guess it's time for me to break out Captain Concussion one more time before the year is over.

City of Heroes was such a fun MMO, and I rather enjoyed the four years I spent playing it.

Long live the Circle of Jerks. Jerk for life.

You were a Jerk too? Those were some pretty awesome times. One of the best guilds I've ever been a part of.

And if we're nominating stream names, I propose we go Silver Age: "NOT a Dream! NOT an Imaginary Story! The DEATH of City of Heroes!"

Posted by Animasta

@artgarcrunkle: DC universe online is like mainly populated with PS3 players anyway

Edited by Nights

Man, this is a bummer. COH is one of the few MMORPGs I really enjoyed (and I've played a lot of them). It also has one of the best character creators to date. So many options. It came out in 2004, but I still think it shits all over DCUO.


Another nail in the MMO coffin.

I played this when it first came out and thought it was really great for the time. I grew out of it years ago but it still seemed to be the best superhero MMO around. As lots of posters have said the character creator itself was endless fun.

Posted by Hurricrane

NOOOOOOOOOO. I got addicted again when it went free! :(

My first MMO and the one I had the most fun with. It actually made you team with people and talk. Met a couple of my best friends on there. FREEDOM SERVER FOREVER!

Edited by artgarcrunkle

This is getting iced and DC Universe Online is still running lololol.

Posted by JazGalaxy

I wonder how this works out financially. I mean, the game was great. It was the most fun MMO experience I've ever had. Moreover, it seemed to be doing well. So at what poitn did they start losing enoguh money that the studio shut down? Did they just do it too long? was there never a plan for the next step?

Posted by Top Flight Security

I'm really going to miss COH. Been playing since issue 1 and I'm sad to see it go....

Posted by onimonkii

people in game right now are protesting at city hall

Posted by Dberg

Woop woop, another MMO Death segment to be!

Posted by crusader8463

I just got home from work and read about this over at Blues News and it made an already crappy day even worse. COH was the only game I played for a long time. I made so many guys and met so many cool people in that game. Breaks my heart to see it go out like this.

Posted by CitizenJP

This was the first MMO I ever played. And it was a damn good one too. So many memories. R.I.P. :'(

Posted by Owlright

City of Heroes was the only MMO I ever liked. What a goddamn shame.

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CoH was my gateway drug for MMOs back in 2004. I stopped playing a few years ago but I had thought it was doing reasonably well with free to play. I know there was a really tight knit community for CoH, I imagine their forums will be interesting to read today.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

I've played, and continued to play CoH for years now. It truly is the most impressive MMO in my eyes, and even when they made it free, it only got better.

This sucks a lot.

Posted by wrecks

@BBAlpert said:

Not like this...

Posted by PoisonJam7

So sad...I was a fan of this game ever since it's beta way back in 2004. I got it the day it way released and have been playing it on and off since then. I made one of my best friends playing this game. It's so heartbreaking to know it won't be around any more. A few months ago my friend and I were considering going back to CoX...man, I wish we would have.

Maybe there is still time for a farewell tour.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

CoH ties for my most played MMO. Sadly, that's only a couple of months, but I did enjoy the game. It's also too bad that no one made a decent superhero MMO that could have taken its place, but honestly, I probably wouldn't pick it up even if it existed.

Posted by Slate

Hart broken here, I still really like to play this game. I will miss the great community and my toons. Here is hoping they sell the IP and it gets the love it deserves.

Posted by doomocrat

What a major bummer. How am I going to fight crime with borderline racism, without a lousy quest system? Nowhere, that's where.

Posted by BBAlpert

Not like this...

Posted by TheHBK

Alright, time to start thinking of some names for this event.

Posted by AuthenticM

This is your cue !

Posted by Morden2261

This game was a lot of fun. Even just the character creator gave me countless hours of entertainment. A shame to see more people lose their jobs...

Edited by SpacePenguin

Man I played so much of COH and COV a few years ago, I had so much fun with those games. It is sad that it has to end.

Posted by onimonkii

It's still free to play right now if anyone wants to check it out before the end, you just can't do post 50 content.

Posted by Drazat

This was my first MMO i will miss this game as i had some great time and met some cool people through it.

Posted by Xeirus

I remember COH being the first MMO to have customization that I spent well over an hour on, only to immediately go back and start making another one. That game was so damn cool when it launched.

It's just another sad case of the older model not working out for games. Just reminds you every MMO will be gone some day :(

Posted by Trace

I guess it's time for me to break out Captain Concussion one more time before the year is over.

City of Heroes was such a fun MMO, and I rather enjoyed the four years I spent playing it.

Long live the Circle of Jerks. Jerk for life.

Posted by stinky

never liked them since a shill was standing in orgrimmar urging people to play their game.

Posted by Lanechanger

Damnit Ryan! Stop putting people out of jobs!

But can't wait for the end of mmo video content

Edited by CaLe

Game: City of Heroes

Date Purchased: June 25 2004 11:39

Serial Code: EEGG-WDLP-YU29-XRPE-4ZH6

Still have this copy pasted in a text file from 2004. Oldest file on my computer.

Posted by LaserLambert

This sucks I just built a PC and was considering reinstalling this game, that i played a few years ago. too bad, it was a fun one.

Posted by iAmJohn

City of Heroes was the first (and only) MMO I played with some semi-seriousness. This is kind of bittersweet for me.

Posted by nate6858

Man I can still remember some of the dumb names I had for my characters in that game ... Kid Proton, Autumn Inferno. Ok I can remember 2, but still that was a long time ago!

Posted by LaserJesus

Oh holy shit. This is the worst. I haven't played in so long but this game took up a whole hell of a lot of my time back in the day. God, I used to be a household name around the forums there. I'll have to see if they're still letting people play until the end. It'd be a shame to just let this go without seeing it off.

Posted by Atom

That's a major bummer. Kinda tempted to log in to see my characters one last time :P

Posted by jaks

Bad news. CoH was a great MMO that kind of lacked an endgame which put off a lot of people.

Going free to play re-kindled my interest until I logged in and saw the absolute draconian way they set it up. It made Zynga F2P games look generous in comparison. You practically had to swipe your visa card just to log in. I understand you have to have paywalls and monetize your game, but jesus. If any F2P MMO deserved to fail, it was this one.

Posted by SomeJerk

Hell, it's been a good run. Thank you Paragon Studios for the great work, may everyone find new employment <3

Posted by CornBREDX

Damn. That sucks. Although, I didn't like it when it went Free to Play, they changed a lot of what made it fun (the customization became monetized heavily) but it was a great game in its hay day none the less.  
It is old now, though, it was bound to happen eventually. Great game, though. My only complaint for it was lack of any real substantial end game. They never really made one either and I never really liked the player made stuff that got implemented. Even when they added stuff, they reused assets so it felt like doing the same thing. 
Still great game though. It will be remembered.

Posted by jesterroyal

Another live stream of the end, please. Very interested.

Posted by grendelpierat

Aged as it was this game still broke ground on character creation freedom. During trials I must have spent more time just messing with the paperdoll then I did playing the actual game.

Posted by Phatmac

Well at least the end of days live stream is confirmed now :/. Sad to see a decent MMO go.

Posted by paulunga

Why the fuck do people keep closing down studios like that? They formed it to have them keep working on City of Heroes like 2 years ago and instead of assigning them a new task, say a new game, they just fire everyone.

Posted by CptPanda29

Aww dammit, was just about to break top ten SGs too, Captain Fallout will be missed...

Posted by Bane122

This was the second MMO I played and while it was pretty fun, it just didn't keep my attention beyond a couple of months. Back in January I went back and checked it out again and it really hadn't aged well.

That said, it's still surprising, and unfortunate, to get this sudden announcement. They did a good job hiding whatever issues it may have had.

Posted by Grimmy616

So I've been playing this game for 7 years now. All those memories, good and bad. all the people I met in that game. It was great. I can't believe it's ending. Shocked and speechless.

Posted by LarryDavis

Honestly I think this MMO is the one I had the most fun with. Granted, it was my first, after FFXI, which I don't count because it was terrible, but I still preferred it to WoW and whatever else.

Me as Radioactive Man fighting alongside Statesman and Manticore to repel the aliens, aw yeah! I didn't play long after CoV came out, though. Always meant to come back, but never did.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

What the fuck really?

I thought CoH was still doing well. This really sucks.

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