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Posted by zanshin

A couple of years ago, I watched the movie King of King: A Fist Full of Quarters, and first learned of the existence of the American Classic Arcade Museum. Having enjoyed a number of games from the 80's (and a few from the 70's), once I found out about this place, I wanted to visit it.

It is perhaps one of the best museums in existence, since unlike a typical museum, you are not only able to touch the exhibits, you are able to play them! I was able to relive the days of old arcades, playing many of my favorites, TRON, Space Ace, Star Trek, Gyruss and Star Wars Trilogy, among others. It was quite a thrill to see and hear all the old games.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only arcades in existence are those which are geared toward kids, which have a lot of those game which distribute tickets, that are not even fun to play, and the ticket are only good for crappy prizes. Even Dave and Busters is a bit disappointing to me, as , though there are a few good games there, but not enough of the classic games for me.

While FunSpot (the home of the American Classic Arcade Museum) does have a large number of those ticket generating games, the large number of classic games is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world and will satisfy any old school gamer. Still, I did notice that some of the games had slight signs of wear, and I think one of the games had control issues (or perhaps my arcade skills have really deteriorated...)