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Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

I had some decent times with this game. I didn't play it long, but a friend and I messed around with it freshman year of college. I was constantly getting shit for "not having a super power, just a really big gun. Anyone can have a really big gun. You're just an asshole." which would then lead to insults just being tossed back and forth.

So thanks for the good times, City of Heroes.

Posted by TehPickle

This is sad news indeed.

I could never stay with CoH for very long, but I always loved going back from time to time.

Edited by boylie

I was just talking to a friend of mine that works there today. He didn't mention anything, that jerk. Hopefully that at least means he's lined something else up :/

EDIT: annnd now he mentions it -____-

He JUST moved into a new place too. Ugh. Hopefully he, and anyone else affected, are able to line something up soon

Posted by Tylea002

Fuck dammit, I wanted to get back into this.

Posted by dekkadekkadekka

This was my first MMORPG, long before I got into WoW.

So many great memories from this game, even though I never hit the level cap. How could I? Putzing around with the character creator and power sets was never not fun; I was constantly tinkering with new characters and builds!

Posted by jozzy

This game probably gave me the best memories of any mmo to date. Shame I will never be able to boot it up again. City of Heroes, you were awesome.

Edited by Rincewind

Nooooooooooooooooooooo my first mmo!

R.I.P Flamatron, you speeding ball of heroic fire.

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Hope Ryan does another stream for this one

Posted by sthusby

Another MMO end-of-days livestream? Yes please.

Posted by Xymox

Another end-of-MMO stream/video feature? Sign me up. I enjoyed that game a lot when I played it. Hopefully they're planning something crazy for the last couple of months.

Edited by TMBaker

Is it time for another live stream MMO shut down already?

Posted by Robot_Moses

Sucks to hear, but the death of an MMO streams are always amazing.

Posted by TehJedicake

Awww that's sad to hear, that really was a really interesting and special game

Posted by wumbo3000

Damn, that sucks.

Posted by Alex
It's been hanging around since 2004, but as of 2012, City of Heroes shall be no more.

Nobody likes it when an MMO shuts down, but it's especially heart-wrenching when it happens to an MMO a lot of people actually liked. City of Heroes was one such MMO that, sadly, finds itself very near its end.

Publisher NCSoft, who picked up the rights to the game from original developer Cryptic Studios, announced today that the game would cease operation before the end of the year, and that developer Paragon Studios would also be closing. The game's yearly subscription fees and microtransaction-based online store have also ceased as of today.

Launching in 2004, City of Heroes has endured developer transfers, years of competition against other MMO juggernauts, and even seemed to be doing okay in a free-to-play remodeling that took place last year. No reason was given for today's announcement, save for a brief mention of "a realignment of company focus and publishing support" at NCSoft.

Paragon's community manager posted a brief farewell on the company's site, and made special mention to any potential hiring companies out there to keep an eye out for former Paragon employees, saying "Hire these people. You won't regret it."

When City of Heroes' date of closure is officially announced, we'll undoubtedly start planning for some kind of live stream send-off.